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I'm a musician by trade, but work in many other areas (coding, esoterica, etc). Recently I've been doing a lot of nonfiction writing. I occasionally play with live bands in the Bay Area. I'm 34, happily married, and a “morning person.” Feel free to drop me a line.


Note: In 2018 I got pretty disorganized on the internet. In 2019, I'm planning on cleaning up and paring down a bit.

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[Bandcamp] Braids
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Recent Major Works

"Twin Peaks Falls..." The Battle of Vista Francisco
2018-04-09. Article for, Reprinted: FoundSF, SF Apartment Magazine
These days, the neighborhood where I live (over on the East side of Twin Peaks), is a sleepy collection of somewhat nondescript apartment buildings. But the story of how Vista Francisco came to be includes shady campaign contributions and backroom deals at the Board of Supervisors; the election of Jack Morrison, a key political firebrand from the environmentalist camp; and the eventual involvement of the NAACP and the Catholic Interracial Council, speaking out against the exclusionary racial policies of the developer — all with nearly half a million 1960s-era dollars of annual tax revenue on the line.

This piece has since been re-hosted/printed with (with additional photos from the site's editor), and in the November 2018 issue of SFAA Magazine (with some cuts for length).
Miracle Cat: Slow Year
2017-11-21. 5-Track EP
Written and Recorded March – November 2017, in Singapore and San Francisco.
The Bells At Lau Pa Sat
2017-09-13. Longform Article
This article is about the planning and policy changes which powered Singapore's post-Independence development boom, alongside the history of an ornate Victorian market which happened to be located in the city's pilot redevelopment area (...among other things).
Death: Book Review
2018-09-20. Book Review for Full Stop
Rixdorf Editions is a small Berlin press which presents new English translations of the undersung avant-garde writers of Imperial Germany (1871-1918), “advocates for female emancipation, sexual minorities, lifestyle reform and utopian visions.” This is the first English translation of Croissant-Rust’s “Death” (1914) and “Prose Poems” (1893). Croissant-Rust was a founding member — and the sole female member — of the Gesellschaft für modernes Leben (Society for Modern Living), a Munich-based group spearheaded by Michael Georg Conrad, which worked primarily in the style of “Naturalism.”