The Fast & The Furious: Rememberances

An unrealized work for collaborative film.


A collaborative work, encompassing dozens of short films.

For each film in The Fast And The Furious series, we will take note of each time there is an accident or action in which a non-character was likely killed (For example: cars which are severely rolled, crushed by tanks, when entire buildings full of bystanders are destroyed via safe-pulling, etc. etc.)– and for each of these fatalities, we will create a short [fictional] “remembrance” film from the perspective of the bereaved person or persons who survive the victim.



As an installation, we could run the feature film (muted) side-by-side with a playlist of the remembrance films. The timing aspects of this would need to be considered; as most of the largest chase sequences in the F&F films happen in the 3rd act—meaning running the remembrances concurrently with the on-screen action would lead to a temporally lopsided experience.

Realistically, likely the best way to present this would be to select only the most destructive sections of the F&F films to be played (muted) alongside the remembrances– this would lead to a dizzying, non-stop deathfest, alongside these sincere, heartfelt expressions.