Stop The Haunting

Hello, I’m Sarah McLaughlin.

Every day, thousands of music and art critics are haunted by the hauntingly beautiful images, songs, and films they review. With your help, together we can reach out the helping hand these critics so desperately need... and stop the haunting once and for all.

1. Her most fully realized folk number, “Survive”, seems to have been born in a graveyard. Its haunting string echoes vibrate like dying squeals of unidentifiable creatures... Abyss terrifies from start to finish, the haunting work of a twisted genius in her prime.

      - Consequence Of Sound, July 28, 2015
2. "The only difference between Lana and me is her haunting voice." (From the article "Are These Real Or Imaginary James Franco Quotes About Lana Del Rey?")

      - The Huffington Post, July 29, 2015
3. But unlike the photos that would soon substantiate the long-simmering rumors of a romance between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — or the haunting shot of Britney Spears’ shaved head — the shots of Cruise and his new girlfriend, Katie Holmes, were very, very welcome.

      - The Huffington Post, July 29, 2015
4. Vs. (1982) kicks off with the jangly, driving energy of “Secrets.” Combining primal howls and haunting lyrics, the track examines themes of disillusionment with typically image-conscious post-punk style. “Train” slows things down while adding bite and snarl to the sentiment that “nothing seems to matter at all.” Cymbals crash and overlapping voices incite a frantic dance.

      - Pop Matters, July 29, 2015
5. A hauntingly stark piano ballad that finds Stickles pushing himself vocally and lyrically by song’s end to convey the depth of his inner struggle, it’s one of the most affecting songs in the band’s catalog thus far.

      - Pop Matters, July 29, 2015
6. A track from the album Old Ghosts and Unfinished Business, which was all about leaving the demons in our wake and moving on to a more hopeful future, "Old Ghosts" is an introspective, acoustic ballad that connects not only in message, but with Meadows' haunting voice. His vocal delivery holds heartbreak in every raspy, cracked corner.

      - Rolling Stone, July 29, 2015
7. All four members take turns on vocals, and each offers a hypnotically haunting aura no matter if they’re screaming or taking it easier on their vocal cords.

      - Spin Magazine, July 29, 2015
8. But now it looks like the magic spell could finally be cast, with a role that has the emotional weight of Short Term and the source material to capture a wider audience. Emma Donaghue’s book of the same name was a major hit when it came out in 2010, and this first trailer is completely haunting.

      - Wired, July 29, 2015
9. “My favourite song about small towns is Neil Young's ‘Helpless.’ It's such a beautiful, haunting song. Young has said in previous interviews that it is partially about Omemee, Ont., where he spent some years of his childhood.

      - CBC, July 30, 2015
10. The company's software engineers are tweaking the algorithm using a method dubbed "Deep Dream," which has produced a kaleidoscopic new genre of computer-art characterized by dreamy pagodas, haunting animal faces and electric-acid colour splotches.

      - CBC, July 30, 2015
11. Haunting drones spiral delicately through a haze, while a sole piano accompanies Orlando Weeks’ melancholy vocals through a dimly-lit daze.

      - DIY Magazine, July 30, 2015
12. The other half of Headlights demonstrates why — it is far more exploratory, veering into haunting piano dirges, extended ambient interludes, and lo-fi junk-store pop tunes that teeter on the brink of sonic disintegration.

      - Hollywood Prospectus, July 30, 2015
13. Lawless' haunting vocals enchant the listener as she casts her musical spell.

      - The Huffington Post, July 30, 2015
14. Hear the haunting industrial wail of Tangiers in its new trailer

      - Kill Screen, July 30, 2015
15. n the case of Shirley Collins, British folk music would arguably not be what it is today without her massive contributions to the genre’s mid-20th century revival. With her sister Dolly on piano and haunting organ, Collins helped return the music to its roots, using her unfettered, matter-of-fact singing style to help revitalize interest the country’s dying folk tradition.

      - Pop Matters, July 30, 2015
16. t’s a style that lives on today through the work of Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples and Kid Ink, buoyed by a relentless drive to progress the genre through haunting lyrics and melody-laden production. If one thing is for sure, it’s that this new eye-opening sound could only have come out of the turmoil that engulfed LA’s toughest neighborhoods, attracting the attention of the world in the process.

      - Spin Magazine, July 30, 2015
17. Last year’s Never Alone took the folklore of an Alaskan people, the Iñupiat, and wound it ’round a buddy-style platformer filled with thoughtful puzzles, illuminating anecdotes and haunting imagery.

      - Wired, July 30, 2015
18. But as the Talking Heads' haunting "Heaven" plays on the soundtrack, Cam stares wide-eyed at the entrance to her plane to California, looking for Tom Rendon to rejoin Mutiny and restart their romance.

      - Rolling Stone, August 1, 2015
19. Alice Hoffman deftly unites two worlds in the haunting Marriage Of Opposites

      - A.V. Club, August 2, 2015
20. Gone Girl has primed us for female leads with dark pasts, but Mitchell's novel is an original and haunting page-turner about the emotional shocks that come with -- literally -- rewriting your history.

      - The Huffington Post, August 2, 2015
21. But “Figure 8” isn’t a vogue cut, though—it’s more consistent with her normal MO, which is to say haunting, spare synths concurrent with her operatic vocals and a counter-rhythm that sounds like a creaky gear or a bag full of nails spilling to the floor.

      - Jezebel, August 2, 2015
22. Incredibly, ace-auteur Julian Schnabel adapted that memoir into a breathtaking, lyrical, haunting film that is as much his creation as Bauby’s.

      - Paste Magazine, August 2, 2015
23. But the daring of Night Beds here is commendable, and overstuffed though it is, Ivywild is a beautiful and haunting album whose only flaw is that it offers too much of a good thing. If one can stomach the excess—to say nothing of the visceral emotional content—then Ivywild will be an enlightening experience into the deep crevasses of melancholy.

      - Pop Matters, August 2, 2015
24. Isolated contestants, with no camera crews, film themselves in the wintry Canadian wilderness, where they attempt to be the last man standing while threatened by wolves, bears, falling trees, sub-freezing temperatures, and starvation. That's the whole program. Yet over the month it's been on the air, Alone has become a haunting, strangely beautiful respite from the usual clamor of reality TV.

      - Rolling Stone, August 2, 2015
25. Neither rain nor an evacuation could stop VÉRITÉ (whose real name is Kelsey Byrne) from performing, albeit later than she was originally scheduled. Fans got a taste of her haunting electro-pop, and they also may have gotten a glimpse of one of her famous admirers, Sophia Bush, who was in attendance.

      - Spin Magazine, August 2, 2015
26. The latter guests on single “Proper Burial.” The track combines Elle’s beautifully haunting vocals with eerie dripping ambiance, and Canadian songwriter Laura C. Bates’ backing vocals and violin looming in the background.

      - Stereogum, August 2, 2015
27. More than a century of fires, storms and declining tourism has put these beloved, British icons at risk, turning them from seaside hotspots to haunting reminders of a bygone era.

      - BBC, August 3, 2015
28. Masha just dropped "Mr. Presley," a haunting ode to The King, off her full-length debut out later this year. She's also getting props - rightfully so- for her unique - dare-I-say sexy - cover of Warren Zevon's classic "Werewolves of London" which appears in a Three Olives Vodka commercial.

      - The Huffington Post, August 3, 2015
29. Dark Souls III was first revealed at E3, where this haunting announcement trailer dropped. The two trailers combined only constitute about five minutes of footage, but they’ve gone a long way, flooring diehard fans the world over. Now, we wait.

      - Paste Magazine, August 3, 2015
30. She graced a cover without actually gracing the page, and all we really know about her is that she once wore a dress made out of meat. Haunting, ethereal artist Tula Lotay, taking a break from Warren Ellis scripts between Supreme: Blue Rose and the forthcoming horror title Heartless, joins the crew this week to finally put this least-seen goddess in the spotlight.

      - Paste Magazine, August 3, 2015
31. See new single “jon b” for their haunting luminosity, keyboard lines that shimmer like plasma and vocals from Dijon Duenas that sound like they could’ve come straight from the grave.

      - Spin Magazine, August 3, 2015
32. Then it shifts; Meek’s voice loses its earnestness and instead sees a world not of opportunities but one that never wanted to give him a single chance. He yells over the haunting production to announce that life is bulls---, that the people who doubted him were wrong, and after years of climbing he’s the same n---- now looking down on the Philadelphia street that raised him.

      - Stereogum, August 3, 2015
33. During the film’s quieter moments, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and especially the rocky Thing have never looked so haunting and tangible, arguably reinforced by the respective performances from the film’s impressive cast.

      - Consequence Of Sound, August 4, 2015
34. That band is doing big things and I'm really excited for them. His music is haunting and beautiful. You've gotta represent your local musical Bay Area brethren.

      - The Huffington Post, August 4, 2015
35. Jennifer Phang's haunting science-fiction film, Advantageous, is taking the world by storm. A quick glance at commentary on Twitter will tell you how depressing it is, how watching it will paralyze you with its characters' desperation.

      - The Huffington Post, August 4, 2015
36. He helped get Portland sister trio Joseph—guitar and their three voices—sounding like a Carter Family hootenanny. Closing their set with a slowed-down and haunting rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” left the audience wanting more, which they’d get exactly two days later (all artists perform twice).

      - Paste Magazine, August 4, 2015
37. “Walk” and “Mouthful Of Cavities” are haunting acoustic numbers. “Galaxie” and “2x4” combine earworm guitar riffs with innovative structure. “St. Andrew’s Fall” delves into sonic experimentation, shifting from honeyed melodies to full-blown cacophony: a manic descending chromatic line that mimics a jumper’s 20-story plunge to the ground below.

      - A.V. Club, August 5, 2015
38. When she’s alone thumbing her guitar and singing out, it’s haunting and beautiful, to be sure, but often lacks that vital spirit that makes her records so captivating.

      - Consequence Of Sound, August 5, 2015
39. efore long, the dark overtones of dueling political and economic ideologies are left behind - replaced with a euphoric and militaristic stomp that itself turns into a haunting, ghostly break-down that asks: "Can one ever leave the place that they're from?"

      - NME, August 5, 2015
40. The Haim sisters’ ghostly, gorgeous rendition sounds like they filtered the song through stained glass quicksand—garbled, electronic low end replaces the original’s slick, ethereal R&B sheen, projecting an ambiance that would be haunting if it weren’t so damn catchy.

      - Paste Magazine, August 5, 2015
41. Despite the inevitably dull cycle of action, the world of Submerged is hauntingly beautiful, so I had quite a bit of fun just cruising through the environment.

      - Paste Magazine, August 5, 2015
42. Hence the show’s most famous mantra: The truth is out there. It is that haunting open-endedness, that out there that drives the entire enterprise—that out there that sparked online message boards and fan conventions the world over.

      - Paste Magazine, August 5, 2015
43. “Low Light Serenade” starts as spare as any song in Cale’s catalog, but it just lures you in to hear the distant electric guitar notes (which recall Neil Young’s haunting score to the film Dead Man) and the soft lap steel. These songs can fill up space or carve it out, but either way Duskland marks another evolution in Cale’s sound, another shift in textures and sonic landscape that reflects the unique themes and beauties of this record. These songs are bittersweet, haunting yet hopeful, and endlessly listenable. Duskland is Cale’s golden hour.

      - Pop Matters, August 5, 2015
44. What makes it of a piece with her earlier work is the tone—haunting, elegiac, and drenched in gloom—and her ethereal-but-raw voice.

      - A.V. Club, August 6, 2015
45. This much you might expect at the annual Bartlett School of Architecture degree show. But held aloft above them in a corner, is a monitor playing a haunting film - an animated journey through a labyrinth - with a dramatic voiceover. Why is an architect making a film like this?

      - BBC, August 6, 2015
46. Corey Hawkins nails the ethereal essence of Dr. Dre. Casting O'Shea Jackson Jr. as his dad Ice Cube was a stroke of genius and is absolutely haunting.

      - The Huffington Post, August 6, 2015
47. Flecks of PJ Harvey can be heard through haunting, hypnotic “dum dum da-dum” melodies, while skittish machine beats and hollow bass thumps recall the gloaming sounds of Thom Yorke’s solo works.

      - NME, August 6, 2015
48. “You ever wash out your drawers on the same water you s--- / Doing your push ups right on the floor where you piss?” he asks on “Ambitionz,” with producer Boi-1da’s piano notes floating like ash in the background. Along with the equally haunting “I Got the Juice”, and the relentless banger “Check”, we’re given plenty of time with Meek in his element, rapping so hard, and with such belief, that even the instruments need to step off.

      - Pop Matters, August 6, 2015
49. The singer-songwriter plays acoustic guitar and harmonica, rockin' it out one minute and switching to a haunting ballad the next. Think Steve Earle pre-heroin.

      - The Huffington Post, August 8, 2015
50. Still, that’s part of what makes the film so haunting—there’s a betterment for him just out of reach. Reay is so compelling in his own melancholic way that Homme Less could easily play on a nonfiction/narrative feature double bill with something like James Mangold’s 1996 film Heavy, touching as it does on the same themes of loneliness, depression and squelched hope—romantic and otherwise.

      - Paste Magazine, August 8, 2015
51. Theirs is an ill-fated romance, and through it, Nicholas Ray makes a hauntingly grim study of masculinity, set against the ratcheting suspense of a murder mystery yarn.

      - Paste Magazine, August 8, 2015
52. But it’s terrific nonetheless, haunting and catchy, and proves that the band didn’t need to push needles into the red to be effective... He borrowed the title from the band’s breakthrough album for a moody track that featured haunting saxophone work from Los Lobos mainstay Steve Berlin.

      - A.V. Club, August 9, 2015
53. The waltzing “Dry Food” might be one of the least twisty, tangled tracks on the album, but its foreboding guitar and haunting lyrics make it a standout.

      - Consequence Of Sound, August 9, 2015
54. Ghosts of dead lovers and a sostenuto melody lend themselves to melancholy, haunting interpretations, like this collaboration between voice actor Sarah Elmaleh and writer/developer/one-time-Paste contributor Matthew Burns.

      - Paste Magazine, August 9, 2015
55. Frenzied verses are punctuated by bombastic lead guitar jabs and the chorus, while gone on the subsequent version of the song, concludes with the haunting car horn sound that would soon serve to open "Runnin' With the Devil," the first track on the band's debut album.

      - Rolling Stone, August 9, 2015
56. In addition to co-writing songs for the show, like the haunting "My Least Favorite Life," Lynn has made appearances as a shadowy bar singer — and inspired nearly as much interest in her catalog as the cultish whodunit itself (with much less confusion).

      - Rolling Stone, August 9, 2015
57. ETonline exclusively debuts the haunting scene from photographer Tyler Shield's new movie.

      - The Huffington Post, August 10, 2015
58. As a writer, he veer between the bombastic and cartoonish, or delve into a more complex psyche with insight and empathy. In the ‘90s, his comics Milk and Cheese and Dork approached humor from all sides, from riffing on pop-culture tropes to haunting explorations of Dorkin’s own demons.

      - Paste Magazine, August 10, 2015
59. In 1967, Riley was already well ahead of the curve when it came to messing around with tape loops and phasing, having reconfigured Chet Baker’s trumpet into haunting, endless echoes with 1963’s mindblowingly modernist Music For The Gift.

      - A.V. Club, August 11, 2015
60. Compared to other episodes, Beatrice isn’t really given much to do in this episode once she transforms into her alter ego Baby B, but what the episode does give us with the character is hauntingly brilliant. A catatonic, sex-crazed Beatrice may not sound very far from normal Beatrice, but it’s amazing to see the transformation once that switch turns off.

      - A.V. Club, August 11, 2015
61. Always. Alex Garland’s beautifully haunting film seems to want to bridge that gap. Taking cues from obvious predecessors like 2001: A Space Odyssey and AI—some will even compare it to Her—Ex Machina stands solidly on its own as a highly stylized and mesmerizing film, never overly dependent on CGI, and instead built upon the ample talents of a small cast.

      - Paste Magazine, August 12, 2015
62. Small Feet’s hauntingly beautiful debut album captures listeners from the first note and will draw you into a trance before you can say “do you know what, this sounds a bit like the ocean”.

      - Pop Matters, August 12, 2015
63. Los Angeles singer-songwriter Holland Belle released her latest EP Wanderlust back in February, and now has put together a beautifully shot new video for the track “Lovely Ghost”. Directed by James Pillion, its premise is simple, but goes exceptionally well with Belle’s gentle and haunting folk/Americana track.

      - Pop Matters, August 12, 2015
64. The Boston singer/songwriter sounds spectral, lingering for four minutes over the guitar-heavy jam with haunting simplicity, a reminder that, perhaps, that the harshest flavors stick around the longest.

      - Spin Magazine, August 12, 2015
65. I wasn’t sure exactly why, but a feeling of loss was haunting our sound where it was once a feeling of exploding cathartic joy, but I think it probably mirrored a birthing and dying of internet optimism within modern culture and it reflected the blue screen alienation that came with internet totality.

      - Stereogum, August 12, 2015
66. Like a lot of cocky young male filmmakers, Peter Bogdanovich first made his mark in show business by putting a personal spin on traditionally macho genres, via the violent low-budget 1968 thriller Targets and 1971’s haunting modern western The Last Picture Show.

      - A.V. Club, August 13, 2015
67. When the season began, Lynn was also featured in a striking role as a decidedly less-than-glamorous bar singer in the fictional Black Rose, where haunting songs like “My Least Favorite Life” served as the backdrop to tense conversations between the characters played by Farrell and Vaughn.

      - Billboard, August 13, 2015
68. Add in some haunting contributions from the likes of Joanna Newsom and rowdy, fun (not to mention strangely capitalized) garage rock from FIDLAR and together PANGEA, and you’ve got a visceral group of songs.

      - Consequence Of Sound, August 13, 2015
69. Broyles’ hypnotic new song “Capturer,” off his upcoming 7″, is filled with lush guitar sounds and minimal, haunting vocals. Any Deerhunter fan will likely approve.

      - Stereogum, August 13, 2015
70. But this whole thing is just a staggering achievement. The angler-fish demon lady? The haunting final blow-up doll image? The uncanny transitions between very different visions? The pitch-perfect riff on that great late-’90s moment when every R&B video took place in a spaceship? The terrifying pregnancy imagery? The voguing? The way the whole video makes you want to have sex and also never have sex again?

      - Stereogum, August 13, 2015
71. The psychedelic video was shot in Venice Beach and this haunting tune will kinda f--- with your head.

      - Buzzfeed, August 15, 2015
72. A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly is a hauntingly beautiful, poignant coming-of-age story about a teenage girl in upstate New York in 1906, whose efforts to get the money for college involve her in solving a girl's murder.

      - The Huffington Post, August 16, 2015
73. With haunting performances of "Welcome to the Machine" and "Time," the Australian Pink Floyd had the crowd in a dreamlike state of ecstasy. When they moved into the orchestral intro to their rendition of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" — written by Roger Waters, Richard Wright and David Gilmour as a tribute to fallen Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett — the sky above the amphitheater lawn offered brilliant yellow streaks.

      - Rolling Stone, August 16, 2015
74. Unlike their dark, garage-influenced Monomania, Fading Frontier boasts "brighter" songs and production, "something strikingly balanced, focused on melody and texture," the band promised in a statement. The shift in style is apparent on "Snakeskin," as a funky and faintly psychedelic groove shroud Cox's haunting lyrics before the song loops into a spacey, hypnotic outro in its closing minutes.

      - Rolling Stone, August 16, 2015
75. This can’t help but undermine the haunting resonance of Eileen’s dark themes, though she does take on deeply unsettling realities.

      - The Huffington Post, August 17, 2015
76. Though his subtle, twanging strings and serene background noises convey a sense of a haunting warmness, there are somber themes of loss, too (“We grew up in a southern town / What was up was really down”).

      - Spin Magazine, August 17, 2015
77. 13. And the rooms are, well, inexplicably haunting.

23. You can follow Tony’s enchantingly haunting adventures here.

      - Buzzfeed, August 18, 2015
78. The howl of wolves in the background as Wolf delivers her lungshot deathbed speech makes this scene haunting and mournful.

      - Paste Magazine, August 18, 2015
79. Fortunately The Trackless Woods has a lightness of touch which makes Dement’s interpretation of Akhmatova’s collision with history an interesting listen. It is equally captivating when addressing the personal. A particular highlight is the haunting and emotional “The Souls of All My Dears”, based on lines from Akhmatova’s “Requiem”.

      - Pop Matters, August 18, 2015
80. From the first driving chords of the (still officially unreleased) “Sell It to Me” to the dual singles of “Give Me Something” and “Do You Remember” that have ignited international interest in the singer, the crowd gave itself over to James’ haunting performance.

      - Pop Matters, August 18, 2015
81. The haunting “Pamela” carries this anxiety beautifully. “She worked at Dairy Queen,” he begins in describing a girl born to teenage parents, then an unexpected twist: “No matter how she cleaned/ She still had the smell of death in her hair.” It gets worse from there.

      - Consequence Of Sound, August 19, 2015
82. And the Quays’ films are as analog as cinema gets, handmade and highly idiosyncratic, offering up these haunting universes in which logic is as spongy as that of a dream.

      - Buzzfeed, August 20, 2015
83. Due out on October 9th via Dew Process/Capitol Records, the LP is previewed this week with “Seven Hours”. Not unlike lead single “Home”, it boasts layer after layer of resplendently haunting arrangements. Listen in below.

      - Consequence Of Sound, August 20, 2015
84. Bands like Chastity Belt, Hinds, and Potty Mouth all seem to have appeared on the scene at the same time, but Girlpool’s songwriting and haunting harmony set them apart.

      - Hollywood Prospectus, August 20, 2015
85. Beth Teliho has brilliantly woven together an intense and rich story filled with impressive detail. By blending history and religion, poetry and suspense, Teliho has created a story that is both captivating and haunting.

      - The Huffington Post, August 20, 2015
86. With Sonny Moore on his side and “Where Are Ü Now” — a great, hair-raising track, with its hauntingly hollow build and feral-yet-understated drop — climbing the charts, Bieber would be wise to stick to the course that’s been drawn for him like those paint lines.

      - Spin Magazine, August 20, 2015
87. The thing just rumbles with all sorts of erratic percussion, violent stabs of bass and keyboard, haunting high-pitched vocal melodies, and all manner of sonic splatter. It’s polyrhythmic and psychedelic, visceral and smart — like what David Bowie might have come up with if he’d made Low in Africa instead of Europe.

      - Stereogum, August 20, 2015
88. The Columbus musician shared a gorgeously haunting solo album as Yowler, her emotionally charged rock band All Dogs are about to release their magnificent debut LP, and the world is just learning of a new record this fall from Saintseneca.

      - Stereogum, August 20, 2015
89. Once deemed the “make-out album of the year,” Kelela’s 2013 mixtape, Cut 4 Me, is a sensual and moody mix of synth-heavy electronic beats and haunting R&B vocals reminiscent of a modern-day Aaliyah.

      - Vogue, August 20, 2015
90. This expression of eternal love runs-hand-in-hand with a polar theme of pain in his music; from the desperate croons of ‘Pain in my Love’ to the “haunting feeling / I cannot explain” pondered on ‘Summer in Pain’.

      - DIY Magazine, August 21, 2015
91. Poison Season is beautiful, haunting, thrilling, but inherently challenging, as Bejar challenges himself and his listeners equally.

      - Consequence Of Sound, August 22, 2015
92. They are luminous photographs with a haunting quality that keeps the viewer gazing at them much longer than they'd probably intended.

      - NPR, August 22, 2015
93. The best scene offers a strange, haunting setting, revealing that a Russian ship served as a prison for Marie's mother when she suffered the malady that now befalls her daughter.

      - Slant Magazine, August 22, 2015
94. Richard Wagamese became a household name when his novel Indian Horse was part of Canada Reads in 2013. It is a haunting, powerful novel about a young boy in residential school whose life is redeemed through hockey.

      - CBC, August 23, 2015
95. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls’ is a particularly effective introduction with atmospheric noise swirls around a haunting piano. The background noise is conjures up distant pandemonium from echoey crowds enjoying the performances, while the poignant nature of the piano reminds us that behind the glitz and make up, the performers life was brutal and harsh.

      - DrownedInSound, August 23, 2015
96. All the moments where you traverse the haunting landscape, doing nothing but existing in a state of low tension, are important so that the moments in which you encounter another player are all the more thrilling.

      - Rock Paper Shotgun, August 23, 2015
97. Lead single “Helelyos” is a dark-tinged Middle Eastern groove, its haunting melodies fleecing a propulsive bass and percussion groove. Khan’s vocal performance is breathy and understated, finally spinning into an unchained wail when she exclaims, “Our dark girls are setting fire to our souls!”

      - Stereogum, August 23, 2015
98. Horns appear on “Early Snow,” “Seriously Mysterious” breaks out the synths and “The Dreamthieves” has haunting female backing vocals. The songs don’t have the immediate impact of the band’s heavier work, but it’s nice to see The Sword break from their mold.

      - Alternative Press, August 24, 2015
99. There’s a heavy darkness weighing down on the track, reveling in the haunting reverb effects and chilling rhythms. It’s a welcome change of pace for Verdoes and an intoxicating look at what to expect from him as a producer.

      - Consequence Of Sound, August 24, 2015
100. Both contemplative and genuine, his haunting music has caught the attention of Paal Flaata (known as "the Johnny Cash of Norway") and songwriter Leslie Grace who have both performed his tunes.

      - The Huffington Post, August 24, 2015
101. The track is fittingly cerebral, and smoothly dances between haunting and invigorating, drawing many of its lyrics from quotes from the story itself.

      - Spin Magazine, August 24, 2015
102. It begins as a fairly standard yet haunting singer/songwriter track before it changes and arguably loses its direction amid a sea of pipes and bass guitar.

      - DrownedInSound, August 25, 2015
103. The clip, posted on YouTube by bicyclist Ben Vezina, shows dozens of kangaroos standing around and staring at him in Hawkstowe Park, near Melbourne. "I'm going to be honest, I'm a little terrified," Vezina says as he narrates his slow, haunting ride past the roos.

      - The Huffington Post, August 25, 2015
104. "My work is about the human experience; how we live our lives, the stories we tell ourselves, the history we choose to pass on or leave behind," she said. "I strive to create work that captures the murky tangle of our interior world in a way that is both beautiful and haunting. My hope is that if the work rings true personally, it will resonate with others too."

      - The Huffington Post, August 25, 2015
105. Low's "What Part Of Me" is a haunting, simple, pleading new song from the Minnesota band's forthcoming album Ones And Sixes.

      - NPR, August 25, 2015
106. Elsewhere, she touches on the circular minimalism of Terry Riley on “Ouneya”. As with “A Beautiful Woman”, Deradoorian builds the song piece by piece atop the initial, repetitive figure, creating something truly haunting and beautiful in its odd tonal qualities and abstract percussion.

      - Pop Matters, August 25, 2015
107. That emptiness and ache is evident through “Cleveland County Blues” where “My baby’s a tornado/in the endless Oklahoma sky” is as deep a first cut as you can get; it’s there, too, on the haunting “Cherokee” and the hook-y “Losing Sleep Tonight” with its anthemic rage against the dying of the light.

      - Pop Matters, August 25, 2015
108. As told in flashbacks, the video finds an older, bloated Rocky cavorting around his mansion, with the efforts to keep his youthful looks resulting in a marathon of plastic surgeries stamping a haunting, disfigured grin on his face.

      - Rolling Stone, August 25, 2015
109. Meanwhile, elsewhere in L.A., Droste was spending his evening guesting on Haunting Renditions With Eliot Glazer — where they covered Brandy & Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” — but he took some time off to to tweet this:

      - Stereogum, August 25, 2015
110. The first half of this movie—about two angels (Bruno Ganz and Otto Sander) flitting about Berlin listening in on human conversations—is so poetic and haunting that you’ll forgive the rest of the film anything.

      - Vogue, August 25, 2015
111. But by de-emphasizing the “moon cycle” bit and adding a family narrative, When Animals Dream congeals its influences into something intimate, intelligent, and occasionally quite haunting.

      - A.V. Club, August 26, 2015
112. Released in May of this year, their four track EP Ghosts Of The West Coast, is a haunting collection of cover songs that they describe as "the American dream gone wrong." ...Though the entire EP is cover songs, the haunting and somber vibe of Ghosts Of The West Coast possesses an inimitable sound that reinvents old tunes.

      - The Huffington Post, August 26, 2015
113. Television commercials (which make up such a fundamental part of the novel that they are almost a second, horrifying storyline) are haunting.

      - NPR, August 26, 2015
114. Haunting and joyous, this is everything good folk music should be... Bonnie Paine’s haunting vocals provide the gossamer thread that holds this track together, and the appreciative live audience on the recording agrees. “Fallout Fields” is lyrical and slow, reveling in whispery vocal harmonies.

      - Pop Matters, August 26, 2015
115. Five years after the astounding album Penelope, the latest song cycle by composer Sarah Kirkland Snider takes its inspiration from the work of writer and artist Nathaniel Bellows, depicting a childhood upbringing in Massachusetts that veers between the beautiful, haunting, and surreal, where discoveries abound.

      - Pop Matters, August 26, 2015
116. With a beat that fells inspired by Garage and UK Funky, as well as a throbbing bassline, coupled with enough sound effects to last a lifetime and a haunting set of backing vocals, FKA twigs has never sounded so assured.

      - Pop Matters, August 26, 2015
117. Somehow, with so much poetic imagery on one album, the most haunting line is one of the simplest — that moment in "It Takes a Lot to Laugh" when Dylan drawls, ""I been up all night, leaning on the windowsill."

      - Rolling Stone, August 26, 2015
118. Watch Ashley Monroe Deliver Dark 'I Buried Your Love Alive' on 'Conan'. One of the most haunting tracks on Monroe's new album 'The Blade' was inspired by the book 'Feelings Buried Alive Never Die '

      - Rolling Stone, August 26, 2015
119. Before meeting Tesfaye, Moccio had co-written with Skylar Grey the haunting piano ballad I Know You, intended to soundtrack the end credits of Fifty Shades of Grey. But the movie's director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, decided she instead wanted a man's voice to coo over the credits, and the studio came back to Moccio.

      - CBC, August 27, 2015
120. The album flirts with ambience to create a - once again, impossible to define - concoction of sombre synths and truly haunting vocals.

      - DIY Magazine, August 27, 2015
121. To me, it conjures blowing bubbles underwater, appreciating the transience of submarine bliss. Look also to the first 20 seconds or so of 'Deplore', where the song’s strange melody is whistled and hummed simultaneously to haunting effect.

      - DrownedInSound, August 27, 2015
122. As they move back for one last verse with Lennon, the transition is made with Lennon drifting off into a vocal daze, druggy and gorgeous, and it all leads to that long final chord, made from three pianos and a harmonium—the perfect, haunting end to the perfect song.

      - Paste Magazine, August 27, 2015
123. It’s short-lived, though, as the music becomes more tranquil, with haunting psychedelic ambience rests underneath a hypnotic guitar riff. Here, Duda layers his vocals to enhance the power of his words and melodies, which make this section the best portion of “Escalator Shrine” by far.

      - Pop Matters, August 27, 2015
124. The vocals kick in in the second track 'This Time', and they suit the music perfectly. Soft and haunting, they never become lour or aggravated. This keeps the calm and allows the listener to truly sink in to not just the music, but the atmosphere of this album.

      - Sputnik Music, August 28, 2015
125. “Lonely Hunter” and “A Knife in the Ocean” are each among the band’s most interesting and adventurous material. The former features mysterious and atmospheric guitar work with impressive and impassioned vocals from Philippakis. The latter is the group's longest song to date, a true epic showcasing incredible lyrics, vocals, and a gorgeous lead harmony, beautifully concluding What Went Down with a haunting and resonant catharsis.

      - Sputnik Music, August 28, 2015
126. By the time the riff-less “Alma” rolls an ambient stream in and haunting high-pitched vocals grace your ears, you realize it's too late. The Absence of Void has dug its atmospheric claws deep into you and there's no turning back.

      - Sputnik Music, August 28, 2015
127. The intro track “Nihil”, infusing haunting chants with dubstep flourishes, is but an appetizer for The Gazette's eighth collection of ditties. Darker and more energetic than the unholy trinity, Dogma is most likely an old-crap-different-day scenario in disguise.

      - Sputnik Music, August 28, 2015
128. "Karen Don't Be Sad" is full of haunting encouragement, while "Space Boots" finds the singer missing an old love: "Since you've left I've started to drink/ now when I do drugs I start crying/ I think I'm dying/ trippin, spiraling down this hole."

      - Billboard, August 29, 2015
129. The haunting calm of ‘Pour More Oil’ and the cathartic ‘Condor and River’ may perhaps be the finest moments of the festival.

      - Drowned In Sound, August 29, 2015
130. "By Means of Survival" begins with the deep, dirty, droning bass synthesizer (Moog Taurus?) and the haunting Theremin kind of sound, giving the quiet ambient atmosphere for only less than a minute before the chaotic glitchy rhythm section and the wall of post-black metal tremolo guitars come into the surface, overlaying the same deep electronic bass pattern from the very beginning.

      - Sputnik Music, August 29, 2015
131. Right down to the haunting, minimalist score (by Keegan DeWitt) that’s perched dangerously, wonderfully between spooky and lyrical.

      - Vulture, August 29, 2015
132. The lead single for the EP is “Someone Like You,” a haunting underground cut with an occult-like energy afforded by Skin’s vocals.

      - Billboard, August 30, 2015
133. In language that is haunting, elegiac and rich with detail, Butala casts an unblinking eye on a merciless West that has become obscured behind headlines about wheat and oil prices.

      - CBC, August 30, 2015
134. I hear his voice in the rush of rapids, in the pastoral stillness of a northern lake at sunset, in the rutting call of a moose and the haunting soliloquy of a lone wolf howling at a gibbous moon rising above the trees and ridges.

      - CBC, August 30, 2015
135. Why Ghosting Is Haunting

      - The Huffington Post, August 30, 2015
136. For the past eight years, initially with her then-husband Juan Mendez (a.k.a. Silent Servant) and more recently on her own, Lobo has examined the fragility of human emotion through solemn synthesizer work and funereal tempos. The results are always haunting, and, often, quite beautiful.

      - NPR, August 30, 2015
137. Yet what we will remember most about Hannibal is not it’s deft storytelling, its haunting visuals, its great performances, or its ever-present layer of tension. We will remember it for its great romance, of two men so similar and so different, fighting to change the world around them, when all they needed to do was change each other.

      - Pop Matters, August 30, 2015
138. Hear Siouxsie Sioux's Haunting ‘Hannibal’ Finale Song, 'Love Crime'

      - Rolling Stone, August 30, 2015
139. Tracks like album opener 'All Roads', and the following track 'Home', relish in synthesized ambiance, with Bingham's slow, haunting vocals in 'Home' and lines such as 'and we stared, for hours at a time, at our prize, our new amazing life' dripping with atmosphere, before giving wake to a synthesizer solo that pierces through the void, backed with a supporting violin playing the same melody in wonderful unison.

      - Sputnik Music, August 30, 2015
140. Vocals from John are absolutely perfect for the sound here. Cold and raspy, yet decipherable screams are the main style here, but as Agalloch fans now know and love, there are haunting cleans as well to help balance out the harsh vocals.

      - Sputnik Music, August 30, 2015
141. On the latter count, the band didn’t disappoint (watch for video of that performance at a later date), though the star attraction here was the hauntingly sparse, Americana-influenced take on a hauntingly sparse, divorce-and-not-drowning-followed-by-public-shaming influenced Phil Collins classic.

      - A.V. Club, August 31, 2015
142. Known as the “Daughter Of The Cosmos,” she’s somewhere between a squid and a dragon, with bat-like wings, a face full of tentacles, and the same haunting blankness as all the cosmic beings you encounter in Bloodborne.

      - A.V. Club, August 31, 2015
143. t’s an aesthetic that Bejar doubles down on during Poison Season highlight “Bangkok.” A haunting piano and horn-driven track, the song sees the musician singing, not from his usual omniscient voice of God point-of-view, but rather diving into the mind of a character named Sunny.

      - Paste Magazine, August 31, 2015
144. Three Sorry tracks appear on the EP, including “Desire” and “The Morning After,” a quiet, haunting ballad that’s as potent as her most explosive rockers.

      - Paste Magazine, August 31, 2015
145. The eerie new track, produced by TM-88 and Southside, lurches with screeching synths and a simple, haunting progression that bubbles just above the low end.

      - Rolling Stone, August 31, 2015
146. Inspired by Umberto Bindi's haunting melody, Carl evoked Gino Paoli's Italian title ("Ill Mio Mondo" or "My World.") But he created a wholly original English lyric -- as you can see in the side-by-side comparison below.

      - The Huffington Post, September 1, 2015
147. Her music is strange and haunting. Her latest video, the appropriately titled "Dreamers," features aurora borealis-inspired visuals, gorgeous and eerie as they draw their forms by sapping hers.

      - NPR, September 1, 2015
148. Elton John composed the haunting instrumental "Funeral for a Friend" when he tried to imagine the sort of music he'd like to hear at his own funeral.

      - Rolling Stone, September 1, 2015
149. Haunting, visually stunning, and beautifully acted. If season two is even half as good as season one, it'll be fantastic.

      - Vulture, September 1, 2015
150. The Weeknd scored the U.S. Song Of The Summer title with “Can’t Feel My Face,” as well as the runner-up spot with his haunting track “The Hills,” making The Weeknd the clear Artist Of The Summer for U.S. listeners.

      - A.V. Club, September 2, 2015
151. Sound design is excellent. From the car roars to their almost-not-there idling. The thudding combat and the distant, haunting atmospherics. Really really well done.

      - Rock Paper Shotgun, September 2, 2015
152. The album itself put on display all of the band's enormous talent, creating a haunting atmosphere no other Trees album had managed to achieve.

      - Sputnik Music, September 2, 2015
153. But it’s those huge, recognizable drums that have been sampled so many times, along with O’Connor’s gorgeous, pained vocal delivery, that make the track so hauntingly fantastic.

      - A.V. Club, September 3, 2015
154. Producer Mike WiLL Made-It brings the classic trap, adding some haunting synths on top to make the tune a little more contemplative than your average banger, while Wiz, Swae Lee, and Slim Jimmy pay tribute to their favorite mode of relaxation.

      - Billboard, September 3, 2015
155. I gave it a haunting, hypnotic quality with the judicious use of reverb.

      - Drowned In Sound, September 3, 2015
156. As he notes, somewhat hauntingly; ”When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me”. The arrangement is quite exquisite, leaning hard on a thumping bass note when the chorus hits, giving Tesfaye’s numb musings terrific agency.

      - Drowned In Sound, September 3, 2015
157. Photographer Takes Haunting Photos Of Beautiful Abandoned Places

      - The Huffington Post, September 3, 2015
158. Best of all, the Mississippi native has both the hits ("Runnin' Outta Moonlight") and a deep back catalog of show-stoppers (the haunting "Somewhere South of Memphis") to back it up.

      - Rolling Stone, September 3, 2015
159. The theme of these songs on First and Last and Always seem to mostly revolve around the topics of the haunting presence of another, possibly a former lover?

      - Sputnik Music, September 3, 2015
160. 4. There is something hauntingly beautiful about this drawing called “Layers of a Dream.”

      - Buzzfeed, September 4, 2015
161. Under the Red Cloud makes short and effective work of dispelling any doubts, from the calm yet haunting keys that open the album to the chilling combination of dismal guitar playing with guest Aleah Stanbridge's (Trees of Eternity) vocals on album closer, "White Night."

      - Sputnik Music, September 5, 2015
162. The nurturing of those people is everywhere evident in deBessonet’s marvelously inventive and sometimes haunting staging of their scenes. But the immediately recognizable skill and presence of the leading players, beyond mere stage confidence, is also a crucial part of the experience.

      - Vulture, September 5, 2015
163. They are, in the end, kids. (Later in the film, a cut from an actual train to a toy train in a window display is particularly haunting.)

      - Vulture, September 5, 2015
164. He'll serve as Gloria's accomplice in solving a series of haunting crimes — and add an element, restrained though it might be, of romance: Stig has grown into a man, warm, dog-loving, amiable, foulmouthed.

      - NPR, September 6, 2015
165. The sound installation artist joins Shad to discuss The Human Harp project, which invites "movitians" to create haunting music by plucking the "chords" of bridges around the world.

      - CBC, September 7, 2015
166. His work has been compared to Picasso, Pollock, and a hint of Francis Bacon. However, the haunting and twisted beauty that appears on the canvas is exclusive to the mind of Alexander Yulish.

      - The Huffington Post, September 7, 2015
167. "Kelly Clarkson's 'Already Gone' is a haunting, beautiful song about a breakup that seemed so much like mine.

      - The Huffington Post, September 7, 2015
168. Historical. Romantic. Gothic. Inspired by literature's most haunting love triangle, if the time travel in Outlander leaves you cold, Mrs. Poe checks off all the boxes.

      - The Huffington Post, September 7, 2015
169. Lynn offers a haunting, beautiful vocal delivery that sounds like a cross-between Joy Williams and Norah Jones if you added a country twang.

      - Paste Magazine, September 7, 2015
170. And parts of the album recall Fraser’s haunting take of “Song to the Siren” by Tim Buckley on It’ll End in Tears, the first album by This Mortal Coil.

      - Pop Matters, September 7, 2015
171. A section involving retrieving the last box of Christmas lights on Earth from a buried, derelict airport is impressive as a haunting visual and as a pure action set piece, since the ending involves a high speed chase through a terminal.

      - Slant Magazine, September 7, 2015
172. All of the tracks, from sprawling opener Kodiak to the more sombre and contemplative Tourist, manage to sound distinct and indispensable despite sharing a similar palate of haunting keyboard and guitar melodies set to thundering drums and chunky 80s synthesisers – like how each planet in a solar system forges its own individual gravitational path around the same star.

      - Sputnik Music, September 7, 2015
173. Forty-year-old Cheryl is known as an uneasy and sensitive woman who prefers to live alone. She believes a young boy is haunting her and she has a relationship with an Open Palm board member.

      - Buzzfeed, September 8, 2015
174. The powerful trailer is soundtracked by MS MR’s haunting “All The Things Lost” off of their sophomore album How Does It Feel, and you can watch it below.

      - Stereogum, September 8, 2015
175. Vimeo user SomersetVII has put together a beautiful montage of some of the more haunting moments from those films that highlight Kubrick’s mastery of the medium.

      - A.V. Club, September 9, 2015
176. And for a movie rooted in the Depression, Emperor depicts a community that attains a hauntingly out-of-time allure: It’s worth sitting through the closing credits not just for front-and-center character names like “A No. 1” and “Cigaret,” but for background gems like “Cracker,” “Girl In Water,” “Pokey Stiff,” and “Stew Bum.”

      - A.V. Club, September 9, 2015
177. Slade only directed a handful of Hannibal episodes, but that handful includes the pilot (which established the show’s beautiful-yet-haunting tone) and “Mizumono,” the great second season finale that ended in a glorious bloodbath that left pretty much every character but Hannibal slowly dying.

      - A.V. Club, September 9, 2015
178. Wistful, quiet, and slightly haunting, this episodic anime follows the journeys of Ginko, a man dedicated to studying mysterious creatures called the Mushi.

      - Buzzfeed, September 9, 2015
179. The singer dropped by the BBC Radio 1 live lounge where she performed a uniquely haunting rendition of Sia's "Elastic Heart" (we didn't think it was possible, but she proved us wrong).

      - The Huffington Post, September 9, 2015
180. The haunting story centers on 12-year-old Jonas, who lives in a seemingly ideal, if colorless, world of conformity and contentment. Not until he is given his life assignment as the Receiver of Memory does he begin to understand the dark, complex secrets behind his fragile community."

      - The Huffington Post, September 9, 2015
181. A lyrical, haunting, heart-wrenching work of suspense with echoes of du Maurier, Hitchcock, and King."

      - The Huffington Post, September 9, 2015
182. Watch Yassou's Haunting, Slippery Video for 'To Win / Youngblood'

      - Jezebel, September 9, 2015
183. M is a black metal album at heart, haunting and evocative.

      - Pop Matters, September 9, 2015
184. It’s like a snow storm on a perfect winter day, when a thick layer of anonymity strips the world of it’s form. This thick layer is expressed through the hauntingly cold guitar textures on top of the overall feeling of bleakness which is represented by the droning drive of the rhythm section.

      - Pop Matters, September 9, 2015
185. “Seventeen (Stay)” is the best example, with Ilunga’s sweet duet with himself on the verse erupting into a haunting chorus, laden with echoing synths and his own piercing cry.

      - Pop Matters, September 9, 2015
186. Watch Lady Gaga in Haunting New 'American Horror Story' Trailer

      - Rolling Stone, September 9, 2015
187. Neither faltered, and on "Momma" in particular, the arrangement injected the song with moments of sudden, haunting clarity.

      - Rolling Stone, September 9, 2015
188. Throughout the film's tight 75-minute running time, Panahi perfectly captures the haunting illusion of time, how moments of reflection and fear can seamlessly overlap with the mundane, moment-to-moment process of waiting for one's fate.

      - Slant Magazine, September 9, 2015
189. For the group’s follow-up, they’ve incorporated some of those organic elements and fed them into the churning electronic wheelhouse that dominated 2007’s Drums And Guns. The results are haunting, though occasionally plodding.

      - A.V. Club, September 10, 2015
190. Rio de Janeiro born and raised composer Pedro Bromfman created the hauntingly beautiful score for the series, and is on board to reprise his critical behind-the-scenes role in season 2.

      - Billboard, September 10, 2015
191. At its most assertive moments it could almost be accused – by Low standards – of trying to bludgeon the album into life. The latter hints at brute force in its brittle guitar work and haunting vocal harmonies.

      - Drowned In Sound, September 10, 2015
192. The haunting sketch of everlasting friendship is backed by a dramatic strings section and, appropriately, includes the duo sharing vocal duties.

      - Paste Magazine, September 10, 2015
193. If He Dies is based off a duality: the twitchy, electronic songs devoid of a human voice, and the stark calls to meditation that use Moumneh’s haunting vocals.

      - Pop Matters, September 10, 2015
194. See Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson's Haunting 'Are You Sure' Video

      - Rolling Stone, September 10, 2015
195. Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Sheryl Crow, Eric Church and John Mellencamp are among those offering commentary, and some even perform snippets of Cash's most well-known songs. Church's take on "The Man in Black" is especially haunting.

      - Rolling Stone, September 10, 2015
196. ‘Gunga Din’ and the title track share ghostly choruses and haunting harmonies, the former a subtly angry barb at the cycle that addiction creates, the latter a sly tribute to revolution that eventually reveals itself as just a cynically empty declaration ‘in the pub that night, racking out the lines of s-hite’.

      - Sputnik Music, September 10, 2015
197. They already pushed this further than it arguably should or could have been pushed after Parklife; the deeper and darker things were seeping in and leading the band towards a sweetly haunting brand of pop music.

      - Stereogum, September 10, 2015
198. Or again, the camera wanders into the woods with mom, first paused as she walks away from it, then swinging around, slowly, to see her face as she begins to vibrate, violently, her face blurred rather hauntingly like the photograph on the wall.

      - Pop Matters, September 11, 2015
199. His mantra, too, hauntingly dovetails with Matt's earlier advice to Kay: “Learn, that's why you're here.” By the end of the film, her depressing resignation to the fact that she's a pawn in a game way beyond her control gets to the essence of the film's artful articulation of the compromises on which the world sadly runs.

      - Slant Magazine, September 11, 2015
200. His unique persona, coupled with his haunting and distinctive gospel rock, garnered a cult of mystery. Who was Willis Earl Beal? Why was he discharged from the army? Was it true he'd sing you a song if you called the number on his flyers?

      - Slant Magazine, September 12, 2015
201. “Distress and Death” follows the formula of “Two Sides Terror” by mixing up slower and more maniac stuff, “Adult Machine” is a schizophrenic vortex with some truly unorthodox and frantic instrumentalization not to mention a haunting closing with distorted solos and a female chorus echoing with the marching rhythms.

      - Sputnik Music, September 12, 2015
202. Between the female-driven underdog tale, a sprawling tragic love story and a haunting, gothic mystery (Bertha Mason locked in the attic - so insane!!), I can think of no other book as riveting as this one.

      - CBC, September 13, 2015
203. The incomparable sound of Lowki combines sweeping melodies with Sara's haunting vocals, hypnotic synth lines, dark bass tones and pulsating rhythms likened to the heartbeat.

      - The Huffington Post, September 13, 2015
204. The record’s flip side, meanwhile, unleashed Bush’s edgier sonic interests: There are spoken-word segments and Irish jigs (“Jig of Life”), metal-lite growls (“Waking the Witch”), and haunting Georgian chorale (“Hello Earth”)... The drums are so intense and sound incredible with her ethereal vocal. It’s uplifting and haunting in a way that Kate Bush only knows... The layered vocals and harmonies are otherworldy and haunting. The more she pushes, the more intrigued you are. The arrangement is fearless and really unique.

      - Spin Magazine, September 13, 2015
205. Finally, it all climaxes with the closing Love, Reign O’er Me, an epic anthem up there with the best the group ever penned: Roger alternates between fragility and fully realized majesty in the blink of an eye, while Pete delivers subtle and haunting licks on top of the rhythm section’s nuanced work. It is the final resolution, the catharsis of Jimmy’s problems, as he understands that all he needs is love!

      - Sputnik Music, September 13, 2015
206. The band tackles funk music on its way through, while keeping their trademark darkness and edge intact; what is more, they sound fully confident and energetic here, resulting in a haunting seven minute jam that’s well worth your time!

      - Sputnik Music, September 13, 2015
207. It’s hauntingly similar to the stillborn Fisker Atlantic (whatever his business acumen, Henrik Fisker can draw a beautiful car), and looks like what the Panamera should’ve been all along.

      - Wired, September 13, 2015
208. The only sound was the haunting cries of fish eagles (the island is home to the densest population in Africa).

      - BBC, September 14, 2015
209. A recording of the cover — which embodies much of the same haunting, mournful aura as the original — has finally made its way online.

      - Consequence Of Sound, September 14, 2015
210. A girl from our camp is playing piano and singing a haunting cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" through our huge speakers with a voice that would make you melt even if you hadn't been up all night.

      - The Huffington Post, September 14, 2015
211. The melodies are haunting and sad and for whatever reason, he seems to respond to them. Maybe, like rye bread, you don't have to be Jewish to like achingly sad Hebrew music.

      - The Huffington Post, September 14, 2015
212. Whereas horror has its focus in repulsion and physical reaction, terror is more a product of the mind, the result of a prolonged, haunting sense of dread of something which may not not be strictly obvious or visible.

      - Pop Matters, September 14, 2015
213. With a brand new album in the works, she also debuted two new songs. Atmospheric, haunting and recalling the best spy themes, they'd work brilliantly for some Bond movie set in the Deep South.

      - Rolling Stone, September 14, 2015
214. The main thing, I believe, that draws people to the band is their ability to amalgamate dense, heavy pieces of music with beautiful, often ethereal and haunting clean sections.

      - Sputnik Music, September 14, 2015
215. This simplistic attitude to each song sounds as if it would test your patience however each song creates its own haunting atmosphere that leaves you in a strange paralysis of anticipation to what will come next.

      - Sputnik Music, September 14, 2015
216. “Horn Of The Clock-Bike” is eerie and minimal, Williams spinning cryptic lyrics under his breath against a haunting piano arpeggio: “Smile of the victor/ Child of the prisoners/ Statues of martyrs/ Hackers as artists.”

      - Stereogum, September 14, 2015
217. Last year's "The Strategy" was less sad, but still hauntingly poignant, particularly the scene of Don and Peggy slow dancing while coming up with Burger Chef ideas.

      - Vulture, September 14, 2015
218. Across a shimmering blue Empire State Building, swims a hauntingly triumphant humpback whale; a golden-eyed tiger stares down at strolling city dwellers; a fuchsia-flamed tropical bird fans his wings on the United Nations building; prowling the streets like a big cat, a famous female "carbon-free" race car driver, Leilani Munter, casts Star Trek-like hologram deck images of a blue whale facing her zebra-striped electric car.

      - The Huffington Post, September 15, 2015
219. Amory has gained international acclaim for his haunting series Waiting. Waiting captures particular moments Amory has seen on his diurnal Oakland commutes.

      - The Huffington Post, September 15, 2015
220. By "Love Is All Around", he gives in to some sort of finality: "Those haunting words that she said/ ‘Go the f--- away.’"

      - Pitchfork, September 15, 2015
221. Kinlaw's cadence is similar to Kate Bush’s; a haunting effect lingers on each note. There's a tension that's only relieved when her singing breaks off, and nothing remains but space for reflection.

      - Pitchfork, September 15, 2015
222. Unlike the original, Adams’ “Shake It Off” sounds like it was never expected to be the centerpiece on its respective album. The way analog key sounds fade into the distance and the beyond-minimal rhythmic tap give this one some haunting stylistic vibes. Respect to Adams for not attempting T-Swizzle’s hip-hoppin’ spoken-word breakdown.

      - Billboard, September 16, 2015
223. Perry's eccentric and adventurous style is represented well on tracks like "Dreambot," the funk-infused "Starship," the haunting "Pirate Ghosts" and "Road Trip," which she says expresses "who I am and what I am trying to find in my life and career."

      - Billboard, September 16, 2015
224. Jesse Will takes the ultimate Swift pop hit and restructures it as a haunting ballad accented with a violin. Despite the mood shift, the song's empowering message remains intact.

      - Billboard, September 16, 2015
225. Held underwater by anonymous arms, it’s a haunting piece of film.

      - DIY Magazine, September 16, 2015
226. they are my hands-down favorite cinematic organization to encourage films in the Middle East and the project was presented at the Dubai Film Connection, part of the market at the Dubai International Film Festival, my favorite event in the world; forget even the haunting songs and poetic lyrics by Khyam Allami that make up the soundtrack; because beyond all these already fantastic credentials lies a great film. A film with heart and passion, one that can color one's dreams and inspire one's days.

      - The Huffington Post, September 16, 2015
227. She was exploited, and from a very young age, and from the film, as you will remember her lying in that milk bath sedated and subject to these haunting horrible visions.

      - Paste Magazine, September 16, 2015
228. Swirling piano lines mesh with the haunting voices of the Brooklyn Youth Choir, before transitioning into mellow dance beats, to create something beautifully light, distant.

      - Vulture, September 16, 2015
229. The twirling, stomping, hysterical choreography by Sonya Tayeh and the haunting, ululating music by the Bengsons marvelously sustain and heighten the drama that otherwise seems intermittent.

      - Vulture, September 16, 2015
230. Oscar-nominated composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (The Theory of Everything) heavily assists in this chaos with a haunting score that knees your guts.

      - Consequence Of Sound, September 17, 2015
231. Produced by Brendan O’Brien (Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC), the 16-track effort was preceded by lead single “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” and its haunting accompanying music video.

      - Consequence Of Sound, September 17, 2015
232. This comes to the fore wonderfully during their haunting rendition of ‘Emily’, as their youthful spirit echoes around the room. ‘Crowded Stranger’ proves another highlight with the chorus’ distorted guitar working perfectly in harmony with the vocals whilst the ever so slightly off-key harmonies of ‘Chinatown’ echo around, making the gig feel even more intimate.

      - DIY Magazine, September 17, 2015
233. ‘Smile/Distortion’ is reminiscent of Rowland S Howard’s darkest material - less urgent than some of the earlier numbers, it’s just as hauntingly boisterous.

      - DIY Magazine, September 17, 2015
234. A pained account of maternal loss with the haunting, desperate refrain of “Excuse me mister, have you seen my daughter? I’m her only mother”.

      - Drowned In Sound, September 17, 2015
235. All the slow motion, tracking moves, and framing and wide and long shots are hauntingly descriptive: In that strangulation sequence, a shot in an apartment hallway with Bulger and his victim in the foreground slowly accommodates, in the background, one out-of-focus henchman, then another.

      - Hollywood Prospectus, September 17, 2015
236. Nick: “Adams' version initially seems disappointing: given the original's horn-fuelled exuberance, dropping the tempo and stripping back the arrangement feels a bit too Live Lounge. But when he adds some chiming keyboards half-way through, it all comes together quite hauntingly.”

      - NME, September 17, 2015
237. “The piece opens with haunting harmonics before erupting into a rapid succession of galloping cello riffs. The voice acts as both a soaring melodic instrument as well as the narrator of a dark tale of struggle, and finally, of transcendence. After an introspective verse in the middle section of the track, an ascending cello cadenza leads into an epic closing section, one that is both crushingly heavy and boldly triumphant.”

      - Pop Matters, September 17, 2015
238. 2012’s Synthetica musically feels like the logical progression for Metric’s sound: catchy electro indie pop songs, lyrical hooks with Emily Haine’s haunting voice, etc.

      - Pop Matters, September 17, 2015
239. An uncanny blend of police procedural, deadpan black comedy and supernatural enquiry, the movie is an appropriately haunting experience, and the most accomplished and sustained feature that Szumowska has delivered to date.

      - Pop Matters, September 17, 2015
240. “Dancing Right in Front of Me” is another haunting ballad. It’s a contemplation of parenthood, and all the associates emotions that come with it: the sorrows and joys of life, and the constant worry.

      - Pop Matters, September 17, 2015
241. Jay Rock concludes the album with “The Message,” the haunting chorus a satisfactory ending to a record full of meaningful moments because his lyrics come across as more personal.

      - Sputnik Music, September 17, 2015
242. Whether it be during the powering energetic chorus of 'Buddha For Mary', or channelling his inner Maynard James Keenan through 'Year Zero's haunting chants of "we'll never fade away", Leto successfully delivers a vocal performance suiting the mood of the record.

      - Sputnik Music, September 17, 2015
243. He had found early success with his haunting, refined landscapes, and she, a portraitist, had studied under him at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

      - Vogue, September 17, 2015
244. The band's one-sheet doesn't lie: "Annabelle's Curse deftly sways from haunting and ethereal melody to unflinching and unforgettable rhythm and riffs.

      - The Huffington Post, September 18, 2015
245. Starring a young Kirsten Dunst and Josh Hartnett, the haunting and deviously sexy film adaptation is just as intriguing.

      - The Huffington Post, September 18, 2015
246. But what is clear at this point is that it’s piercingly poignant—perhaps his most succinct expression of the malaise that’s forever haunting his work.

      - Paste Magazine, September 19, 2015
247. Les Claypool lays off the electric bass for a large portion of the LP, sticking to the haunting upright bass, commonly used in eerier Primus tracks like “Mr. Krinkle” from Pork Soda and “Jilly’s on Smack” from Green Naugahyde.

      - Sputnik Music, September 19, 2015
248. The first few seconds of this one recall the Cure’s “Lovesong,” and that sets the tone for a delectably haunting college rock vibe with goth undertones from around, oh hey, 1989.

      - Billboard, September 20, 2015
249. Lol Crawley’s cinematography is stunning, and adds a downright haunting edge to an already emotionally gutting climax.

      - Consequence Of Sound, September 20, 2015
250. The song has an irresistible, haunting chorus, and a soothing, lilting vibe that brings to mind the great Tom Petty song, "It's Good To Be King."

      - NPR, September 20, 2015
251. Aplin may be best known in the UK for her haunting cover of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood ballad “The Power of Love”

      - Pop Matters, September 20, 2015
252. With a brand new album in the works, she also debuted two new songs. Atmospheric, haunting and recalling the best spy themes, they'd work brilliantly for some Bond movie set in the Deep South.

      - Rolling Stone, September 20, 2015
253. The first few seconds of this one recall the Cure’s “Lovesong,” and that sets the tone for a delectably haunting college rock vibe with goth undertones from around, oh hey, 1989... The way analog key sounds fade into the distance and the beyond-minimal rhythmic tap give this one some haunting stylistic vibes. Respect to Adams for not haunting T-Swizzle’s hip-hoppin’ spoken-word breakdown.

      - Billboard, September 21, 2015
254. The accompanying, haunting video features a nude McGowan in various states of undress.

      - The Huffington Post, September 21, 2015
255. Otello contains some of the most passionate and beautiful music Verdi ever wrote, from the haunting "Bacio" theme to the stirring "Addio" and chilling "Credo" arias to rousing choruses and a tender love duet.

      - The Huffington Post, September 21, 2015
256. Was that a person? Did you just commit murder? You’re confronted with dilemmas like this over and over in SOMA, each incident more haunting than the last, as it becomes clear the experiments in the underwater base were blurring the lines between man and machine.

      - Kotaku, September 21, 2015
257. An arson subplot later parallels the hornet narrative, and the burnt-out portions of the country are shown to exist as a haunting ash-land—yet another symbol for what's happening to Portugal.

      - Slant Magazine, September 21, 2015
258. I was among the first visitors to take the new railway into Scotland’s hauntingly beautiful, historic hinterland.

      - BBC, September 22, 2015
259. It’s a magnificent blend of haunting and stirring, playing up to Albertini’s minimalist strengths with a little help from his friends.

      - Consequence Of Sound, September 22, 2015
260. All purple gruel and zombie apocalypse visuals, it’s a haunting clip delivered from beyond the grave.

      - DIY Magazine, September 22, 2015
261. The unsaid hovers at the edge of the images in The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness; it's a haunting, remarkable novel that wisely asks more questions than it answers.

      - NPR, September 22, 2015
262. Epps believes that the haunting ballad “Heart of Glass” – which Underhill wrote at 15, inspired by the romantic lament of a female friend upon a breakup – has the potential to be a major hit.

      - Paste Magazine, September 22, 2015
263. Tillman recounts his most recent dream, involving Barack Obama, a Burger King crown, and the haunting strains of Beethoven’s "Ode to Joy" lingering against that very weird and very Misty-esque landscape.

      - Pitchfork, September 22, 2015
264. The album fully comes to life only on the haunting 14-minute instrumental "Above Water".

      - Pitchfork, September 22, 2015
265. It's made up of six shadowy tracks that swim in reverb and booming drums, with Izzi Kearns' commanding voice driving the music like a haunting call to arms.

      - CBC, September 23, 2015
266. Del Toro's aesthetic is evident throughout haunting scenes combining ephemeral beauty with revolting carnage.

      - The Huffington Post, September 23, 2015
267. Writing’s On The Wall” is now available for both streaming and download, and will serve as the theme to Spectre, the Bond film that drops November 6 in the U.S. Like almost all of his Bond theme predecessors, Smith has used the opportunity to produce a track that’s both epic in scale and fairly ominous, with Smith’s haunting falsetto standing in stark contrast to the music’s lush backing.

      - A.V. Club, September 24, 2015
268. Former Bond actor Sir Roger Moore called Writing's On the Wall "very haunting and wonderfully orchestrated".

      - BBC, September 24, 2015
269. Does it have sweeping strings? Haunting horns? A sense of majesty?

      - BBC, September 24, 2015
270. The next song I have coming out is different. It’s a slower song and it’s really, really raw. It’s me, a piano, and a viola and no Auto-Tune. It’s quite haunting, it’s kind of the ultimate break-up song.

      - Billboard, September 24, 2015
271. With its neatly placed furniture and pastel walls, the installation was charming, yet haunting in its emptiness.

      - CBC, September 24, 2015
272. The Radiohead frontman enlists the aid of 12 members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus on this haunting piece with spectral voices and dramatic piano.

      - NME, September 24, 2015
273. Experimenter is the better film, though, for its spriteness and sureness of pace and tone, which contrast hauntingly and unsentimentally with the subterranean human truths under the heroes', and the filmmakers', microscopes.

      - Slant Magazine, September 24, 2015
274. The same can be said of “Hourglass,” which utilizes Lion Babe’s Jillian Hervey much like “White Noise” did AlunaGeorge’s Aluna Francis, backlighting her with those haunting bass keys and a buoyant backbeat.

      - Spin Magazine, September 24, 2015
275. In the hands of a lesser vocalist, the repetitive and barely-present instrumentation that runs through the entire record would've made this a dull and exhausting listen, but Del Rey's powerhouse vocals make Honeymoon a consistently captivating and haunting record.

      - Sputnik Music, September 24, 2015
276. Gontier also shines on ballad 'Give Me A Reason', a gorgeous, haunting track, with eerie guitar licks slowly drifting by, until the track finally explodes in a wave of guitar distortion and harrowing calls of "I wish you would, wish you would."

      - Sputnik Music, September 24, 2015
277. The Keeping Room Shines in Its Haunting Post-Apocalyptic Civil War Landscape

      - Vulture, September 24, 2015
278. But that’s a big part of the appeal: Ethan Carter immerses you a hauntingly mundane rural setting, rich in environmental detail and atmosphere; regardless of what one thinks of the violent central mystery, and its telegraphed resolution, it’s enormously rewarding to simply explore the (deliberately, pointedly) established boundaries of Red Creek Valley.

      - A.V. Club, September 25, 2015
279. Pop music is a mystery to me. An elusive, haunting mess. And I don’t believe I’m the only one who struggles to understand it.

      - Sputnik Music, September 25, 2015
280. Between the hauntingly aggressive (“Free Drink Ticket”) and the chiller croons (“I Mean Something”), it’s a mixed bag, and the first half of Rub spins its wheels too much before kicking in the sex drive of Nisker’s creativity.

      - Sputnik Music, September 25, 2015
281. Edward I's stronghold is a haunting image of desolation and solitude, the stark contrast between our modern world and the Middle Ages.

      - BBC, September 26, 2015
282. “The Keeper of Traken” and “Logopolis,” Baker’s final two stories which reintroduced the Master (Anthony Ainley), are a cerebral and haunting double feature — utterly unlike anything the modern series could or would ever even attempt to create.

      - Vulture, September 26, 2015
283. They used the keyboards, tabla, sarangi, flute, santoor and violin to weave what is arguably the most haunting version of the famous soundtrack by composer John Williams.

      - Buzzfeed, September 27, 2015
284. Sharing much of the same tainted blood as fellow South Coast dwellers Demob Happy, the track deals in an eerie, haunting tone before it erupts, all screeching guitars and demolition-ready drums.

      - DIY Magazine, September 27, 2015
285. On 'Ghoroobaa Ghashangan', the subdued opening sticks around long enough for a statement of intent: "to disentangle to exist" before soaring upwards into a haunting, rich cry over a driving bass-line.

      - Drowned In Sound, September 27, 2015
286. This accomplished portfolio of chamber pop ends on a haunting note in the form of its slow, stark title-track.

      - NME, September 27, 2015
287. If you’re missing the pan flutes, don’t worry. Florence did a great job of mimicking them with her haunting voice.

      - Buzzfeed, September 28, 2015
288. The resulting images bring 15 haunting tales to life in excruciating detail, conjuring a flood of emotions ranging from intrigue to fear to pure awe.

      - The Huffington Post, September 28, 2015
289. Even when the book dwells on its elaborate, Regency-romance web of seductions and star-crossed suitors — which Myer weds to her setting with a deft, sure hand — that game of musical beds has haunting, profound consequences.

      - NPR, September 28, 2015
290. Her new group of songs, Unremembered, is more restrained than Penelope, but no less haunting.

      - Pitchfork, September 28, 2015
291. Her latest is a clip for her latest single, the haunting and thoughtful song “Atheist Prayer”. It’s one of the best moments on the record, so it’s good to see it given some deserved attention.

      - Pop Matters, September 28, 2015
292. Throughout, as Gregori's beliefs are challenged by two rebellious boys, one reflects back on the haunting opening shots in which the leader is seen before he fashioned his cult, finding an abandoned series of stone buildings with a court that suggests a Babylonian prison yard, seizing a huge wooden pole, and beginning the work of turning this wasteland into a makeshift society.

      - Slant Magazine, September 28, 2015
293. Grace talks in her renowned, deep, evocative voice on the thrashing verses and singing gently on the haunting chorus. "Private Life" became one of Grace Jones biggest sellers, flying into the UK Top 20 chart.

      - Sputnik Music, September 28, 2015
294. Where Swoon would sprawl across stunning and elegant rock soundscapes, and Neck of the Woods would revel in dark atmospheres full of haunting incantations, Better Nature feels relatively normal – an adjective not all that flattering when it comes to music that’s allegedly experimental.

      - Sputnik Music, September 28, 2015
295. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Those words are as true today as they were when Semisonic sang them in 1998, and they apply manifestly to “First And Final Frames Part II,” a haunting new supercut by Vimeo user Jacob T. Swinney, who has beautifully juxtaposed the first and final shots of various famous movies, ranging from 2007’s sci-fi thriller Sunshine, which appropriately opens and closes with shots of the sun, to 2009’s darkly comic World’s Greatest Dad, which has some fun with the words “THE END.”

      - A.V. Club, September 29, 2015
296. It is the latest in a series of installations by the artist in which she examines the space between reality and fiction; the visible and invisible; the idea and its realisation. All of which is fascinating, but I very much doubt anybody will pick up on those philosophical nuances when experiencing the simple pleasure of hearing the haunting beauty of six professional singers performing in such an intimate space.

      - BBC, September 29, 2015
297. Their ambitions are made even more clear on tracks like “A Stroke of Luck” and the haunting closer “Milk”, in which samples are placed front-and-center rather than hidden behind distortion.

      - Consequence Of Sound, September 29, 2015
298. Somehow, the shrieking, clanging, motorized sounds unite into something musical -- hauntingly humanoid, yet eerily inhuman.

      - The Huffington Post, September 29, 2015
299. Anything whimsical, aesthetic and slightly haunting in its ephemerality is inspiring. Peonies and dusty millers, the photography of Sally Mann and Robert and Shana ParkHarrison, the deep shadows of a Tadao Aando space. In terms of illustrators, Garance Dore is so effortlessly chic with her work. I met her once and she was so modest and sweet too.

      - The Huffington Post, September 29, 2015
300. Dive into all your bodily heebie-jeebies with a look at Sitkin's most haunting works below.

      - The Huffington Post, September 29, 2015
301. There are no laughs to be found in the album's most haunting song, "Magma Arrives." The title figure would seem to be a now-obscure villain from the Spider-Man comics, only now, instead of running around with a canister of molten lava on his back, he shows up at the bedside of a doomed man to "fill our hero's veins with shame."

      - NPR, September 29, 2015
302. Frenetic in tone, Kylie's opening sullen, pent-up spoken passage is accompanied by creepy horror movie piano and sweeping cello before kicking in to the haunting chorus backed by a dark, thumping techno arrangement.

      - Sputnik Music, September 29, 2015
303. Lead single “Morrigan” is the most well known song off the album at this point in time and is the fastest of the three “slow” songs, but the band’s ability to create a haunting song while keeping a steady tempo still makes this one of the better songs on the album.

      - Sputnik Music, September 29, 2015
304. 5. The Oscar-winning score is SO good. It’s haunting and powerful and you can listen to it on repeat for hours.

      - Buzzfeed, September 30, 2015
305. Opening in NYC this month, a curiously haunting film, The Wonders"...

      - The Huffington Post, September 30, 2015
306. I feel like Rockwell in that 80's video with that haunting refrain Michael Jackson sang, "I always feel like...somebody's watching me."

      - The Huffington Post, September 30, 2015
307. The music, ranging from West Dylan Thordson and John Kusiak’s haunting score to the selection of The Eels’ “Fresh Blood” as its theme song, borders on perfect.

      - Pop Matters, September 30, 2015
308. Hauntingly atmospheric with its funeral-like electric organ backdrop and Morrison's stirring delivery.

      - Sputnik Music, September 30, 2015
309. It quickly spins off into thrashy riffs and melodic solos, all before closing out with haunting piano line that slightly resembles the hook of Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me.”

      - A.V. Club, October 1, 2015
310. To backdrop these next-level performances, The Affair from the beginning has offered breathtaking views, a haunting theme song from Fiona Apple, even costuming that reflects the characters’ emotional states.

      - A.V. Club, October 1, 2015
311. ‘Cold Winds’ trades this for minimal trap beats and haunting falsetto.

      - DIY Magazine, October 1, 2015
312. Mark Gardener: I've just done a remix for a band called The Little Unsaid. It's track called 'Can We Hear It?' which is really beautiful, haunting.

      - Drowned In Sound, October 1, 2015
313. Just under 20 years ago, Tori Amos asserted her sovereignty as her own producer and created the haunting, transporting album Boys for Pele.

      - The Huffington Post, October 1, 2015
314. The most evocative track of Triptych,"Guillotine," follows with a haunting introduction as his vocals slowly lead the listener into the song while impending instrumentals progress and build.

      - The Huffington Post, October 1, 2015
315. I suspect this is a case of ambiance over logic. Does it make sense for Yuki to be sitting in a ransacked, blood-splattered room all alone with her best friend’s broken necklace lying on the floor when the others could have easily cleaned it up? Not at all. But it does make for one hell of a haunting image.

      - Kotaku, October 1, 2015
316. What with the minor keys, that lachrymose strum, the soaring strings and, of course, Thom Yorke’s haunting wail, this song pretty much bottles the essence of pure, sonic sadness. No one does misery quite like Radiohead and this is them at their beautifully lowest ebb.

      - NME, October 1, 2015
317. It’s something that’s perfectly parallel to the haunting, looming lyrics that course through all his songs (“The EP is basically a bunch of love songs that show the different stages of a break up,” he tells NME over email).

      - NME, October 1, 2015
318. The film's setting — a lovely and hauntingly unspoiled stretch of landscape — represents a national geographic crossroads.

      - NPR, October 1, 2015
319. These questions live anew in Jeffrey Brown's haunting collection, in which the poet, like the journalist, bears witness. But unlike the journalist, he also exists, wonders and ponders beyond the scripted and sanctioned record of daily events.

      - NPR, October 1, 2015
320. In the same way that last season introduced Peter Stormare’s Berlin as a potential big bad for the season—which inevitably ended up disappointing—“The Troll Farmer” sets up the hauntingly reserved and calm Mr. Solomon, played by Edi Gathegi.

      - Paste Magazine, October 1, 2015
321. Hauntingly melancholic yet grounded in a fictionalized reality that feels instantly familiar, “The Bird Hunters” is an exceptional, conversational bit of writing that flows forth effortlessly from Felker’s unaffected delivery, creating vivid imagery full of nuance and detail that would fall flat in the hands of a lesser songwriter.

      - Pop Matters, October 1, 2015
322. Negative space dominates, but is nicely accented by haunting synth lines, and percussion that sounds like it’s sneaking up on you. If David Robert Mitchell ever makes another horror movie, he should seriously consider enlisting Long Distance Poison for the score.

      - Spin Magazine, October 1, 2015
323. “California Paranoia” feels like the long-lost twin sister of a Lana Del Rey song; it’s a haunting lilt full of surreal, existential wonderings and lots of mystery. Listen below.

      - Stereogum, October 1, 2015
324. Hearing a teacher mock a student's attempts to verbalize Latin is haunting.

      - The Huffington Post, October 2, 2015
325. Yesterday at the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione (whose resident clownette, Cha-U-Kao, was a favorite subject of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec), Undercover’s Jun Takahashi presented a haunting collection of clown-faced models.

      - Vogue, October 2, 2015
326. The article also claims that Osborne "enjoys the haunting, maudlin tracks of alternative folk musician Sufjan Stevens".

      - NME, October 3, 2015
327. The tone is elegiac, melancholic, and meditative, filled with wistful flashbacks and haunting Polaroid snapshots — including many of Fred, whom she calls "my human angel from Detroit." Smith wonders, "If I write about the past as I simultaneously dwell in the present am I still in real time?"

      - NPR, October 3, 2015
328. The new opening title sequence for the second season is composed of a series of snapshots (family vacations, parties with friends, sports matches, weddings, graduation ceremonies), with certain figures hauntingly erased, driving home both the universality of the disaster alongside the singular stories of loss.

      - Slant Magazine, October 3, 2015
329. It’s both haunting and exhilarating, with Baar’s brooding vocals crooning over melancholic pianos and thundering drums.

      - Consequence Of Sound, October 4, 2015
330. But Dollanganger has been amassing a trove of hauntingly resonant recordings on Bandcamp for years, mostly recorded through her laptop mic.

      - Consequence Of Sound, October 4, 2015
331. Phil also says growing up during the Apollo program, got him fascinated with science, discovery and mystery. So, he describes his haunting new work this way...

      - The Huffington Post, October 4, 2015
332. To learn more about Ruth Weisberg exhibitions at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts , see Eric Minh Swenson's haunting video : Reflections Through Time

      - The Huffington Post, October 4, 2015
333. There are few more haunting tracks that you could choose for such a downer ending. Everyone miraculously finds each other among the chaos of the military compound and makes it out alive.

      - Paste Magazine, October 4, 2015
334. Which was a shame, as oft-criticized Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof did an excellent job of translating Tom Perrotta's elliptical novel by breaking it into hour-long chapters, each neatly structured and perpetually haunting.

      - Rolling Stone, October 4, 2015
335. The track never travels over a haunting whisper, but both voices act as phantoms of distress, playing off each other to increasingly and satisfyingly creepy ends. The whole thing blows up in static at the climax, cutting off before providing any sort of closure.

      - Stereogum, October 4, 2015
336. I see this as a series of scenes of various people (all different ages, races, orientations), mostly in their homes, naked. I see it as these scenes that would almost feel a bit like portraiture, these images that have a mixture of being beautiful and in someways haunting.

      - Stereogum, October 4, 2015
337. The guy was showing off "everlasting" matches he bought (insert your own jokes, people) when the extremely flammable, everlasting matches inexplicably set his humble abode ablaze to the backdrop of a haunting, child-like robot voice commenting on the situation.

      - Thrillist, October 4, 2015
338. Gone is the haunting classical composition by Max Richter and the beautiful (but very sad) Renaissance-like depiction of the Sudden Departure.

      - Vulture, October 4, 2015
339. And she looks hauntingly beautiful.

      - Buzzfeed, October 5, 2015
340. But in myriad, sometimes abstract forms, her films were hailed for their bracing feminism and haunting intimacy.

      - The Huffington Post, October 5, 2015
341. Hear David Bowie's Haunting 'Blackstar' Theme From 'Last Panthers'... On "Blackstar," Bowie's haunting, skewed vocals sing of "On the day of execution" and "At the center of it all, your eyes." The music itself is reminiscent of the bleak, haunting instrumentals on the back half of Bowie's 1977 album Heroes before a sinister beat kicks in for the dying seconds of the Last Panthers theme.

      - Rolling Stone, October 5, 2015
342. Sophie receives her haunting visions mere days before Oubli is set to launch, and the stress from this is compounded when she's kidnapped and subsequently released by Isa (Jeanette Samano), a mysterious woman with knowledge of a possible conspiracy involving Oubli's inventor (and Sophie's father), Jack (Colm Feore).

      - Slant Magazine, October 5, 2015
343. This steadily leads us into the more subdued 'Everyone Squeaks Gently' which compellingly evokes a soulful air, while even more etheral is the haunting 'Wheeled Wagon', with keyboards, sax and flutes remaining prominent throughout... 'Pop Eyes' then comes to a holt following the spooky and surreal 'Cutting The Last Sheaf', Dax' voice all crackly against the light chimes and the incessant plucking of an ancient-sounding instrument. A hauntingly atmospheric ending to the album

      - Sputnik Music, October 5, 2015
344. “I wish we had danced to ‘Sea of Love’ by Cat Power: short, sweet, and hauntingly vulnerable. ‘I want to tell you how much I love you.’ What more needs to be said?”... Like so many of Morrissey’s songs, it’s not jovially upbeat or entirely optimistic but hauntingly poignant—when can you be a bit selfish about romantic love with another if not in a marriage?”

      - Vogue, October 5, 2015
345. Memory, like truth, can be elusive. And as everyone knows, it can play tricks. But rarely is it as perplexing as in Pinter's Old Times, which opened last night in a haunting revival by the Roundabout Theatre Company with a sterling cast led by Clive Owen in his Broadway debut.

      - The Huffington Post, October 6, 2015
346. The B-side is a haunting cover of The Boys Next Door's "Shivers," written by The Birthday guitarist and fellow Australian Rowland S. Howard.

      - NPR, October 6, 2015
347. One can understand why Pot Luck didn’t top the album charts upon its release: it’s a strange and daring album, with Oldham’s delicate, wavering tenor, and obscure lyrics laced over simple, often haunting arrangements.

      - Pop Matters, October 6, 2015
348. One the album's best highlights of Autrey's vocal delivery is album closer 'Demon', a track that relishes in crunchy hard rock riffs, Autrey's haunting calls of "you've got a demon", and a steady build into oblivion.

      - Sputnik Music, October 6, 2015
349. Formerly known as the Serendipity House, the seaside inn strikes a whimsical, haunting balance that led to its cameo in the 2008 film Nights in Rodanthe, based on Nicholas Sparks’ 2002 novel by the same name.

      - Thrillist, October 6, 2015
350. It’s a haunting melody about a beautiful dream: a woman weeping for her lost love, a man she will probably never see again in the flesh, likely due to mutual syphilitic destruction.

      - A.V. Club, October 7, 2015
351. Her haunting rendition of the former chart-topper represents "a sound I've always wanted to play with," as she told Rolling Stone.

      - Billboard, October 7, 2015
352. Haunting and reflective, it showcases the persistent influence of music, even as all else fades into twilight...Insanity and genius become hauntingly intertwined in this darkly beautiful meditation on what it means to give everything to your art.

      - The Huffington Post, October 7, 2015
353. A mere 10 minutes down the road from Skogafoss, swerve your vehicle onto the dirt access road to Solheimjokull glacier and make the trek toward the coast to see the remains of this fascinating 1973 crash. The crew survived, but the site of the abandoned craft on a remote black sand beach is a haunting one.

      - The Huffington Post, October 7, 2015
354. To many artists, from Yeats to Thomas Moore, London was seen as more of a haunting ground than a city: everyone doing the same things under a cloak of anonymity, walking past each other, unnoticed, aimless.

      - Kill Screen, October 7, 2015
355. Brush shoulders with the enthusiastic vendors singing the praises of cheap mandarins (if you go during citrus season, which is in the less touristy winter months) and hot peppers to the haunting cry of the ezan (call to prayer) from the neighboring mosque.

      - Paste Magazine, October 7, 2015
356. These traits come together best in the haunting and sweet "Mud". For this track, Giannascoli reaches beyond the pitch-shifter and gets an actual additional human being, Emily Yacina, to harmonize with him.

      - Pitchfork, October 7, 2015
357. “Hell Hath Frozen In Your Eyes” is a solemn, slow-burning emotional epic, with Lighburn’s piercing baritone expressive and tense over the haunting musical accompaniment. It builds to a finale that almost builds to a fever-pitch but, as is a recurring theme on this album, it seems to fade away a bit too quickly.

      - Pop Matters, October 7, 2015
358. Flicker Alley's Masterworks of American Avant-Garde Experimental Film, 1920-1970 is a doubly suffocating and haunting collection of films, both because of the remarkable works within and how they unfold as consistent reminders that we now live in an era where historically hard-to-see films are simply at our fingertips in vibrant, faithful transfers.

      - Slant Magazine, October 7, 2015
359. If you’ve ever seen Dark Angel, then 1) you already know what Seattle and the Northwest look like when they’re run-down and mostly abandoned, and 2) what Jessica Alba looks looks like in black leather, but just in case you haven’t, we’ve rounded up a dozen hauntingly beautiful abandoned spots -- that should give you some idea about the former, but sadly not the latter (hint: it’s really good).

      - Thrillist, October 7, 2015
360. For the film, the not-so-elusive chanteuse serves up a haunting, soulful rendition of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black."

      - Vulture, October 7, 2015
361. 14. And when she sang this hauntingly beautiful song.

      - Buzzfeed, October 8, 2015
362. The “Retrograde” maestro’s chilling vocals, coupled with his sobering production and the overall melancholic spirit of the original, make for a cover that’s equal parts heavenly and haunting.

      - Consequence Of Sound, October 8, 2015
363. Matt Etherton's vocals ar deceptively low in the mix provide a haunting aftertaste while effects-heavy guitars swoon then erupt around him.

      - Drowned In Sound, October 8, 2015
364. To close the show, Blake performed a haunting cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence." The cover remains true to the melancholic spirit of the original.

      - NPR, October 8, 2015
365. It’s not unusual for Del Rey to reference God in her back catalogue, in many different contexts; she still keeps us guessing about her beliefs of a higher power, as she dips her toe in the genre of gospel and adds a haunting edge.

      - Pop Matters, October 8, 2015
366. It’s hopeful and haunting, as weighty piano accompanies Nelson’s melancholic croon over stadium-sized drums.

      - Spin Magazine, October 8, 2015
367. But here, in full clarity, such bareness is robbed of its haunting quality and serves as a stomach-churning punch to the gut.

      - Spin Magazine, October 8, 2015
368. On the opposite end of the spectrum, breakup anthem “Letting Go” channels 90s power ballads in the best way possible, and the truly haunting “Look Up And See Infinity, Look Down And See Nothing” features Sanders doing his best Lacey impression over an ethereal glockenspiel loop.

      - Sputnik Music, October 8, 2015
369. He also shared his collaboration with Olsen, called “California Paranoia,” a haunting little ballad that would probably end up fading into the background were it not for what he followed it up with: an elaborate, beautifully composed music video.

      - Stereogum, October 8, 2015
370. It’s an absolutely haunting tune, one that rises with each pounding of the percussion and soaring of the vocals.

      - Sputnik Music, October 10, 2015
371. She gets as little screen time as everybody else in the sketch, but that haunting voice and the sight gag of her living-doll look are what's most memorable about the sketch.

      - Vulture, October 10, 2015
372. A whole ten bloody minutes of haunting ambience, teasing and then erupting into a crescendo of sensual sonic frenzy.

      - DIY Magazine, October 11, 2015
373. From the start, the founders positioned Snapchat as the antithesis of popular social media sites where users can leave behind a potentially haunting digital footprint.

      - The Huffington Post, October 11, 2015
374. Nonetheless, it’s effectively emotional and haunting, with an earnest and delicate beauty in both its lyrics and music.

      - Pop Matters, October 11, 2015
375. Rather than retaliating against Utley — who didn’t play, perhaps for that reason — Curtis Granderson and a riled-up team battered former A’s pitcher Brett Anderson and won 13-7, with a chance of clinching the series tonight with a familiar haunting undertone for the Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw trying to save their season on short rest, not a winning recipe in recent Octobers.

      - The SF Examiner, October 11, 2015
376. Using a large-format camera, Eric travelled the state of North Carolina finding people who were engrossed in their phones and created these haunting black-and-white photos.

      - Buzzfeed, October 12, 2015
377. His vocals take the form of a haunting, murmured promise: “I will wait for Ellen.”

      - Paste Magazine, October 12, 2015
378. Helium-lunged frontman Don Dokken sounds haunting at every turn, while guitarist George Lynch commands some of the best hard-rock riffs of the Eighties.

      - Rolling Stone, October 12, 2015
379. The lo-fi guitar on "it hurts until it doesn't" is matched by lead singer Kristine Leschper's haunting voice, which sounds both plaintive and threatening at the same time.

      - Vulture, October 12, 2015
380. Julie & The Wolf debut an eerie video to match their haunting single

      - A.V. Club, October 13, 2015
381. The album features 37 classic bedtime hits including "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," "Pop Goes The Weasel," and a haunting version of "This Old Man," which you can listen to below:

      - The Huffington Post, October 13, 2015
382. Hailed as "a beautiful but haunting portrait of the struggle for life in the subarctic climes," the photo will be the centerpiece of an exhibition that begins Friday at the museum.

      - The Huffington Post, October 13, 2015
383. Having listened to his new album three times already, I can tell you the music has the haunting tug that pulls you back again. Henley is a master composer who makes you feel like his songs have always been there, somehow, in your memory, just waiting to come out.

      - The Huffington Post, October 13, 2015
384. There’s also a deeper lesson: At the end, when Hanks pans through the store’s lofty, vacant aisles, it’s a chilling and haunting reminder that nothing is guaranteed in life and that time moves very, very fast.

      - Consequence Of Sound, October 14, 2015
385. An Artificial Spring' takes its cue from Siouxsie & The Banshees. Most notably in Cully's guitar work, which is hauntingly reminiscent of the late John McGeoch in its execution.

      - Drowned In Sound, October 14, 2015
386. These practices allow for richer music. They can, of course, be musical in their own right - but if it stopped there, then what of the sonata, the jazz improvisation, the wordless transportation of a haunting melody?

      - The Huffington Post, October 14, 2015
387. Wedged between China and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan is rich with haunting landscapes, hospitable nomads, Silk Road bazaars and horse-trekking through yurt-filled mountain passes.

      - Paste Magazine, October 14, 2015
388. But Grievances isn’t about run-of-the-mill disgruntled employment as much as it’s a haunting meditation on humanity’s disassociation from the product—or, in our increasingly cyber-centric world, the service—of its labor.

      - Pitchfork, October 14, 2015
389. Few images from the hundreds of disparate film adaptations of William Shakespeare’s works are as iconic as those from the climactic final scene in Akira Kurosawa’s lush, haunting reimagining of Macbeth, Throne of Blood, in which the mad Lord Washizu (played savagely by the great Toshiro Mifune) succumbs to a flurry of arrows fired at him by his own soldiers.

      - Pop Matters, October 14, 2015
390. The same spirit informs "250,000 Miles," with Griffin's remarkable guitar work and haunting backing vocals by Shawn Colvin.

      - Rolling Stone, October 14, 2015
391. Even when he breaks the spell with a winky stage aside ("I like it when the song goes slow"), it's haunting, sexy, head-trippy stuff.

      - Rolling Stone, October 14, 2015
392. “Gang Bang Anyway” takes a haunting piano riff and a ripping snare drum and creates the alley from which Jay Rock and ScHoolboy Q talk gangland politics.

      - Spin Magazine, October 14, 2015
393. In "The Industry of Distance" his haunting narrative of rejection, isolation, and death is met with music that seems to be racing towards its demise just as frantically as the character of his tale.

      - Sputnik Music, October 14, 2015
394. Gurke, wearing a monk-like brown robe, provides musical accompaniment throughout: sometimes the saxophone is jarring and blares, sometimes it’s haunting and melodic.

      - The SF Examiner, October 14, 2015
395. Spotlights randomly scattered on the floor lit models from below; their hair was sewn up with red thread to look like brains, accentuating the haunting but romantic impression.

      - Vogue, October 14, 2015
396. Kacy Hill, signed by Kanye West after a stint as his backup dancer, mines a haunting James Blake vibe all over debut EP Bloo. But Bloo’s “Arm’s Length” is more Adele, with Hill’s crystalline voice flying over a piano romp, hinting that the 21-year-old could jump from critical curio to alt-pop star.

      - Billboard, October 15, 2015
397. Maybe that simple element--the fact that no one wants to go outside during the crappy weather--is what makes Icelandic music so haunting and exuberant. Or maybe, I'm nuts.

      - The Huffington Post, October 15, 2015
398. There’s a Wurlitzer piano, White’s acoustic strumming, a couple of clarinets and a haunting harmony with Nashville singer Ruby Amanfu’s gritty, sweet vocals.

      - Paste Magazine, October 15, 2015
399. A jaw-dropping example of this is album centerpiece “Take Care,” which Cox toldPitchfork began as another of his ’50s-indebted pop ballads before Allen gave it a synth-based remix and then Broadcast’s James Cargill “added his ethereal tapes and electronics”; haunted and haunting, it’s clearly a Deerhunter track.

      - Spin Magazine, October 15, 2015
400. Titus Andronicus nerve center Patrick Stickles did this year: poured 30 years of life experience and struggle with manic depression into 2015’s most sprawling and ragged rock album, a five-act, quasi-autobiographical opera that spans 29 tracks and 93 minutes, that finds room for a clutch Seinfeld shout-out and a haunting interpretation of “Auld Lang Syne,” that relishes in splashy piano licks and weary guitar sprints.

      - Spin Magazine, October 15, 2015
401. Watching You is another album highlight. As the title implies, it is about stalking and an unrequited obsession, and the guitar work alongside choral vocals in the verses is so haunting that it creates an almost tangible sense of paranoia and dread, to the extent that you can practically feel the spiders crawling all over your skin.

      - Sputnik Music, October 15, 2015
402. “I don’t want you/ I’m gonna save my young mind for the teacher who’s only teaching me,” Callinan croons, in a haunting — yet somehow oddly comforting — manner.

      - Stereogum, October 15, 2015
403. This classic film moment remains haunting and memorable, all thanks to that pesky fourth wall being ignored for just a moment.

      - Paste Magazine, October 17, 2015
404. Whether it’s his eerie whispers, trembling screams, deep gutturals, or haunting cleans, Landon has truly perfected his vocal range down to the last bit.

      - Sputnik Music, October 17, 2015
405. While the former's haunting take on Nick Cave inspired folk serves as a gallant opener to the weekend's festivities, the latter's run through recent album Hidden Fields from start to finish takes on an intensely hypnotic feel.

      - Drowned In Sound, October 18, 2015
406. Williams, who died in the early hours of New Year's Day 1952, at just 29 years old, has been depicted onscreen before (including the generally forgettable 1964 film, Your Cheatin' Heart, staring George Hamilton), but Hiddleston's is an astonishingly honest, haunting portrayal, further distinguished by the actor's own singing of many of Williams' best-loved hits.

      - Rolling Stone, October 18, 2015
407. The lengthy buildup might seem to go against the haunting “Younger” refrain, but the result is well worth the time she poured into it.

      - Spin Magazine, October 18, 2015
408. By far the scariest, most monstrous, haunting image from last night's The Walking Dead is Carl's horrible emo shag haircut. Death would be preferable to this hair, Carl.

      - Vulture, October 18, 2015
409. Seemingly angling the world in whichever way he feels like it, 13th Witness’ Instagram account is like taking a high-speed underground scenic ride through enigmatic corners, avenues bursting with light (or existing in haunting desolation), clouds that put cotton candy’s fluffiness to shame, and, of course, space.

      - Buzzfeed, October 19, 2015
410. From the depths of seclusion, the new songs have taken shape in the form of his new record, Cataclasm, out November 19th via Okami Records. Today, he’s giving us a taste with the haunting “Akureyri”.

      - Consequence Of Sound, October 19, 2015
411. The pre-chorus captures the haunting trance that traps the addict into a constant state of denial of the true detriment of his substance abuse. "She told me, 'Don't worry about it' / She told me, 'Don't worry no more' / We both know we can't go without it / She told me you'll never be alone."

      - The Huffington Post, October 19, 2015
412. And to me, this is one of the most beautiful sounds that I've ever heard in the Arctic, hearing this haunting kind of melancholy call of the red knot over the tundra.

      - NPR, October 19, 2015
413. With her early songs cinching the beginnings of that signature sound, she’s now proven herself on TIAF as a master of molding a mood, casting and curving the vibe with her meticulous ear for tone, and a knack for knowing just when to bend the notes toward a haunting minor key.

      - Paste Magazine, October 19, 2015
414. The composition starts with the strings - haunting and almost too quiet to hear, which fuel the composition, timing it and retaining equilibrium against the madness that eventually ensues.

      - Sputnik Music, October 19, 2015
415. Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Places Around The World

      - The Huffington Post, October 20, 2015
416. But sometimes you crave that ache, that immediacy. Sometimes you want to feel something -- sweet, cruel, fresh, haunting, anything -- just to know that you're alive.

      - The Huffington Post, October 20, 2015
417. Even the more subdued tunes in the set list like "Idaho," a haunting favorite from The Animal Years and one that Ritter has often performed acapella and "Seeing Me Around," a song from Sermon that veers into the territory of ambient music, held the crowd's attention without diluting the heightened, kinetic energy of the space.

      - The Huffington Post, October 20, 2015
418. Throughout his work, he crafts portraits at once lonely and regal, frozen watercolor landscapes that can’t help but feel hauntingly familiar.

      - Paste Magazine, October 20, 2015
419. Nowhere is this balancing act executed better than on closing track “Friends”, a haunting alternative folk singalong featuring guitars and production from none other than Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello.

      - Sputnik Music, October 20, 2015
420. Spotlighting the compelling voice of Alvarez, her haunting and howling vocal style is reminiscent of legendary sirens Janis Joplin and Grace Slick.

      - The Huffington Post, October 21, 2015
421. Recorded almost entirely by herself with an assist by Mark Eitzel producer Monte Vallier, American Tragic grooves and pops like nothing else she’s done prior, full of indelible pop moments hidden under a veil of goth-friendly moodiness that actually adds depth to her sometimes-haunting lyrics.

      - Pop Matters, October 21, 2015
422. The electronic elements of the reworking are — all things considered — subtle, and manage to make an already painful and aching song even more haunting.

      - Spin Magazine, October 21, 2015
423. When people talk about USBM (i.e. United States Black Metal, in case that wasn’t clear), they’re talking less about region than about a particular style of composition and sound: buzzing, roaring, haunting, ambient, slow-build, high-dynamic marathon-length epics that can be either meditative or assaultive, depending on how you approach them... But this band’s appeal is not all about visceral impact; their self-titled debut album boasts rich harmonic density, haunting vocals, and high-register guitar parts with a neon glint. In a world where Wolf Parade broke up and the once-mighty Interpol have became a shadow of a parody, we needed a band like this.

      - Stereogum, October 21, 2015
424. What is true is that this precious gem—and if you are born in October, lucky you! It’s your birthstone—remains as mysterious, as haunting, as Ralphie alleged, no matter how near or far from your eye it gleams.

      - Vogue, October 21, 2015
425. Below, The A.V. Club has the premiere of music video for one of the group’s most haunting collaborations, “From The Snow Tipped Hills,” which was penned by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon.

      - A.V. Club, October 22, 2015
426. The rustic acoustic guitar grounds the unrequited love in the traditional, but the Ebow’ed psychedelic noise haunting the fringes blurs the reality and the dream.

      - Consequence Of Sound, October 22, 2015
427. The same goes for the urgent, haunting dance-rock of 'Euphoria' or the lamenting 'Big Buzz'. Then there's the frantic rage of 'I Am The Virus' or 'New Jerusalem' with its dynamics of industrial funk and monolithic, relentless walls of angst.

      - Drowned In Sound, October 22, 2015
428. As I arrived, the live set of Bologna native Alessandro Cortini (IT) wafted from the outside stage into the courtyard. Bright and haunting melodies, backed by slow motion visuals resembling a floating forest.

      - The Huffington Post, October 22, 2015
429. Adele's New Single 'Hello' Is Another Hushed, Haunting Piano Ballad To Break Your Heart

      - NME, October 22, 2015
430. 80 Days is subversive, hard and haunting, but it always treats its cast with respect.

      - Rock Paper Shotgun, October 22, 2015
431. With Depeche Mode, frontman Dave Gahan's haunting baritone often provides the human touch within songwriter Martin Gore's icy electronic tableaus. With Soulsavers — a British production duo known for its gospel-inflected, organic sound — the singer has room to grow into something more.

      - Rolling Stone, October 22, 2015
432. Frew does one up on Peter Gabriel’s haunting “In Your Eyes”. He takes us away from the song that peaked at #26 in 1986 and became synonymous with the John Cusack film “Say Anything” in 1989.

      - Sputnik Music, October 22, 2015
433. “Mensaxeiros do Pasado”, for example, is a haunting account of a chance meeting with phantoms from the next world that relies heavily on chorale arrangements to evoke the voices of ancient spirits, whereas “De Musgo e Pedra” dismisses vocals almost entirely and hinges its eerie strains on a backdrop of droning strings and hurdy-gurdy.

      - Sputnik Music, October 22, 2015
434. The plot: Dee Dee is a desert-siren, Carson Cox her bait, but all of that takes a backseat to the mood, which is perfectly fine because this is one gorgeously haunting piece of scenery.

      - Stereogum, October 22, 2015
435. Her voice sounds haunting over the ambient tones and whirling noise, aptly matching the dreaminess of the slow motion dancers in the video. It’s all of the eeriness we’ve come to expect from a great O cover.

      - Consequence Of Sound, October 23, 2015
436. Setting the pace right from the get-go with “NNTRO”, haunting vocals supported by a well-placed choir line pull the song to a technically strong yet unfitting rap break before charging into the synth-laden breakdown in “The Truth About You.”

      - Sputnik Music, October 23, 2015
437. Backed by a six-piece band, Gahan and Soulsavers brought to life the full drama of the haunting new album.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, October 24, 2015
438. ...but the clear highlight of her 45-minute performance was the live debut of a haunting new ballad from her forthcoming 2016 record about the blurry definitions of cheating on one's spouse.

      - Rolling Stone, October 24, 2015
439. Watch singer-songwriter Megan Nash deliver a haunting and soulful rendition of Try off her 2015 album, Song Harvest Volume One, in the first installment of the Empty Room series below.

      - CBC, October 25, 2015
440. This is best displayed in a run of three tracks during the album’s second half. ‘Near to Fire for Bricks’ is genuinely haunting, almost reminiscent of the best of Coil or Current 93 in its mystical etherealness.

      - Drowned In Sound, October 25, 2015
441. Fueled by their encouragement and the novel's haunting Gustave Doré illustrations, I read -- and finished before entering high school -- this massive book that has been called the first modern European novel.

      - The Huffington Post, October 25, 2015
442. Liberman’s ten tracks whip by, each track filled with sweet, well-timed melodies and haunting atmosphere. It is over before you know it, compelling the listener to repeated, often back-to-back listens.

      - Pop Matters, October 25, 2015
443. "Scream" and "Your Ghost" try to capture the haunting staple of previous New Years Day releases, but feel more like filler than anything else.

      - Sputnik Music, October 25, 2015
444. The clip maximizes the song’s haunting quality, a darkly chilling narrative going hand-in-hand with the whole eerie-yet-mesmerizing nature of Keep Shelly In Athens’ sound.

      - Stereogum, October 25, 2015
445. According to Fozzie, “True Colors” is “just hauntingly beautiful on a sax.”

      - A.V. Club, October 26, 2015
446. The interview’s publication was preceded by the video for new single ‘Hello’, a haunting piano ballad, which she addressed during the chat, while we also learned that 25 features collaborations with Danger Mouse and Bruno Mars and even sees Adele go disco on ‘When We Were Young’.

      - NME, October 26, 2015
447. It’s a fitting approach for a record which, as its title implies, deals with personal transformation; later in "Hymn", Drewchin sings, "The more I look back, the more I want to look ahead," and she spends the bulk of the album deep-diving into herself, delivering haunting descriptions of the shapes and spirits she encounters along the way.

      - Pitchfork, October 26, 2015
448. They tend towards a high scream predominately (though some haunting chants appear welcomingly on “Ozymandias”), and were it not for small measures like the instrumental track “Siderea”, the potential to grate on the listener would certainly be there.

      - Sputnik Music, October 26, 2015
449. Guided tours of some of the developing areas are offered during the day, and you’re definitely not supposed to explore the hauntingly beautiful unrenovated areas at night by yourself.

      - Thrillist, October 26, 2015
450. Here, Kinsella ruminates on how that emptiness is even more haunting than those unwanted presences milling about.

      - A.V. Club, October 27, 2015
451. The Last Unicorn, a whimsical fairy tale about love, loss, and dedication, rewards youthful attention by haunting dreams for years after viewing, thanks to an unwavering commitment to being creepy as hell.

      - A.V. Club, October 27, 2015
452. Lucky for fans of the delightfully haunting vocalist, Halsey will head out on tour with The Weeknd next week. Additional coolness: Halsey and the Biebs have collaborated, and their track will appear on Purpose.

      - Billboard, October 27, 2015
453. From the beautiful Uptown Theater in Chicago to Packard Auto Plant in Detroit, Holubow's haunting images are a testament to Leonardo da Vinci's centuries-old proclamation that "art is never finished, only abandoned."

      - The Huffington Post, October 27, 2015
454. "Daniel," a shimmering and haunting song, freely references the loss of a child, the dissolution of a relationship, and the depression medicated in the aftermath.

      - NPR, October 27, 2015
455. The existential despair of "Something Soon" is crystallized in a blown-out chorus, while he uses a hypnotic keyboard line to make the haunting "Maud, You're Gone" a prom song for moody kids.

      - Pitchfork, October 27, 2015
456. The final track, “My Funny Valentine” can very dubiously be called a cover, combining warped samples of Miles Davis’ classic ballad with haunting cymbals, adding a hint of tangibility that makes it even more mysterious and thought-provoking.

      - Spin Magazine, October 27, 2015
457. The haunting riffs and thunderous drum beats are there from the moment you press play. Perhaps if the longer songs had that songwriting ethic too, the album would feel a little more consistent.

      - Sputnik Music, October 27, 2015
458. Yet the themes are approached with humor, ingenuity and sensitivity in Sharmon Hilfinger’s nuanced script and Joan McMillen’s haunting music.

      - The SF Examiner, October 27, 2015
459. Penn’s haunting delivery, layered over a stark reggaefied minor-key blues progression, influenced directly the trance-y anthems of second-wave roots giants like Black Uhuru and Barrington Levy.

      - Vogue, October 27, 2015
460. The latest trailer for the game, which will be available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One next month, makes the trip to Siberia—where “it all started,” which we guess is all the slaughtering—set to a haunting tune from Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O.

      - A.V. Club, October 28, 2015
461. Going well over two hours, the night was full of haunting, dark songs featuring a rotating cast of Montreal artists including Laurel Sprengelmeyer (Little Scream,) AroarA featuring Andrew Whiteman (Apostle of Hustle) and Ariel Engle, Leif Vollebekk, Lil' Andy and a lot more.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, October 28, 2015
462. There's the ethereal, haunting organ music that opens, but there's also time for some doomy stomp, some post-rock stargazing, and a groovy, guitar-solo led climax.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, October 28, 2015
463. It’s wistful without sentimentality, realist but bearing a haunting dreaminess.

      - Paste Magazine, October 28, 2015
464. It’s half soothing, half haunting, and altogether superb.

      - Pop Matters, October 28, 2015
465. Soon after, one of the group’s most awe-inspiring compositions, “Internal Landscapes”, is brought out, and while it doesn’t include the haunting voiceover found on Weather Systems, the essential instrumentation is there.

      - Pop Matters, October 28, 2015
466. Following the LP's carefree, breakthrough hit, "My Mistake" is the haunting "Burning House," which has already been certified gold and is one of the most buzzed-about tunes of the year.

      - Rolling Stone, October 28, 2015
467. Hear Karen O's Haunting New Song in 'Tomb Raider' Video Game Trailer

      - Rolling Stone, October 28, 2015
468. Also similar to the British vocal powerhouse, Cam's latest single is one filled with regret. The gold-selling "Burning House" is a haunting musical apology to an ex.

      - Rolling Stone, October 28, 2015
469. She decided to reach out to some of the people her grandfather interviewed and began making these haunting images as a homage to their experiences.

      - Wired, October 28, 2015
470. Nearly three years after its homeland debut—and two years since it made its way to SundanceTV in the U.S.—the program is back, for eight more episodes of haunting, elegiac mystery.

      - A.V. Club, October 29, 2015
471. It’s the most National-sounding song on the record, though where that band might’ve employed a full orchestra to push the emotion, this one offers a thin, haunting synth line.

      - A.V. Club, October 29, 2015
472. Telling haunting stories of lost love, the Strange Trails track “Love Like Ghosts” asserts the notion that love is ubiquitous in conversation but sparse in actuality, before deftly setting up the emotional waxing and waning that any attempt at love can inspire.

      - A.V. Club, October 29, 2015
473. There’s not much known of this kid, except that he’s got a hauntingly pretty voice (think James Blake) and often rocks a durag (think… not James Blake).

      - Billboard, October 29, 2015
474. Right from the haunting opening strings of ‘Hard Bastards’, it’s clear that there’s a heavyweight quality to the record.

      - DIY Magazine, October 29, 2015
475. The love triangle mindbender is exquisitely brought to life in Douglas Hodge's nuanced and haunting production currently playing at the Roundabout.

      - The Huffington Post, October 29, 2015
476. It sounds a bit ramshackle at times (especially in the later bits where more haunting electronics come into play) but the fluttering work of ”21:05” and “20:17” cannot be denied.

      - Pop Matters, October 29, 2015
477. It's one of Reed's most hauntingly beautiful songs, drawn in two takes here — one of which may or may not feature organ by ousted VU co-founder John Cale; stories differ — both cut prior to the studio version that wound up on Reed's solo debut. Most surprising is the torqued "Satellite of Love" demo, where instead of "Harry, Mark and John," per Transformer, the narrator's paramour has apparently been hooking up with "Wynken, Blynken and Nod," per the 19th century lullaby poem.

      - Rolling Stone, October 29, 2015
478. This doesn't mean that Conor Murphy's vocals are not stellar; the vocal melodies accompany the instrumentation in a vein similar to Bon Iver, sweeping in and out between beautiful chord structures and haunting drumwork... The melancholic, haunting atmosphere may pause for a winding build or pick up in force for a powerful track like “Night Channels,” but it is always present as the tracks pour into one another to create a cohesive album; one linked sonically rather than just lyrically like the first storm.

      - Sputnik Music, October 29, 2015
479. Vastum’s third album, appropriately titled Hole Below, waves its themes like a burning flag, while the music continues to push forward, evolving further from their formative old school death metal roots towards something more oblique and haunting.

      - Stereogum, October 29, 2015
480. It’s haunting. It’s a little dumb. It’s an extremely literal joke that is kind of funny. In other words, it’s my sense of humor to a T. I made the joke and forgot about it, moving on to other pressing matters like how much Mike Brey looks like Dan Aykroyd’s character from Tommy Boy.

      - Uproxx, October 29, 2015
481. Tink has released a haunting new track today called “Trust No One.” Released only months after the Chicago rapper/singer’s sixth mixtape, Winter’s Diary 3, the tense new single is produced by her mentor, Timbaland.

      - Spin Magazine, October 30, 2015
482. Though his verse isn’t one of the best on the album, he eschews the typical one-and-done format and returns for a haunting, sing-songy passage towards the end of the song.

      - Billboard, October 31, 2015
483. Hills, man. They can make your legs feel like lead and materialize as haunting voices that are trying to convince you to give up. But if you're able to power through them, you'll be rewarded with the liberating experience of soaring downhill, weightlessly.

      - The Huffington Post, October 31, 2015
484. Perched on a promontory overlooking the Firth of Forth, Tantallon is haunting, romantic, and ruggedly beautiful in its own right.

      - The Huffington Post, November 1, 2015
485. Borns, or BØRNS, has has gotten mileage out of his quite amazing debut full-length album Dopamine- which is hauntingly beautiful, deeply felt and inspiring, and airlessly weighty.

      - The Huffington Post, November 1, 2015
486. The intention by this British Columbian band is at least a decent one—taking well-known holiday tunes and giving them an ambient spin, thereby emphasizing the haunting and lovely qualities buried within these familiar melodies.

      - Paste Magazine, November 1, 2015
487. Fallulah's voice can be haunting when she wants it to be and she has superb control over what she does with it. It is powerful but breathy which reigns it from becoming overly abrasive or harsh which is expressed especially nicely in “Give Us A Little Love.”

      - Sputnik Music, November 1, 2015
488. The Park makes the experience of searching a haunting, abandoned amusement park feel genuinely tense.

      - Gamespot, November 2, 2015
489. Gazpacho goes for a more restrained, elegant, and haunting aesthetic, complementing heartrending vocals (courtesy of Jan-Henrik Ohme) and dynamic rock fundamentals with classical orchestration.

      - Pop Matters, November 2, 2015
490. While Asperities certainly displays the immense tonal control and technical prowess of a classically trained musician, it carries an undeniably haunting emotional resonance.

      - Consequence Of Sound, November 3, 2015
491. That's because the Scottish stereotypes Americans buy into stem from the Highlands, and I spent the majority of my six weeks exploring the haunting city of Glasgow.

      - The Huffington Post, November 3, 2015
492. A clip from a film by Maya Deren gives an idea of what the experience of the space was like, and is beautiful and haunting. She wore one Tanguy earring and one Calder earring to the opening to show her loyalties to both Surrealism and Abstraction.

      - The Huffington Post, November 3, 2015
493. It’s a haunting ballad that takes on more weight knowing the history, and it’s another demonstration that Drive-By Truckers are at their best when they draw from the ample well of real life pain.

      - Paste Magazine, November 3, 2015
494. But his solo career to date has also continued down a catholic path: his first solo album If was an adaptation of a novel; second solo venture A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart a collection of haunting mainly acoustic meditations on inner feelings and emotions; he has written film scores; and he has recorded with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

      - Pop Matters, November 3, 2015
495. Arrow Video's top-shelf Blu-ray presentation of this haunting, if tasteless, curio is among the year's most complete home-video packages for a standalone film.

      - Slant Magazine, November 3, 2015
496. Released in 1978, this animated adaption of J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy classic is a feast for the senses, full of haunting, eye-popping rotoscoped scenes and imaginative reinventions of Tolkien’s epic creation.

      - A.V. Club, November 4, 2015
497. There remains a haunting quality to a Mettenberger-type story, though, in which a player ascends to a sport’s highest echelon but never finds out what it’s like to triumph on that stage. The narrative feels incomplete. I don’t expect Zach Mettenberger to become a hero. I just want him to have his Susan Lucci moment.

      - A.V. Club, November 4, 2015
498. As before, the album starts with a mellow, quiet section before exploding into thunderous doom-metal, but here the quiet section moves away from the ethereal, drone-focused music of the last two albums and straight into folk, with strummed guitars, a string section, and Nadler's haunting vocals carrying the song into darkly hummable territory. When the inevitable crush of the guitars come, they feel more organic, a bit softer around the edges, and are further tempered by a couple of beautiful arpeggiated guitar passages that inch this thing towards prog.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 4, 2015
499. Premiering below exclusively on DIY, it’s a haunting return, the London band bulked up and menacing like never before.

      - DIY Magazine, November 4, 2015
500. For Therese Raquin, the orphaned dreamer hauntingly played by Keira Knightley in an admirable Broadway debut, it is her ruin.

      - The Huffington Post, November 4, 2015
501. Marfa is a quiet little town in west Texas that is known for art, film, and a hauntingly beautiful desert. Home to the late minimalist Donald Judd, Marfa now showcases modern art in galleries from artists all around the world. Tourists travel to this quaint city every year for the open art houses, the Marfa lights, and to see the set of No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood.

      - The Huffington Post, November 4, 2015
502. The trailer forSpotlight, features a haunting piano score, sweeping footage and some touchy interactions. A cover version of XTC's "Dear God," creates an especially unsettling vibe.

      - The Huffington Post, November 4, 2015
503. Many of the most memorable contributions come from those tackling the Radio Ballads material, with Damien Dempsey opening the album in striking style with an impassioned “Schooldays Over”, Norma Waterson bringing customary authority and power to “The Moving On Song” (with Eliza Carthy on violin and Martin Carthy on guitar providing taut accompaniment) and Karine Polwart contributing a startling take on “The Terror Time” that builds stealthily from a spare opening to haunting ambience, complete with Sinéad O’Connor-esque wails.

      - Pop Matters, November 4, 2015
504. The arrangement builds momentum wonderfully, culminating in a pedal steel interlude with a great snare-drum led buildup bridge to pop oblivion. Background vocals are faintly haunting.

      - Pop Matters, November 4, 2015
505. The orchestra then struck a haunting balance with a hip-hop drumbeat as they kicked into what became a space-y version of "Teenage Dream."

      - Rolling Stone, November 4, 2015
506. Both novels capture the expansiveness of 20th-century history within the confines of a family saga, and both use the haunting power of memory to retell doomed love stories that nevertheless defy the ravages of time.

      - Slant Magazine, November 4, 2015
507. In 1980, an American distributor stitched the first two Lone Wolf And Cub movies together crudely, giving them an English-translation dub and a haunting synth score.

      - Stereogum, November 4, 2015
508. Albeit slight and delicate in appearance (his oversized clothing swallows him up), Smith has a powerful talent of being able to take the atmosphere of the venue from hauntingly dark to sweetly and happily ethereal throughout the set.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 5, 2015
509. The French version makes the song [Adele's "Hello"] even more hauntingly beautiful.

      - Buzzfeed, November 5, 2015
510. Lil Wayne’s contribution in the final verse is haunting and heartfelt, as he sounds like he’s trying to find reason after the relationship has ended, knocked for a loop, confused, and out for blood, all while tears are streaming out... instead Kanye’s dark and unsettling production sets a haunting background. Kanye’s verse is everything you could want from him—self-aware, hilarious and a flow patently his.

      - Paste Magazine, November 5, 2015
511. It sparked the idea for the haunting leadoff song to 1986's So, which features Stewart Copeland of the Police on percussion.

      - Rolling Stone, November 5, 2015
512. And it’s the spirit haunting Heart Blanche, Green’s first solo record (excepting a Christmas release) in five years.

      - Spin Magazine, November 5, 2015
513. The throbbing blend of Astbury’s haunting baritone and Duffy’s punky guitar on “Dark Energy” offer a glimpse into Hidden City, The Cult’s 10th studio album.

      - Uproxx, November 5, 2015
514. Meanwhile, Soko stars as Johnston's long-lost love, Laurie, a haunting spirit of unattainable inspiration.

      - Billboard, November 8, 2015
515. Interspersed with Iris Chase’s memories of her upbringing with her dreamy, idealistic sister, Laura, are chapters from a novel drawn from their lives and a romance with a radical named Alex, who became friends with the sisters. Within that novel is embedded a haunting sci-fi tale about a blind assassin.

      - The Huffington Post, November 8, 2015
516. Call Of Duty Black Ops III's Most Brutal Scene Haunts Me.

      - Kotaku, November 8, 2015
517. Written for the new Tomb Raider game, Karen O is strong and haunting in this tense piece of melodrama that she’s described as her own ‘I Will Survive’.

      - NME, November 8, 2015
518. “He’s got that powerful, haunting voice,” Levine said, remarking that it was a great song choice for Mitchell. He gave a great performance and really made the song sound like his own.

      - Billboard, November 9, 2015
519. The album itself is a haunting testament to Cunningham and Stewart’s adventurousness and willingness to merge competing ideas within each track.

      - Consequence Of Sound, November 9, 2015
520. The furiously hard-rocking “Visions of Johanna” with a much fuller band arrangement than the haunting, skeletal final recording is fantastic, a totally different vibe but one that works well.

      - Pop Matters, November 9, 2015
521. The haunting melody the punching bassline, the vocals the sax at the end. It’s a truly unique track to close a truly unique EP.

      - Sputnik Music, November 9, 2015
522. And that gaping hole where the side of his face and neck once was, showing pistons and wires and, most hauntingly, emptiness underneath – it’s horrific

      - Rock Paper Shotgun, November 10, 2015
523. But Siempre en Mi Mente, with the haunting title single, heralded a new kind of songwriter whose music resonated region-wide. The track was a major hit throughout the continent and showed that Juan Gabriel was as good at penning and singing uptempo tracks as romantic ones.

      - Billboard, November 11, 2015
524. This haunting tale of nighttime seduction features ethereal atmospherics and outstanding songwriting.

      - Billboard, November 11, 2015
525. In Victoria Crayhon's haunting photographs, those deeply intimate yet universally understood messages become public, blared from classic movie-theater marquees across America.

      - The Huffington Post, November 11, 2015
526. Calling a song “haunting” is trite these days, but in the case of “Deep Red Bells” it is all too applicable.

      - Paste Magazine, November 11, 2015
527. Well, if you want an even better idea of what the former might resemble, check out these 10 hauntingly eerie abandoned AZ place

      - Thrillist, November 11, 2015
528. Right from the opening, haunting keys of ‘Discovery’, von Hausswolff charmingly takes you by the hand into her world - before plunging everything into a fantastical, mind-bending darkness. Part folk, part neo-classical, part metal; ‘The Miraculous’ could easily be pigeonholed as a gothic record - and sure, there are definitely elements of that.

      - DIY Magazine, November 12, 2015
529. Carroll’s songs are haunting, but usually contain a grain of hope as well, as this narrator seems to have finally come to terms with his position: “Danny there’s no limit to the steps I could retrace / but I got a job cooking eggs at my friend’s place / It’s no disgrace to make an honest living.”

      - Paste Magazine, November 12, 2015
530. Thug shapeshifts from a cantaloupe to a young Frankie Muniz to Atlanta’s most haunting balladeer; Metro fanutes a decent Drake concept into baroque trap-noir.

      - Pitchfork, November 12, 2015
531. The boss is a part of this sex scene too — and a constant haunting presence in your minds whether you like it or not.

      - Refinery29, November 12, 2015
532. I remember, it was the year before, and I was watching Bruce Springsteen and “Streets of Philadelphia.” There was this slow song, with this hauntingness to it.

      - Billboard, November 13, 2015
533. There’s more evidence on ‘Hanging Rock’, a haunting, acoustic masterpiece that recalls Bowie’s ‘Song for Hermione’.

      - Artrocker, November 14, 2015
534. But even if you don’t care that Good Apollo IV is the third chapter of a tetralogy of albums (with accompanying graphic novels!) it’s easy to understand, when you hear the infectious opening riff, why “Welcome Home” is the most played Coheed track on Spotify (and why this is their most commercially successful album.) Deeper into the record, “Wake Up” stands out for its haunting sincerity.

      - Buzzfeed, November 14, 2015
535. The specter of the Answers has been haunting me, too, although I haven't worried that we'll never get them.

      - Vulture, November 14, 2015
536. On debut album Like I Used To Rose’s vocal softens and melts with tales that feel bare and personal, told in her perfectly unique style and performed over a range of haunting strings that just as quickly switch to accelerating percussion.

      - DIY Magazine, November 15, 2015
537. It's a beautiful rendition of the star's power ballad, and spine-chillingly haunting. Accompanied by just a piano and filmed in a tiny room at Seoul Music High School, the schoolgirl hits every note, with some commenting underneath the video that it's even better than the original.

      - The Huffington Post, November 15, 2015
538. We first meet Nellie Bly (Caroline Barry) in 1887, after a fascinating opening credit sequence that combines archival photos of New York City with a touch of animation—the effect is haunting (and one of the best parts of the film)—she’s 23, plucky, perky and ever the optimist.

      - Paste Magazine, November 15, 2015
539. With a collaboration on Justin Bieber’s new album, a spot on The Weeknd’s fall tour and a sold-out stint at Madison Square Garden, haunting songstress Halsey has every reason to be confident these days.

      - Billboard, November 16, 2015
540. Elsewhere, lead single 'Guilt' bears all the hallmarks of U2's 'Where The Streets Have No Name' (listened to its melody progression. No really!) had Bono and co. engulfed themselves in sonic effects while the haunting 'California Car Collection' continues the theme, seguing effortlessly from the aforementioned into a virtuous racket of its own.

      - Drowned In Sound, November 16, 2015
541. Silent Hill 2, in its considered and intelligently constructed spaces, still remains a haunting and elegant expression of the possibility of architecture in games.

      - Kill Screen, November 16, 2015
542. Hear Amy Lee's Haunting Cover of U2's 'With or Without You'

      - Rolling Stone, November 16, 2015
543. The camera holds tight on Springsteen's face, which stays hauntingly stoic as he recounts the tortured tale of two teenage lovers, inspired by his own sister and brother-in-law.

      - Rolling Stone, November 16, 2015
544. Stephen King's haunting tale of a nurse's obsession with a patient-turned-prisoner is the latest must-see on Broadway.

      - Harper's Bazaar, November 17, 2015
545. In fact, most of what is truly upsetting and haunting in the book is gone, traded in for an almost kitschy cat-and-mouse game.

      - NPR, November 17, 2015
546. She articulates our fears and desires in a voice so haunting and lustful it’s as if she were speaking in two or three languages. Plus, her use of eggplant as foreplay deserves an award.

      - Vulture, November 17, 2015
547. New York-based musician and performance artist Wyeth creates alien soundscapes that are spiritual, technological, haunting and full of camp.

      - The Huffington Post, November 18, 2015
548. From its charming yet haunting atmosphere to a very subtle yet powerful story I absolutely loved my time with it.

      - Kotaku, November 18, 2015
549. Set in and around an empty American trailer park, Sunset Edge is an effective thriller, focused on four teenagers who have no idea what haunting awaits them.

      - Pop Matters, November 18, 2015
550. There’s an autumnal chill that presides over the album, touches are sometimes disquieting, other times heart-breaking, other times utterly haunting.

      - Pop Matters, November 18, 2015
551. The hazy “Daddy Issues” and the haunting “Greetings from Califournia” are perfect seaside-at-midnight jams, conjuring images of the same beach where Lana Del Rey is busy getting high.

      - Spin Magazine, November 18, 2015
552. When The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 came out last year, the biggest surprise in the film wasn't a plot twist but a song. In a pivotal scene, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, sings the haunting "The Hanging Tree." Despite her discomfort with singing, Lawrence herself performed the song, and the single was a surprise smash, charting as high as 12 on Billboard's Hot 100.

      - Vulture, November 18, 2015
553. As before, the album starts with a mellow, quiet section before exploding into thunderous doom-metal, but here the quiet section moves away from the ethereal, drone-focused music of the last two albums and straight into folk, with strummed guitars, a string section, and Nadler's haunting vocals carrying the song into darkly hummable territory.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 19, 2015
554. ...The ensemble then played Parts 1 and 2 of Mr. Glass's "Music in 12 Parts," completed in 1974, a sort of how-to catalog of Minimalist techniques turned into a haunting, audacious piece.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 19, 2015
555. With help from Man Man’s Chris Powell and members of Bardo Pond, unspools a haunting track about seeing a woman crying on the street and struggling with the fact that each and every person we encounter has such deep emotional wells of potential pain.

      - Consequence Of Sound, November 19, 2015
556. The haunting music by Howard Blake, "Walking in the Air," stays with me for days every time I watch this film.

      - The Huffington Post, November 19, 2015
557. The Double Life of Liliane puts forward a hauntingly lovely, if emotionally flat, meditation on the author’s own life and the difficulty of resolving complicated reality into coherent narrative.

      - The Huffington Post, November 19, 2015
558. Chilling melodies and sanguine vocals in the opening track "Echoes In The Dark" lure the listener into an obscure sonic palace full of haunting reverberations and sadness.

      - The Huffington Post, November 19, 2015
559. he track is a haunting piece about a woman seeking to escape the shackles of poverty but, even though she works hard and does everything she should, is unable to do so.

      - Pop Matters, November 19, 2015
560. Other than a few moments when she finds faith in God, the hope on the record lives in her gauzy, haunting guitar lines and the crystalline quality of her voice. "I think I really connect with sparseness," she says. "The less tools you have, the more you have to rely on the narrative of your lyrics."

      - Rolling Stone, November 19, 2015
561. The most prevalent among those ideas is a preoccupation with today’s Russian youth, which is relayed in his work in many forms, from the overtly Russo-centric themes of his fashion shows to the haunting images he shoots with his camera.

      - Vogue, November 19, 2015
562. Bruno Mars assisted with the showstopping diva’s anthem “All I Ask,” and Danger Mouse helped her channel “Sealine Woman”–era Nina Simone on the haunting “River Lea.” Even pop-radio whisperers Max Martin and Shellback show up, for the playful, inevitable smash “Send My Love (To Your New Lover).”

      - Vulture, November 19, 2015
563. Without getting overly political, this is both an important show and an important show right now. And it's freakin' haunting. There's a reason Philip K. Dick's 1962 novel made such an impact and stuck with so many people over the years - including series creator Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files, Millennium, The Lone Gunmen). It gets in your gut and just sits there, making you feel somewhat sick.

      - IGN, November 20, 2015
564. If this song doesn’t resonate with you physically, you might not be human. The beautiful and haunting melody is an ode to Bjork’s native land and a majority of the music video presents imagery of Icelandic terrains and landscapes.

      - Billboard, November 20, 2015
565. A lyrically and melodically haunting vision of mortality and the opportunity for redemption.

      - Paste Magazine, November 20, 2015
566. The opening electric guitar plucking is haunting from the start, and is only complemented by Hayley’s low serenade of “Think of me when you’re out, when you’re there/I’ll beg you nice from my knees.”

      - Alternative Press, November 20, 2015
567. It was on that piano that I remember my mom, who had played since childhood, learning to play the first song off Watermark, the title track — a simple, haunting piano composition — by ear.

      - Buzzfeed, November 21, 2015
568. “What happens if you can't live with it?” he asks, to which she tries to usher him off the ledge of despair, not unlike the way Glenn reaches out to Enid when she, upon seeing the zombies surrounding Alexandria, hauntingly says, “The world is trying to die. We're supposed to just let it.”

      - Slant Magazine, November 21, 2015
569. Recorded live to 2-track tape, and never issued in print except for a handful of burned copies, this haunting, subdued mini-album features Beattie's whimsical bass playing and a young-sounding Meiburg playing guitar and singing.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 22, 2015
570. Tesher uses the vocals from the Rahman masterpiece on a sinister beat sampled from the Drake track, and the result is hauntingly catchy.

      - Buzzfeed, November 22, 2015
571. The centerpiece, “Motion,” squeezes drama out of tap-tapping percussion and a strangely haunting whistling motif. Like much of Syncope, the piece feels less like a song than a collection of textures—it might carry on for five minutes or forever, fading in and out and in again, embedding itself in your mind.

      - Paste Magazine, November 22, 2015
572. Elsewhere, its Benjamin who is leading the charge on the seven-minute Mwandishi-flavored space-out "Thought Not", and the haunting processed upright piano he plays on "Not Love".

      - Pitchfork, November 22, 2015
573. While more slickly produced than their spiritual predecessors, one can still hear the ghosts of soul singers past haunting the album’s tight half hour runtime.

      - Pop Matters, November 22, 2015
574. It’s a spare, piano-driven number with a haunting ethereal quality similar to Regina Spektor (and no, it’s not an A$AP Rocky cover).

      - Stereogum, November 22, 2015
575. What we’re left with is a vague, suggestive human-robot relationship that’s been haunting and fascinating audiences for 30 years … and one of the campiest elements, a pop culture fart, tied to the Rocky movies.

      - Consequence Of Sound, November 23, 2015
576. Opener '2HGS' switches from Gregorian style chants through to layered atmospherics bathed in haunting vocal asides not entirely dissimilar to Massive Attack at their Mezzanine peak.

      - Drowned In Sound, November 23, 2015
577. Jolie-Pitt (who wrote and directed the hauntingly melancholic, almost painfully beautiful By The Sea, lest anyone has forgotten) wants people to know that one never gets over that loss.

      - The Huffington Post, November 23, 2015
578. Shadowland, a haunting, hypnotic phantasmagoria, now at NYU's Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, is a triumph of ingenuity.

      - The Huffington Post, November 23, 2015
579. Remember that haunting song, "Thank You" by Alanis Morissette? I've always loved that song but I'm not sure I truly understood the lyrics.

      - The Huffington Post, November 23, 2015
580. I shared glimpses of my multicultural experiences not as a travelogue, but as vulnerable personal diaries interspersed with my favorite haunting soundtracks, ekphrastic allusions, scientific admirations, and other sources of a trembling humane message.

      - The Huffington Post, November 23, 2015
581. Cross, a lifelong visual artist who first started writing and producing her own music in college, admitted to being severely nervous to bring this subtly brutal and hauntingly beautiful batch of songs onto a stage for a live audience.

      - Paste Magazine, November 23, 2015
582. “Cascade” plays each haunting notes off the space around it. The title track builds in such a fragile, incremental way, you almost don’t notice its final, sweeping effect.

      - Pop Matters, November 23, 2015
583. See Jason Isbell's Haunting Americana Honors Performance

      - Rolling Stone, November 23, 2015
584. It’s haunting, calming, and outright beautiful all at the same time.

      - Thrillist, November 23, 2015
585. Smoked Turkey Jus: On Thanksgiving, it seems like you can never have enough gravy. People pour it profligately over turkey, mashed potatoes, and dressing. This year, introduce the haunting flavor of smoke to your gravy by smoking chicken or turkey broth alongside the bird. Don't forget to collect the drippings.

      - The Huffington Post, November 24, 2015
586. For years, he has been telling the slow, haunting story of a time and place that never quite existed, a world that diverged from our own at some point after World War II, forked left and went strange. "The landscape was full of machines," he says. "If you put your ear to the ground, you could hear the heartbeat of the Loop, the purring of the Gravitron."

      - NPR, November 24, 2015
587. In time, though, my opinion changed, and I’ve grown to love the way that her haunting voice plays over the sounds of classic country/Americana.

      - Paste Magazine, November 24, 2015
588. Turning the frequency up high and mixing it with Bennett's uncompromisingly creepy tone as he slowly tells you "Rest Your Head, Rest Your Head, Rest Your Head" is incredibly haunting.

      - Sputnik Music, November 24, 2015
589. I really liked the idea of Katniss singing this really haunting Appalachian folk song, and this footage being chopped up, or slightly changed by Plutarch, and then being broadcast out.

      - Vulture, November 24, 2015
590. A bitterly jealous brother, a samurai who makes the ultimate sacrifice, a cold-hearted husband, a monk who mistakes desire for piety, a fraudulent merchant who meets his match in a supernatural river otter - the motives underlying these traditional Japanese folktale characters are explored with haunting results.

      - CBC, November 25, 2015
591. Majke Voss Romme adds a haunting vocal to ‘Every You, Every Me’, while Joan As Policewoman provides a layer of gravitas to the bitterness of ‘Protect Me From What I Want’.

      - Drowned In Sound, November 26, 2015
592. “Fortunes Begun” is more deliberate, with each bell toll carrying a rich, haunting timbre. While examples like these make for an unpredictable listening experience, the jack-of-all-trades approach doesn’t always complement the obscure moods; a lack of sharp dynamics makes the eclectic compositions feel a bit wandering and grey.

      - Sputnik Music, November 26, 2015
593. ‘Now’ sounds like the ghost of Joy Division haunting a long-abandoned rave, ‘Northern Gannet’ and ‘Blinking’ could have been recorded by The Horrors in the period between ‘Strange House’ and ‘Primary Colours’, and ‘Ballerina In The Rain’ feels like a twisted, noir-tinged version of Eighties electro-pop.

      - Drowned In Sound, November 26, 2015
594. Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black is adding another big name to its lineup of high-profile episode directors, with news coming this week that Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner will be helming an episode of the show’s fourth season (presumably haunting morally complicated protagonist Piper Chapman with her memory of that time Larry didn’t save the show to watch with her on DVR).

      - A.V. Club, November 27, 2015
595. It shows her walking slowly, but purposefully, towards hauntingly lit recording equipment as music swells and she becomes seemingly taken over by the beat.

      - Refinery29, November 27, 2015
596. And, of course, the singer’s soaring voice took center stage, rising throughout the haunting chorus: “Hello from the other side.”

      - Consequence Of Sound, November 28, 2015
597. And when the material is there for him – most notably in a scene where a strung-out, dead-eyed Williams turns a picnic performance into an unsettling old testament rant – he runs with it, giving a performance so haunting that it almost makes the other 110 minutes of film worth watching.

      - Consequence Of Sound, November 28, 2015
598. On the contrary, the expansion comes packed with decadent architecture and haunting vistas galore. A blotted out sun bears the cadence of an ink splattered tangerine as it hovers in the sky above and one area draws the most Lovecraftian scenario yet as its maddened breed of cultish fishmen appear to be lifted almost wholesale from the gothic-horror tale: The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

      - PopOptiq, November 28, 2015
599. Grammy-winning singer Rosanne Cash also helped write songs for the show as well, including the haunting "My Least Favorite Life."

      - Billboard, November 29, 2015
600. The haunting “Brittle Boned” begins with a droning guitar line, Baker willing to let her voice fray at the edges as she sings lines about a hospital stay. There are flashes of a staticky TV in the waiting room, blood in the IV, nurses trying to insist that things will be “quick and easy”; her voice crackles like she’s aware of something we’re not.

      - Consequence Of Sound, November 29, 2015
601. It’s a true slow-burning epic that builds and builds to a genuinely haunting climax.

      - Drowned In Sound, November 29, 2015
602. Where the fresco and painting "Tribute to Caesar" and "Madonna and Child with the Young St. John" might be the sentences, the drawing with its parts becomes like the figure of speech taking on either a synecdochic and at times even a fetishistic relationship to the whole, as is evidenced by the haunting personification in del Sarto's drawing, "Studies of Hands" (1527).

      - The Huffington Post, November 29, 2015
603. On a season filled with brilliant, haunting left turns, Meg's new band of militant domestic terrorists - set to blow up the bridge leading into Jarden - is the perfect way to draw all our remaining players down to Texas while also showcasing the fact that the the world has only gotten more dangerous.

      - IGN, November 29, 2015
604. McNamara is known for haunting and opaque pieces that pack intellectual punch along with a social message. As Basel’s ties between art and entertainment grow ever stronger — think of Miley Cyrus’ starring role last year — the Hynes-McNamara collabo is sure to tweak that trend.

      - Miami New Times, November 29, 2015
605. Further confirming Rick’s hunch that the tenants of Terminus were up to no good, their eventual resistance was met with a haunting scene in season 5’s opening episode, ‘No Sanctuary’.

      - NME, November 29, 2015
606. There is another change that seems to be coming, and it seems even more haunting than even the return was.

      - Paste Magazine, November 29, 2015
607. We move into the torch-singer blues of “Our Hearts Will Hover” and then the wordless, threadbare lullaby of “Lily Mozelle”, before shifting to the folk shamble of “On Our Way Home”—where Joan Shelley adds her voice—and finally into the haunting shadows of “To Make It True”.

      - Pop Matters, November 29, 2015
608. She gave a haunting performance of *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye." Who knew what a hauntingly sad song the 2000 hit could be?

      - Refinery29, November 29, 2015
609. Sending Jack on a dangerous path that puts him in the crosshairs of a merciless killer (John Lithgow, natch), Blow Out builds to a haunting final scene that illustrates just how literally filmmakers transmute their anguish into the films their audiences come to love.

      - Rolling Stone, November 29, 2015
610. Structured around syncopated beats and stuttering synths, “Serious Lover” is an introspective journey into a band reborn into the dimensions of filtered, tinkered-with pop music. It has an ambient, almost choral feel to it — fitting given the band name — with Makrigiannis’ haunting vocals shimmering alongside grandiose, jazzy instrumentation. Listen below.

      - Stereogum, November 29, 2015
611. As before, the album starts with a mellow, quiet section before exploding into thunderous doom-metal, but here the quiet section moves away from the ethereal, drone-focused music of the last two albums and straight into folk, with strummed guitars, a string section, and Nadler's haunting vocals carrying the song into darkly hummable territory.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 30, 2015
612. Hospice, as its name implies, is not an easy album to take-- the haunting songs' plainspoken prose tells of mental illness, abortion, cancer, and death-- but couched in soaring anthems and swathed in layers of ambient noise, its heartbreaking stories are easy to love.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 30, 2015
613. The haunting, cryptic grind of Malkuth and the high-intensity shriek of Liturgy (in full corpsepaint) were quite the introduction for Mount Eerie's headlining set at Market Hotel on Halloween.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 30, 2015
614. Speaking of, Tropic of Cancer just released a beautiful and haunting video for "Plant Lilies in my Head" and recently put out her debut LP, Restless Idylls. Watch that video below.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 30, 2015
615. That said, it would be a mistake to think This Machine lacks heft. While opener "Dark Brown Teeth" is a Richie Havens-esque strummer containing beautiful, haunting singing pulled from '70s power pop, there are long passages where the collection gets unnervingly dark.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, November 30, 2015
616. On the haunting dirge of "Burning Eyes", Taylor's voice frays before our ears, shadowed by a muted trumpet and a horn section that seems to have lurched up from a graveyard.

      - Pitchfork, November 30, 2015
617. But it was the haunting sense of heartache and aloneness in her evocations of the emulsified L.A. high-life that made Honeymoon such a devastating listen.

      - Rolling Stone, November 30, 2015
618. “I go to loud places to search for someone / To be quiet with, who will take me home,” fellow xx member Romy Croft confesses amid dull club chatter and preaching on “Loud Places.” Tracks like “Sleep Sound” and “Girl” bury voices, lift them, then bury them again, as if they’re ghosts haunting the edges of the throbbing bass.

      - Spin Magazine, November 30, 2015
619. I'm worried. ANOHNI's worried. And that is what makes this song so hauntingly beautiful.

      - Vulture, November 30, 2015
620. The emotion just flowed out of frontman Johnny Stevens, making it one of late night’s more hauntingly captivating performances of the year.

      - Alternative Press, December 1, 2015
621. With her powerfully haunting vocals, Evanescence’s Amy Lee can sing anything (last month, she slayed U2’s “With or Without You”). The frontwoman has now covered Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California,” and it’s a “mountain of dreams.”

      - Billboard, December 1, 2015
622. The lo-fi concept album, centered on a terminally ill patient and her caregiver, is intimate and haunting. The 10 tracks deal with loss, death, guilt, and even Sylvia Plath ("Sylvia, get your head out of the oven / Go back to screaming and cursing, remind me again how everyone betrayed you.'') The stuff of nightmares, really.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, December 1, 2015
623. Hamilton, as always, stretched the limits of his voice to good effect, especially on the haunting A Hundred Miles Off track "All Hands and the Cook." The band closed with an encore of "We've Been Had," which they noted was the first song they wrote as a band.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, December 1, 2015
624. Listening to the haunting "Grinnin' In Your Face", Mr. White muses, "By the time I was about 18 somebody played me Son House, that was it for me. This spoke to me in 1,000 different ways. I didn't know that you could do that just singing and clapping and it meant everything, it meant everything about rock and roll, everything about expression, creativity and art.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, December 1, 2015
625. Nevertheless, 'Beautiful Blue Sky' is simply breathtaking while the hauntingly beautiful polemic 'Habit' instills a feeling of serenity when it's needed to this most hyperactive of audiences.

      - Drowned In Sound, December 1, 2015
626. Grégory Szucs: We've created a dark and brutal world, realized with state-of-the-art lighting, post processes and an Impressionistic twist. The paintings of Phil Hale were definitely an inspiration, for their haunting mood and beautifully sculpted renderings of their figures.

      - Gamespot, December 1, 2015
627. He first made waves as the percussive backbone of the celebrated trio the xx. Fans fell in love fast to the band's lovesick lyrics, but much of that haunting musical atmosphere was Jamie's doing.

      - Miami New Times, December 1, 2015
628. Donwood’s haunting, monochrome tree branches are available as limited edition signed prints, vinyl stickers, mugs and more.

      - NME, December 1, 2015
629. “Working with Nick Nehéz, the director of the video,” Eszter Balint says, “I quickly determined that neither of us wanted any sort of concrete illustration of the song’s meaning. We just wanted to evoke a haunting mood, open to interpretation, and keep things simple, nothing elaborate—to leave ample space for the song and the viewer’s imagination.

      - Paste Magazine, December 1, 2015
630. Though she admits that she and her inamorato’s “love is a long goodbye, waiting on the train,” it’s a departure that never occurs—at least in this haunting, tear-streaked confessional.

      - Paste Magazine, December 1, 2015
631. “Eleanor Rigby”, with haunting high harmonies and delicate piano from McDaniel, was taut, disconsolate and deeply affecting. “The Long and Winding Road” wound itself into stridency that was equal parts desperate and cathartic, Jungr briefly transforming herself into a figure blown by the gales as she reached “the wild and windy night” lyric.

      - Pop Matters, December 1, 2015
632. The first track "Thuja Magus Imperium" starts off the same way as the album but without the haunting female vocals. Some say these are greatly missed from the live album but I think it gives the song a different tone to it. It feels darker and emptier which works perfect in the context of WITTR.

      - Sputnik Music, December 1, 2015
633. When it comes to shut-down schools, perhaps the haunting images of a crumbling auditorium or a jumble of discarded desks help officials empathize with their constituents and better judge neighborhood impact in the future.

      - The Atlantic, December 1, 2015
634. Released in 2006, Guillermo del Toro’s tale of magic and myth amid the totalitarianism of Francoist Spain is one of the most spellbinding movies of all time, a dark fantasy full of fairytale eeriness and haunting imagery (especially when seen on the big screen).

      - A.V. Club, December 2, 2015
635. 9. Partick Thistle let quirky artist David Shrigley design a hauntingly terrifying mascot.

      - Buzzfeed, December 2, 2015
636. Perhaps one of the most profoundly unique and oddly beautiful works in the fair is a classic plaster relief that is hauntingly attractive and slightly macabre.

      - The Huffington Post, December 2, 2015
637. With the blocking done and a few strategic lights hung high in the air, cameras rolled and Pillar Man was drawn into their reality, watching silently from on high till Patti Levin wandered away singing a haunting verse of "Never Gonna Give You Up."

      - The Huffington Post, December 2, 2015
638. In 1740 Samuel Richardson popularised the novel with his controversial tale Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded, in 1960 Harper Lee fearlessly tackled race relations with To Kill A Mockingbird and on April 30 2015 Jaden Smith forged this haunting image of him looking deep into the soul of the guy from Wedding Crashers. And that’s the history of literature, pretty much.

      - NME, December 2, 2015
639. Caine, in the best and most moving performance of his later career, reflects the soul of a hypnotic and haunting film that attempts to reconcile youth and age, not set them apart. If that's cinema bullshit, sign me up.

      - Rolling Stone, December 2, 2015
640. The erie and haunting song Communion of the cursed has a very spooky tone to it, as it is based on The Last Exorcist.

      - Sputnik Music, December 2, 2015
641. They may be foreboding or even haunting, but they want to please. Today’s electronic grunge albums have no use for such symmetry.

      - The Verge, December 2, 2015
642. "The pies have a flavorful, leopard-spotted crust that is damn close to perfection. The Speckenwolf -- topped with mozz, smoky speck, and mushrooms -- is hauntingly delicious..." - Erin Mosbaugh

      - Thrillist, December 2, 2015
643. The track comes from his Up For Days project (listen to it here), reportedly the one that Jay-Z was spitting lyrics from when he met Belly, the Nick Roney and Luis Soto visuals are all at once haunting, cryptic and unquestionably dope.

      - Uproxx, December 2, 2015
644. Song Exploder: Jeff Tweedy Breaks Down Wilco’s Haunting Song ‘Magnetized’

      - Wired, December 2, 2015
645. The rich cultural intensity of her Russian heritage shines through each of her sublimely haunting paintings and drawings. Kreyn's academic background informs not only her paintings, but also her writing on esthetic theory and contemporary art.

      - The Huffington Post, December 3, 2015
646. The Madonnas, despite their rigid exteriors and haunting expressions, still emit a certain sexuality, even if it's a fear-inducing breed.

      - The Huffington Post, December 3, 2015
647. The original composition, written by Denver Singer/Songwriter Jesse Manley is elegant and haunting, winding you into this sensual allegory of the season.

      - The Huffington Post, December 3, 2015
648. Touching on body image, mass media, consumerist religiosity, and the tortured relationships between ourselves, our bodies, our food, and each other, Kleeman’s haunting, dazzlingly-written novel pulls you inexorably into another world, where the rules are different yet painfully familiar.

      - The Huffington Post, December 3, 2015
649. Expect haunting whistles, jangling guitars and harmonica solos throughout.

      - NME, December 3, 2015
650. Through minor-key uncertainty and crisp, percussive brush strokes, the haunting “Novices” captures the inner turmoil and nervous excitement of two lovers embracing an uncertain future. Introspective and dreamy like early Beach House, it drifts into the diaphanous choral “oohs” of “As Sleeping Stones” and then into the bittersweet tenderness of the album’s final track “Ill Be Gone By Winter”.

      - Pop Matters, December 3, 2015
651. At times, Coldplay goes about this in sly fashion, as the piano plinks of “Up&Up” certainly doesn’t sound like Phosphorescent’s achingly beautiful 2012 single “Song for Zula”, but by knicking both the basslines and especially that haunting slide guitar that gave the original so much color, one has to wonder if Matthew Houck is going to see a royalty check from the whole affair or at the very least be comped a concert ticket.

      - Pop Matters, December 3, 2015
652. It’s a haunting scene punctuated by gruesome violence and mesmerizing frenzy. Arrows whiz through various arenas of hand-to-hand combat, with each man literally fighting for their life. Photographed with intimacy and minimal camera trickery, Iñárritu puts you uncomfortably close to frontier warfare.

      - PopOptiq, December 3, 2015
653. It’s beautiful and haunting and and commercial and confusing and cringe-worthy. So maybe it’s also Christmas.

      - The Atlantic, December 3, 2015
654. The Grey is powerful and haunting; it just isn’t the movie that the trailer promised.

      - The Verge, December 3, 2015
655. There’s some truth to that, but I’m not sure it quite captures the essence of Murray’s comedy, which would seem purely fatuous were it not for his sandblasted Emmett Kelley face, the vulnerability expressed in his quieter line readings, and those crying-on-the-inside eyes that Coppola, Jim Jarmusch, and Wes Anderson have put to such haunting use... There is a haunting loneliness, or aloneness, to so many of Murray’s characters. Some part of them will always remain unreachable, by choice.

      - Vulture, December 3, 2015
656. After the chorus, there is an epic spoken part that tells the tale we are all so familiar with with haunting lyrical beauty.

      - Buzzfeed, December 4, 2015
657. I saw this haunting painting of Mary Chiaramonte's when it was first painted, and made a note to publish it as soon as I could. There is something so gaspingly harsh to the broken glass, the cold wind, the angled evening light, and that missing picture on the rotting wall. I love this painting.

      - The Huffington Post, December 4, 2015
658. The terrifying, haunting production which immerses the project is out in abundance, which is undoubtedly the highlight of the record. It's masterpiece is fronted with the thoughtful, yet colorless "What If", a diverse question-asking piece ranging to societal matters to the philosophical, going as far as into the sports realm, with G-Eazy asking what the world would do if the Oakland Raiders won the Super Bowl or if Kobe Bryant bailed the burning firestorm of the Lakers for a team of higher superiority like the Warriors.

      - Sputnik Music, December 4, 2015
659. Alicia Merz's haunting voice, alluding to heartbreak, seems to accept pain as part of living and dying. Always, Merz finds sweetness in winter, snatching living elements and emanating wisdom from them.

      - Sputnik Music, December 4, 2015
660. Often cited as the greatest 2D action game of all time, nearly every aspect of Super Metroid, from its gorgeous hand-drawn graphics to its labyrinth-like world and its haunting, wordless storytelling, is note perfect.

      - Uproxx, December 4, 2015
661. Even if it hadn’t just been announced that Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele are engaged, I still would have preferred for his haunting version of Neil deGrasse Tyson to show up as Terry’s gym buddy. Gina wouldn’t have known the difference.

      - A.V. Club, December 5, 2015
662. In its trailer, Lost River is something tactile and gorgeous, a weirdo tale of poverty told lavishly, infused with the kind of subconsciously satisfying neon and deeply haunting images that are pretty much Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s bread and butter nowadays.

      - Paste Magazine, December 5, 2015
663. Kornhaber: Are you a Simon & Garfunkel fan? Theroux: Uhh, no … I mean, yes, I respect them and like them but they kind of creep me out. They kind of remind me of fall days in the ’70s, which, I dunno. They’re kind of haunting.

      - The Atlantic, December 5, 2015
664. Memphis has a long history of soul and singer Apollo Mighty is looking to keep the strong heritage alive. His latest offering is a new remix to “Mirages,” which features fiery fast flows from Detroit MC Adam Reverie and is even more haunting than the original. Hear more of Apollo’s strong-willed soul on his recently-released Wilderness EP, which you can download here.

      - Uproxx, December 5, 2015
665. These are some of our greatest cinematic minds explaining what it is that makes Hitchcock’s work not just so effective, but also so haunting and resonant.

      - Vulture, December 5, 2015
666. These past ten episodes have been hauntingly beautiful, but even in that short season the show still found itself occasionally stalling.

      - Vulture, December 5, 2015
667. Their incredible first single, “Blood,” is a mix of gospel-flavored vocals and a haunting bleak rhythm that’ll make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Here’s hoping this band gets the bigger audience they deserve.

      - A.V. Club, December 6, 2015
668. Now this song is already very somber and relaxing, but Jesse Lacey’s voice gives it a haunting feel, to the point where it’s almost kind of scary.

      - Buzzfeed, December 6, 2015
669. Photographer Seph Lawless captured the haunting location for his new book, "Bizarro," which focuses on abandoned and former amusement parks around the world.

      - The Huffington Post, December 6, 2015
670. The narrative of M Train, fittingly, is fragmented and incantatory, more like Smith's distinctive song lyrics. At bottom, though, both of Smith's memoirs tell a haunting story about being sheltered and fed, in all senses, by New York City.

      - NPR, December 6, 2015
671. Long-married bandleaders Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker use Ones And Sixes as a showcase for some of their most haunting and discordant sounds, without sacrificing the crystalline beauty on which they've made their names.

      - NPR, December 6, 2015
672. The opening of “Esther” might be the shortest cold open of The Returned’s second season, but also one of the most haunting.

      - Paste Magazine, December 6, 2015
673. But this music is so simple, so visceral, that it’s often been tagged as throwaway, the detritus surrounding the haunting "The River", "The Price You Pay", and "Stolen Car".

      - Pitchfork, December 6, 2015
674. This period accounts for the collection's darker, more abstract material— where the band moved off the grid and completely into its own territory. Tracks like "Catskills # 3" and "Catskills #5" are full of alien melodies, haunting found sounds, and phantom piano tones. The music has an eerie energy to it, as if it wasn't so much being consciously written as channeled into existence.

      - Pitchfork, December 6, 2015
675. The underbelly’s metallic oxidized-green patina is hauntingly infused with the flickering orange hue of Marlott’s (Sean Bean) lamp. There are rats, and there are shadows, and there’s a stench, which belongs to the leather-masked criminals that emanate from the waste, putting a knife to the adventurer’s throat, and demanding immediate satisfaction.

      - Pop Matters, December 6, 2015
676. The Winding Sheet showcased his dark, dry tones and songs that were often as haunting as they were harrowing.

      - Pop Matters, December 6, 2015
677. When Melanie Martinez creaks and moans on Cry Baby, she’s not singing as much as she is haunting. Even when the gentle plinks of her weeping instrumentals are more Mannheim than music box, there’s a beautifully sinister, spectral suggestion in the way she floats around a given beat.

      - Spin Magazine, December 6, 2015
678. Leo: I awoke the next day realizing the trip had come to a close and started collecting my belongings and thoughts to start doing a little self-reflecting on the trip: from the terrific meals at The Grey and Elizabeth's on 37th to the vivid scenery all over this charming southern city, I realized Savannah truly has a wonderfully haunting mystique, all its own, and I would gladly visit there again.

      - Thrillist, December 6, 2015
679. This movie certainly deals with what’s happened to him. I mean, what have we gotten as a result of Bucky and the Winter Soldier? You know, here’s the guy when you merge the two. This is what came out. To me, he’s never really going to be Bucky Barnes again. There’s going to be recognizable things about him, but his path through the [experiences of] Winter Soldier is always going to be there, haunting him. He recognizes his past, but at the same time he’s sort of a new character, too.

      - Uproxx, December 6, 2015
680. Eddie's repeated "The guy ain't right," which is said about Rodolfo (Russell Tovey), the man his niece wishes to marry, is no match for the haunting mantra of Salesman, "Attention must be paid."

      - The Huffington Post, December 7, 2015
681. The haunting colossus design has become an evocative touchstone of my mind’s eye—this first colossus, the box art cover star who forever adorns my Mac’s desktop background in a piece of fan art whose origins I’ve long forgotten.

      - Kotaku, December 7, 2015
682. He continued to write profusely—haunting ballads, raucous garage rockers—and the recording sessions with the band, which began in March 1979 in New York City, lasted through May 1980.

      - Paste Magazine, December 7, 2015
683. Even the cover art – a droopy kid in front of a chalkboard, sketching out song titles – is evocative of Pearl Jam's haunting video for "Jeremy."

      - Rolling Stone, December 7, 2015
684. Pusha glides over Boi-1da's rumbling drums and haunting piano loop, dropping rhymes far gaudier than the manicured lives of those he's skewering.

      - Rolling Stone, December 7, 2015
685. That Hannibal offered both elements and continued to push its own boundaries makes the series all the more haunting, beyond even its grotesque set pieces, but the fanbase the series cultivated, and the mad appetite for new heights of artistic expressiveness that Fuller consistently engendered, have created a lingering assurance that shows of this caliber can foster serious devotion.

      - Slant Magazine, December 7, 2015
686. Judging from a performance of the ballet in mid-September at Manhattan’s Park Avenue Armory (the same venue where the xx played a haunting and intimate 25-show residency in 2013), the visuals would’ve fit in seamlessly at an xx concert: pirouetting dancers covered in black lycra head-to-toe with white Christmas lights adorning their limbs. The performers gyrate around a black, stage-dividing wall of hexagonal holes filled with mirrors arranged kaleidoscope style, occasionally displaying their shimmying arms.

      - Spin Magazine, December 7, 2015
687. A small and haunting moment of beauty comes on “The Deluge” when a choir of women join her in hailing, “To cleanse the idea of self with the deluge of blood from flesh.”... The album’s four lengthy tales of spirits tortured eternally by the four natural elements engross you in their intricately crafted atmospheres to become like some terrible haunting that won’t ever end.

      - Consequence Of Sound, December 8, 2015
688. Flashbacks link characters, and a haunting score by Motheo Moeng, heightens emotion, and is worth a listen to, by itself.

      - The Huffington Post, December 8, 2015
689. "Season Two is going to take the suspense, the vision of the future, and the haunting character drama to whole new levels," said David Madden, entertainment president of Fox Broadcasting Company, "and we can’t wait for our fans to continue that ride next year."

      - IGN, December 8, 2015
690. What sets Wytches apart from the slew of similarly King-inspired tales is the distorted, haunting artwork from Jock, made even eerier by Matt Hollingsworth’s wild splatters of color.

      - Paste Magazine, December 8, 2015
691. Given their unforgiving surroundings, it comes as little surprise that much of Jura is made up of hauntingly sparse ballads, leaden with melancholy and redolent of the salty sea air that no doubt swirled outside whatever structure in which these recordings were captured. In these spare, percussion-less acoustic recordings, they manage to tap into the heart and soul of their surroundings to create an album that transcends either’s previous work, resulting in something wholly new and different.

      - Pop Matters, December 8, 2015
692. It was, instead, the special guest who joined the elusive singer's frequent dance stand-in Maddie Ziegler in the gritty, haunting clip: Shia LaBeouf.

      - Rolling Stone, December 8, 2015
693. Strumming an acoustic guitar, Parton delivered a gentle, somewhat haunting version of the fan favorite that the singer-songwriter said is "just a sweet little song [that] means more to me than the others."

      - Rolling Stone, December 8, 2015
694. Ice Nine Kills embraces a more theatrical sound, adding haunting choral vocals, orchestration and piano keys interlaced throughout, while still staying true to the aggressive and melodic sound that all INK fans have become accustomed to.

      - Sputnik Music, December 8, 2015
695. Today, we have a new song from Fiancé: the haunting build that is “Ply.” It’s one of the more overtly electronic tracks on the album, built on flickering synths that hint at foreboding.

      - Stereogum, December 8, 2015
696. This year was a dry year for me, books-wise, so reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane— a bizarre, haunting story written mostly from the credulous perspective of a young boy—felt like taking a shot of Bacardi 151 after being sober for months.

      - The Atlantic, December 8, 2015
697. Sorrentino utilizes the picturesque, privileged locale to effects at turns haunting and deadpan hilarious, sometimes in the same scene.

      - Consequence Of Sound, December 9, 2015
698. It's not easy to flip a Sade track, especially, "No Ordinary Love." On that 1992 smash single, Sade Adu and her band told an emotionally haunting story about a love that was beautiful but unhealthy and, by the end, all-consuming.

      - NPR, December 9, 2015
699. The band’s contagiously entertaining dynamic at live shows, as well as the album’s energy, soul and range — from red-blooded, foot-stomping rock ’n’ roll to wistful front porch ballads to haunting tales of doomed romance — has made devotees out of both music critics and a growing legion of fans spread out across the country.

      - Paste Magazine, December 9, 2015
700. I seriously cannot gush enough about this incredible debut novel. A Romeo & JulietmeetsChildren of the Corn story, Blood & Salt is a haunting book featuring forbidden love, ancient curses and dark scenes of history.

      - Paste Magazine, December 9, 2015
701. With supernatural elements sprinkled throughout, it’s obvious why people have described the novel as Black Swan meets Orange is the New Black. It’s a haunting story of friendship, betrayal and murder that’s quite unlike anything you’ve read before.

      - Paste Magazine, December 9, 2015
702. Sure, there might be something a bit otherworldly about her starry-eyed songs, but rest assured, all the emotions are coming from a very real place before being filtered through her fanciful, child-like gaze. Watch the intimate, haunting video we recorded with her during CMJ 2014 below.

      - Paste Magazine, December 9, 2015
703. These Haunting Photos Capture Life During Beijing's "Red Alert" Smog Crisis

      - Refinery29, December 9, 2015
704. Vastum’s third album, appropriately titled Hole Below, waves its themes like a burning flag, while the music continues to push forward, evolving further from their formative old school death metal roots towards something more oblique and haunting.

      - Stereogum, December 9, 2015
705. Favorite vistas at this refreshed downtown hotel include the stylish lobby decked with artwork, the Taschen Library, and the haunting eyeball sculpture across Main Street.

      - Thrillist, December 9, 2015
706. When one of the townspeople follows his formerly dead family back to the place where formerly dead people congregate, he’s faced with another of this haunting series’ enigmatic but probably heartbreaking surprises

      - A.V. Club, December 10, 2015
707. The first panel of this issue could easily be mistaken for Mignola, with its haunting mood, stark composition, and atmospheric graphic elements in the web of branches above and inky water below, but there’s a roundness to MacLean’s style that makes his art less severe, which is much more appropriate for the lighter tone of his storytelling.

      - A.V. Club, December 10, 2015
708. Despite a dismal start, St Petersburg – a dream of the Peter the Great – rose from malarial swamps besides the Baltic Sea to become Russia’s imperial capital. Even then, Moscow regained the title, and although its 18th Century centre is hauntingly beautiful, St Petersburg’s history is as dark as it is poetic.

      - BBC, December 10, 2015
709. I dismissed the flood of Adele chatter much like I did every other public trend and went about my business. Case and point: To this day, I have yet to read Harry Potter. It was a few days later when a slip of the finger accidentally switched my Pandora channel from "Spring Break 1995" to "Today's Hits" that the haunting female vocals of Adele's "Hello" infiltrated my eardrums. The melodious powerhouse rocked me to my very core and I stopped mid-walk in the crowded city streets to collect myself.

      - The Huffington Post, December 10, 2015
710. Marshall's own words are haunting but elusive, ripples moving across the surface of his music that dissipate before your ear focuses on their meaning.

      - Pitchfork, December 10, 2015
711. The episode culminates in a modern interpretation of the ballad performed by the Indiana-based musical act Elephant Micah, and the effect is haunting and quite unforgettable.

      - Vulture, December 10, 2015
712. Photographers, Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low have collaborated as Anderson and Low for twenty-five years. Their haunting photographs of Victor feature in a new book, "City of Mines".

      - BBC, December 11, 2015
713. I know for a fact that there are moments from this year's run that will stick with me forever. Sublime, haunting scenes that both moved and confounded me.

      - IGN, December 11, 2015
714. This is quite the epilogue to that story and the reaction Vasquez has was haunting. I have to give credit to Matt Cedeno, he’s finally sold me on the character these past couple of weeks.

      - IGN, December 11, 2015
715. Sometimes this can be deployed to incredibly potent effect, as in the haunting final moments of “Treehouse Of Horror XVII,” when Kang and Kodos’ alien attack bleakly allegorized the disaster of the Iraq war. But at other times, it feels like the show is treading dangerously close to “Very Special Episode” territory, which basically sums up the end of “Trash Of The Titans.”

      - A.V. Club, December 12, 2015
716. The current exhibition, Accompaniment, curated by Kari Cwynar and Kendra Sullivan, consists of a series of photographs, installations, sculptured objects, and media pieces that provided a haunting backdrop to the sonorous voices that rose from around the table in front of me.

      - The Huffington Post, December 12, 2015
717. It's haunting, dreamy, and ... even a bit surrealist. What's next, "Audrey's Dance" and "Toxic"?

      - Vulture, December 12, 2015
718. In images of gunmen appearing and disappearing out of tall grass as if part of a giant Whac-A-Mole game, and of Mendelsohn placidly standing amid these killers while wearing a giant bearskin coat and a look of let’s-get-on-it-with-it viciousness on his face, Slow West’s climactic shootout exudes a strange and haunting ugliness.

      - A.V. Club, December 13, 2015
719. Given how many elaborate arrangements and reinterpretations of “Little Drummer Boy” have been attempted over the past half-century, there’s something especially elegant—and haunting—about the Trapps’ original, which just features female voices handling the lyrics while the male voices provide the beat.

      - A.V. Club, December 13, 2015
720. "Essex County is a vivid and haunting book that has inspired a dedicated and distinguished following. We are thrilled Jeff has agreed to collaborate with FGF to bring his vision to the screen," said First Generation Films President Christina Piovesan in a press release.

      - CBC, December 13, 2015
721. It’s a track that’s seen months, if not years, of development feed into one of James Blake’s strongest, most haunting works to date.

      - DIY Magazine, December 13, 2015
722. Simultaneously haunting and a little bit cheesy (this is an FMV game, after all), Her Story quickly goes from simple murder mystery to a surreal fairytale-gone-wrong.

      - Paste Magazine, December 13, 2015
723. Reed later somewhat condescendingly claimed that his young protege had no idea what he was singing about (something Yule more or less confirmed later), but Yule's hauntingly fragile performance is perfect for Reed's empathetic portrait of Warhol "superstar" Candy Darling. Lou must have agreed—he rarely attempted the song in his solo career until he came across a vocalist capable of matching Yule in Antony Hegarty.

      - Pitchfork, December 13, 2015
724. The especially minimalist approach here does represent something new, even within Connors’ world of perpetual newness: a greater step towards the haunting minimalist blues that is one of his many specialties.

      - Pop Matters, December 13, 2015
725. Utilizing haunting space and texture to offset his emotive, melancholic crooning, Lynch wraps his vocals in a darkly cinematic sheen of electronics heavily indebted to the sound and feel of contemporary downtempo R&B.

      - Pop Matters, December 13, 2015
726. The clip's cryptic imagery, realized by director Chris Rubino, heightens the drama of an already-haunting song.

      - Rolling Stone, December 13, 2015
727. Unlike anything else on country radio, the spare, haunting track doused any lingering bro-country machismo, entered the Top Five on the charts (where it's still climbing) and earned Cam her first Grammy nomination.

      - Rolling Stone, December 13, 2015
728. In regards to the ancient aspect, don’t go into this expecting hurdy-gurdy or drinking songs; rather, the Minneapolis trio takes a reverent, almost academic approach to the incorporation of epochal tunes, crafting elegant and triumphal melodies that entwine with hauntingly melodic black-metal riffs and harsh rasps.

      - Spin Magazine, December 13, 2015
729. In its best renditions, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” captures this haunting side of the holiday. The song brings tidings of comfort and joy wrapped in a minor melody, a reminder that Jesus has come “to save us all from Satan’s power when we were gone astray.” It’s a carol about the high spiritual stakes of Christmas—after all, if not for the birth of Jesus, Christians believe, humanity would be lost.

      - The Atlantic, December 13, 2015
730. Sarah mentions that she might start getting into religion, which is a callback to some haunting sequences earlier in the season where the Pfeffermans’ impetuousness was contrasted with devout Jews, Christians, and mystics who swear fealty to something bigger and more eternal.

      - The Atlantic, December 13, 2015
731. Minimalist to a tee but haunting and dark like most of his videos and the music that accompanies it. I’ve had the track on replay all weekend so this does nothing but put a smile on my face.

      - Uproxx, December 13, 2015
732. The main character, Maud Watts (hauntingly played by Carey Mulligan) begins and remains a very relatable woman.

      - The Huffington Post, December 14, 2015
733. Simon Stone has taken the concept of bringing Ibsen into the 21st century one step further in his haunting, beautifully shot, absorbing The Daughter. Based on his own theater play inspired by Ibsen's The Wild Duck, The Daughter takes place, and was shot, at the foot of Australia's Snowy Mountains.

      - The Huffington Post, December 14, 2015
734. This haunting story is already decorated with -- and inspired by -- vintage photography found by Riggs, so a visual adaptation is a logical next step. Eva Green and Samuel L. Jackson will star in the movie, which notably drops the word “children” from the book’s title.

      - The Huffington Post, December 14, 2015
735. The matching music is fantastic, with each continent getting its own thematically appropriate and often haunting theme.

      - IGN, December 14, 2015
736. Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber, "Where Are U Now?" - Justin Bieber shed his kiddie image with this hauntingly spare and moody Skrillex/Diplo-produced summer track; call it tropical house, but it's too cool and interior for any tourist beach I know.
   – Jason King

Darlingside, "God Of Loss" - The instrumentals are just as meticulous as the harmonies, the harmonies just as haunting as the lyrics, and the lyrics a testament to the Boston quartet's success to come.
   – Larry Groce

Mountain Stage Willow, "Feel Me" - A haunting sample anchors this stunning debut single by U.K. producer Sophie Wilson.
   – Otis Hart

Luzmila Carpio, "Tarpuricusum Sarata (Captain Planet remix)" - Over the years, Argentina's ZZK collective has perfected the art of mashing up traditional music with club beats. Luzmila Carpio, an indigenous Bolivian singer, is already a haunting singer; Captain Planet adds a touch of magic, and boom, it's an Andean club hit.
   – Jasmine Garsd

Kronos Quartet, "One Earth, One People, One Love (Riley)" - NASA commissioned Terry Riley to write Sun Rings," marrying sounds collected in space with a string quartet. This rapturous and tender movement, with the cello at its fore, is mystical, magical and haunting.
   – Anastasia Tsioulcas

Faith No More, "Cone of Shame" - Has there ever been a heavy metal song with finger snaps? Only the return of Faith No More could have guaranteed this kind of suave and haunting weirdness in 2015.
   – Lars Gotrich

      - NPR, December 14, 2015
737. he Awful Records R&B singer has now shared a mesmerizing video for Rose track “Fruit,” gorgeously shot by JMP in a way that pairs well with the track. ABRA’s vocal delivery is restrained yet haunting, as if a spectral question mark looms over the whole song.

      - Stereogum, December 14, 2015
738. In a 1999 Atlantic article, Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky explained why the hymn is so haunting:

      - The Atlantic, December 14, 2015
739. Overseeing Vader and Luke's duel, he's... a cranky grandpa who can shoot electricity out of his fingertips. Caked in old-age makeup and black robes, Ian McDiarmid's haunting performance could only shine so much in Jedi.

      - Thrillist, December 14, 2015
740. Some of the most effective allusions in season two were powerful because they were not merely lifted from the Coens and plunked down willy-nilly, but recontextualized in surprising, sometimes haunting ways.

      - Vulture, December 14, 2015
741. 9. Rectify Rectify remains the most hauntingly beautiful show on television.

      - A.V. Club, December 15, 2015
742. Juliet Simms is releasing a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" for the holiday season, and AP has your exclusive first listen. Simms says she has been in love with the haunting song since she was a child.

      - Alternative Press, December 15, 2015
743. Take ‘Go Home’, the video for which is premiering below as today’s Neu Pick. Khan’s voice dips and dives amongst the unmistakably swaying melodies of her harp, lending a beautifully haunting curtain of sound to the track.

      - DIY Magazine, December 15, 2015
744. Haunting and essential reading for aficionados of Kafka, Borges and philosophically menacing vignettes of plucky women navigating a world overseen by dull men and an indifferent God.

      - The Huffington Post, December 15, 2015
745. While not quite the same thing, this type of experimentation reminds me of the trend of slowing down pop songs, like Justin Bieber’s U Smile, to create haunting ambient tracks—transforming something so drastically with only a simple structural tweak.

      - Kill Screen, December 15, 2015
746. Gorilla Vs Bear rightly called out their debut track ‘Come’ for “eliciting haunting, almost Lynchian dream sequence vibes”, but that was only half the picture. Follow-up ‘Where There’s No One’ is a hypnotic two-chord gem which they may as well have invented the word “woozy” for.

      - NME, December 15, 2015
747. With 2014's Ótta, the Icelandic black-metal band fully and gracefully transitioned to atmospheric rock. One of the album's best songs, "Mioaftann," sounds somber and haunting without guitars or drums — just piano, strings, a little Rhodes and Aoalbjörn Tryggvason's desperate vocals, sung in his native tongue.

      - NPR, December 15, 2015
748. So begins the first letter in a series of haunting messages left in Driver Wang’s taxi. Spanning 1,500 years of history, the letters detail Wang’s past lives—as a slave in Genghis Khan’s army to a teen during China’s cultural revolution.

      - Paste Magazine, December 15, 2015
749. And the haunting moments out of vanished-past arrangements—Nelson Riddle strings and soured Chicago horns—are the compellingly bitter flourishes to an album where nostalgia feels less like an escape than a reminder that the ways things go to shit simply shift with the tides.

      - Pitchfork, December 15, 2015
750. In my review of Carrie & Lowell, I reflected on another photo in the liner notes depicting a young Sufjan eating a banana, and noted that Carrie’s eyes aren’t on him: "She's not looking at him, but she's there...It's a haunting feeling that this little kid, years later, would create a masterpiece so knowing about suffering, sadness, death, and loneliness."

      - Pitchfork, December 15, 2015
751. From the haunting melodies in the “One Inside” suite to the invigorating expansiveness of “Ode to the Rock ‘n’ Roller” and the Mastodon-esque heaviness of “Daughter/Whore,” +4626 – Comfortzone maintains the blend of wildly vibrant arrangements and irresistible songwriting that makes every Beardfish album a gem.

      - Pop Matters, December 15, 2015
752. The bald-faced attempt to clone Vader, one of the greatest badasses in film history, is clankingly obvious, but Driver, masked and unmasked, gives him hypnotic and haunting contours.

      - Rolling Stone, December 15, 2015
753. 2014 boasted First Aid Kit’s Stay Gold; this year was all about Kristian Matsson, whose fourth album, Dark Bird Is Home, is full of haunting, Sigus Ros-esque tales of optimistic angst.

      - The Atlantic, December 15, 2015
754. With this context, a carol that may feel like a classical standard suddenly seems much more haunting, urgent, modern. Not that it’s not haunting on its own. Like many a great Christmas song, it is one of call and response, and of dramatic shifts in volume and pitch.

      - The Atlantic, December 15, 2015
755. Inspired in part by stories that Iggy Pop told Bowie about the 1967 riots, and further cemented by the dystopic, violent, and haunting country he found when touring the US for the first time in 1972.

      - Thrillist, December 15, 2015
756. We had a few other songs with “California” in the lyrics that we tried there, and that song is hauntingly beautiful in that scene. It just worked, and there was no question once we put it to picture.

      - A.V. Club, December 16, 2015
757. The hauntingly beautiful marine wildlife paintings of Undersea Art Award winner Chris Rose

      - BBC, December 16, 2015
758. An incredibly rare opportunity to see vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden’s full band which defies genre and mixes chamber, pop, electronica, and avant rock to create a truly unique hauntingly beautiful sound.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, December 16, 2015
759. Barbara Goodson’s already-haunting vocals were layered in surround sound mixes with deep male harmonies, creating an effect that oozed Dark Side.

      - Consequence Of Sound, December 16, 2015
760. Hence the arrival of the Super Star Destroyer Executor, introduced by casting a haunting shadow over the same Star Destroyer that awed us in the first film. Vader’s flagship of choice cut through space like a broadsword, impressing upon audiences the sheer magnitude of the Empire’s reach and resources, reminding us ever more that the Rebels, despite their victories, will perpetually be a group of outlaws on the run from a vastly superior force.

      - Consequence Of Sound, December 16, 2015
761. The only clues we had were a single handwritten note on the first page indicating the album was given to someone in 1867 and one striking photo with some haunting personal information.

      - The Huffington Post, December 16, 2015
762. One year, the pressure got to me. I photocopied Edvard Munch's haunting painting "The Scream" and apologetically typed that I was too busy to make cards that year.

      - The Huffington Post, December 16, 2015
763. Earlier this week, Claudio Sanchez of Coheed And Cambria (you know you loved them back in high school and/or college) released a video of himself covering Adele's "Hello." Sanchez's rendition of the ballad is hauntingly beautiful thanks to his high voice, which lends itself surprisingly well to the track.

      - The Huffington Post, December 16, 2015
764. That said, it had its moments - notably Rachel McAdams killing it and Lera Lynn's haunting songs that added weight the show's writers really couldn't manage.

      - The Huffington Post, December 16, 2015
765. Also great is legendary spaghetti western composer Ennio Morricone's tense and haunting score.

      - IGN, December 16, 2015
766. Anderszewski's haunting ornamentations in the Third Suite Sarabande seem to comment on the anguish while, three movements later, the subtle droning effects he uncovers in the jaunty Gavotte II bring the sound of a bagpipe to the party.

      - NPR, December 16, 2015
767. Recommended for fans of Goldfrapp, St. Vincent or Portishead, this Brooklyn-based Berklee alum brings a freshness to the electro-pop genre with her distinctive vocals that are both haunting and enchanting.

      - Paste Magazine, December 16, 2015
768. For three decades between Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith, those haunting lines were the only canonical reference to Luke and Leia's real mother.

      - Polygon, December 16, 2015
769. Though you might not know it from just listening to the beautiful, haunting Carrie & Lowell, Stevens has a goofy sense of humor.

      - Spin Magazine, December 16, 2015
770. Garden of Delete is hauntingly real, indescribably so. It’s taught me of the complex and confusing feelings that can come with music that impacts us so profoundly, and how we always sustain that possibility of being amazed by it, of finding new methods of examining our own lives through the recorded experiences of others.

      - Sputnik Music, December 16, 2015
771. (The TSO version pairs the carol with “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” another song that draws inspiration from the dark and haunting elements of the Christmas story, as my colleague Emma Green has written.)

      - The Atlantic, December 16, 2015
772. Many listeners come to “Baker Street” (and stay) for its hypnotic saxophone line. It’s a haunting sound that drops bread crumbs from a listener’s pocket for their melancholy to follow. But few people know the origin story of rock’s most iconic sax riff, which is complicated, to say the least.

      - The Atlantic, December 16, 2015
773. That we’re following them into a dead park where people might be in danger just reminds us that they’re surrounded by buildings full of people who are both safe and celebrating together. New York City has become the Chinese restaurant in A Christmas Story, and it’s haunting.

      - A.V. Club, December 17, 2015
774. "The video had a loose concept of the whole song being a haunting figment of my imagination but essentially ended up with me getting a birthday cake smashed into my face."

      - DIY Magazine, December 17, 2015
775. It is never easy to articulate an initial response to a Spike Lee film. His films are not conducive to the formulaic "Did you like it or not?" question. A Spike Lee "joint" can be overwhelming, frustrating, hilarious, trenchant, unfinished, and haunting.

      - The Huffington Post, December 17, 2015
776. As the 700 ticket-holders took to their seats and the theatre dimmed to a single amber light, Kramies walked on stage to perform his haunting, romantic songs. 'Ireland' is taken from this performance.

      - Paste Magazine, December 17, 2015
777. Acoustic, haunting and erudite, Ryan Culwell's Flatlands fits neatly between Jason Isbell's Southeastern and James McMurtry's Complicated Game: country music for tortured intellects, exploring the internal struggle of both loving and wanting to leave one's home.

      - Rolling Stone, December 17, 2015
778. But it was the haunting sense of heartache and aloneness in her evocations of the emulsified L.A. high-life that made Honeymoon such a devastating listen.

      - Rolling Stone, December 17, 2015
779. The first officially released compilation of the stuff, Gqom Oh!: The Sound Of Durban, doesn't come out until January, so right now the best long listen is this 10-song mix of Rudeboyz tracks for Dazed and Confused Magazine. It includes 2013's defining "Mitsubishi Song," a haunting tune somewhere between a talking drum solo and Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight." C.W.

      - Rolling Stone, December 17, 2015
780. The extremely personal ballad, written by Cam (born Camaron Ochs), Tyler Johnson and Jeff Bhasker, was inspired by Cam's dream about rescuing an ex-boyfriend from a torched building. Unlike anything else on country radio, the spare, haunting track doused any lingering bro-country machismo, entered the Top Five on the charts (where it's still climbing) and earned Cam her first Grammy nomination.

      - Rolling Stone, December 17, 2015
781. The beat shudders and jerks with melody as Pusha spits and snarls over the haunting echoes, reverberating synth and break-neck pace drums, creating a heart-pounding yet anxiety ridden listening experience.

      - Sputnik Music, December 17, 2015
782. To me, this is the best part of BAN, and what got me hooked: the guitar riffs of haunting melodies and the peculiar atmospheres they create. I've heard no other band like them, and do admittedly hold them in high regard.

      - Sputnik Music, December 17, 2015
783. In one haunting scene, the adopted kids of the Midwestern’s preacher’s family sing a gorgeous hymn; the illustration of what it’s like to be part of something bigger than yourself arrived just as Josh and Raquel decided to make their own world smaller.

      - The Atlantic, December 17, 2015
784. That sense of haunting, even unsettling beauty pervaded Twin Peaks at its height, and it looks like that's the first thing being recreated for the reboot.

      - The Verge, December 17, 2015
785. We see the full range of human experience, all punctuated with these magical, haunting images of loss.

      - Vulture, December 17, 2015
786. This musical, which has been selling out across Canada on its latest tour, features six performers and 17 instruments bringing the haunting songs of Leonard Cohen to life.

      - CBC, December 18, 2015
787. But what she paints now are haunting and dreamlike images of herself and the people she cares about, in gray abandoned landscapes, cut off and adrift from the world.

      - The Huffington Post, December 19, 2015
788. It's hauntingly beautiful at times, and despite having the opportunity to overdramatize the film's emotional buildup, manages to keep it as real as it possibly can and help guide the audience into a state of emotion instead of telling them what they should be feeling.

      - Polygon, December 19, 2015
789. The actress cuts to the bone of her character's dilemma through haunting layers of steeliness and vulnerability. In person, she may seem a bit like Kate, able to communicate her opinions with as little as a glance. And while this coolness is certainly part of her allure, she's careful to point out that, unlike her character, marking milestones “isn't my style.”

      - Slant Magazine, December 19, 2015
790. The faint, disembodied voice stops Ash in his tracks, and the look on his face is haunting. This is obviously because he cut his demonic girlfriend into pieces 28 years ago, so there shouldn’t be anything left for the deadites to possess, but also because Linda was the first person to die at the cabin, thereby establishing Ash’s “everybody dies here” rule. She was the evil’s first victim, as well as its most significant.

      - Uproxx, December 19, 2015
791. Yeezy manages to string it all together with a haunting hook, fire emojis and rap‘n’roll charisma to create a memorable, ball-so-hard anthem.

      - Billboard, December 20, 2015
792. As he did for such films as Doubt, The Spider, Rosewater and Jimmy P, Shore kept the instrumentation minimal, using a 10-piece chamber orchestra that lends the score of Spotlight an intimate, haunting quality.

      - Billboard, December 20, 2015
793. A "domestic noir" tale of the kind recently made popular by Gone Girl and The Silent Wife, Rebecca tells a haunting story that has captivated generations of readers.

      - CBC, December 20, 2015
794. our own Michael Roffman says, “Altogether, it’s a haunting collection of tearful strings, glazed synths, and engulfing bass that mirrors the scenery and action at hand with compelling results.”

      - Consequence Of Sound, December 20, 2015
795. And maybe best was the closing piano rendition of “For Real”, with Sheff recreating the song’s solo on haunting keys, causing tears to fall around the room as the song reached its gut-wrenching crescendo.

      - Consequence Of Sound, December 20, 2015
796. First, the entire book published by Drawn & Quarterly is just a pleasure to hold in your hand. It’s beautifully designed, from the translucent cover to the haunting image imprinted on the front itself, a picture of a suburban street with its Denny’s restaurant and strip malls and cars seemingly frozen in place.

      - The Huffington Post, December 20, 2015
797. The stressful situations, haunting theme music, and blood-stained walkers will no doubt seem familiar to fans of the show, but riders may not see too many other familiar faces.

      - Paste Magazine, December 20, 2015
798. Again, the Colton scene. I’d like to know who made it through that (and his foster siblings singing that haunting “Humbly thyself in the sight of the Lord” song) without crying.

      - Paste Magazine, December 20, 2015
799. Perhaps this, too, is nothing more than a false glimmer, especially as the episode ends just before Carrie, almost certainly, mercifully ends Quinn's life, but damned if there isn't somehow still hope in the poetry of the episode's haunting fade to black.

      - Slant Magazine, December 20, 2015
800. Perhaps what makes Blood Rage better than comparable fare is its mix of Richard Einhorn's affective, even haunting synth score and an obsessive interest in slasher set pieces, where violence and mayhem are not the causal result of a scene's narrative action, but the very reason for its existence.

      - Slant Magazine, December 20, 2015
801. Chef James Rigato has still crafted a more haunting menu -- in the most enjoyable way possible.

      - Thrillist, December 20, 2015
802. It’s the most haunting moment in this film, in part because it’s the most self-reflective any of these men manage to be over the course of its 170-minute running time — yet that moment is echoed in one way or another all through the film and its tangled network of connections and emotions. Heat may have been billed as a cop thriller, but its timelessness rests on its portrait of broken men, the unfathomable patience of the women who love them, and the human wreckage they all leave behind.

      - Vulture, December 20, 2015
803. But as the novella has been adapted and re-versioned for modern audiences, says Price, the haunting elements of Dickens's original story have often been diluted.

      - BBC, December 21, 2015
804. And, despite the time off, he brushes the dust off his chaps masterfully, making for a haunting score that hints creepily at the film’s violent depths.

      - Consequence Of Sound, December 21, 2015
805. Metro Boomin produces beats that consistently have me almost moshing on the subway on the way to work, or looking for a partner with which to dance and belt out lyrics at the bar, even though the stories that Future provides once he settles in are haunting and solitary.

      - Deadspin, December 21, 2015
806. A haunting portrait of an aging relationship struck by an intangible tragedy, 45 Years is one of those movies you can't shake, long after its final moments dissolve from the screen.

      - Harper's Bazaar, December 21, 2015
807. Haunting and ethereal, the video features the fluid movements of Adelene Stanley who is currently studying at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London.

      - The Huffington Post, December 21, 2015
808. Whoever wrote it, the melody remains haunting and no matter what lyrics are sung, there is an air of melancholy and foreshadowing of sadness. It was like that for me one Christmas.

      - The Huffington Post, December 21, 2015
809. The instrumentals are just as meticulous as the harmonies, the harmonies just as haunting as the lyrics, and the lyrics a testament to the Boston quartet's success to come.

      - NPR, December 21, 2015
810. Pusha T and The-Dream dance and deal with the devil in the haunting new video for M.F.T.R. off the former's new album, King Push: Darkest Before the Dawn – the Prelude.

      - Rolling Stone, December 21, 2015
811. As does the haunting score by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto and Bryce Dessner.

      - Rolling Stone, December 21, 2015
812. The writer Sam Sweet tells the story of these two loners, read directly from the liner notes, and interspersed with tracks off their haunting album.

      - The Atlantic, December 21, 2015
813. On the haunting Delta blues-inspired track Ake, Bassy plays the harmonica and wistfully sings in his mother tongue Bassa.

      - BBC, December 22, 2015
814. However, the Parisian artist’s latest release, "Propaganda," clocks his style back a few years with a haunting chord progression that unravels into an aggressive drop quarterbacked by stabbing plucks.

      - Billboard, December 22, 2015
815. Alexandra Kleeman’s strange, haunting debut novel, You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine, is easily the weirdest book I read this year, and also easily one of the most brilliant... Richly layered and haunting, Find Me is an exploration of healing, memory, loss, loneliness, and the reasons we choose to live.

      - Buzzfeed, December 22, 2015
816. We can always call on Tim Burton to deliver a slightly haunting tale that’ll also warm your soul for the holidays, but the world he created in Edward Scissorhands is truly unique, even for his repertoire.

      - Paste Magazine, December 22, 2015
817. Their voices fill the space in a haunting-yet-reverent way; some of the tracks are like wordless hymns sung by ghosts. Distance Future’s surrounding ambience reminds me of the holy drones of Charlemagne Palestine and Janek Schaefer on Day of the Demons, but where that record’s power came in clarity, Dora and Cooper’s work is more mysterious—and ultimately something only these two could conjure.

      - Pitchfork, December 22, 2015
818. Swooning synths and a haunting piano refrain give the tune a cinematic quality while the mournful acid bass threaded throughout the second half anchors it to the dance floor.

      - Spin Magazine, December 22, 2015
819. Like the opening to the haunting “u,” the album is a primal scream.

      - Uproxx, December 22, 2015
820. All the melancholy of the Vince Guaraldi classic pairing with the signature haunting guitar of Red House Painters/Sun Kil Moon frontman makes this song a standout on Kozelek’s 2014 compilation Sings Christmas Carols (which is mostly filled with other renditions of holiday classics that are as straightforward as the album title).

      - Paste Magazine, December 23, 2015
821. The hauntingly beautiful music is sung by the Salisbury Cathedral Choir, with each singer’s voice recorded separately. Composed by English Renaissance composer Thomas Tallis, the work was written for eight choirs of five voices each.

      - The SF Examiner, December 23, 2015
822. It’s eerie walking around The City when it’s so vacant. S.F. normally teems with people walking, biking, driving, skating, dancing in the streets. But on Christmas, it’s haunting.

      - The SF Examiner, December 23, 2015
823. But former Bond actor Sir Roger Moore called Writing's On the Wall "very haunting and wonderfully orchestrated".

      - BBC, December 24, 2015
824. Radiohead Release Rejected Bond Theme Song And It’s Haunting

      - Buzzfeed, December 24, 2015
825. This piano-led version features Sam Dew’s haunting vocals from the original and production from Morgan Kibby (White Sea, M83), but the video itself is pretty amped-up: Kids from a local school in Griffen, Georgia (where the clip was filmed) get into food fights with Skrillex and OWSLA affiliates and wreak good-natured havoc on a junkyard.

      - Spin Magazine, December 24, 2015
826. So, to create the soundtrack for Sergio Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars in 1964, he turned to everyday sounds: the crack of a whip, gunshots, and that unforgettable, haunting whistle.

      - Wired, December 24, 2015
827. However, Edith’s haunting ambiance has been showcased on both “Frail” and “Deicide”, each satiating the spirits who burn up a post-industrial dance floor.

      - Consequence Of Sound, December 26, 2015
828. Of course, songs like My Muse and Blister make up for the flaws in that. My Muse, track #4, is a very dark and interesting song, showing a more haunting side of RSR.

      - Sputnik Music, December 26, 2015
829. The opening-credits sequence—all depopulated shots of vacant fields, chain stores, and identical homes—lends the suburban locales a haunting, even ghostly air.

      - A.V. Club, December 28, 2015
830. The narrative, haunting and evocative, is satiated with truth, pain, and longing. A beautiful, and well-rendered tale of the courage and tenacity it takes to keep going.

      - The Huffington Post, December 28, 2015
831. It is a terrifyingly haunting portrayal of Abin’s descent into a hellish world rife with disturbingly dreadful demons and torturous landscapes. If you combined The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and Dante’s Inferno, you’d get “Tygers”. For all intents and purposes, Alan Moore somehow crafted a horror story from a Green Lantern comic book.

      - PopOptiq, December 28, 2015
832. On the first of these two 14-minute collages he smashes up lurching tape noise, haunting clanks, a barking dog and piano playing like the Residents' primitive punk lark "N-er-gee (Crisis Blues)." On the flipside, it's the chants of opera singer Emilie Fleamountains multi-tracked into walls of drone, followed by a black sea of garbled gunk.

      - Rolling Stone, December 28, 2015
833. The underwater recordings of Æsturarium turn Hudson River glubs and swirling sediments into a 29-minute white-noise suite; Iron Wind captures the vibrations of German fences for a haunting breath of ambience.

      - Rolling Stone, December 28, 2015
834. Aphex Twin may have over indulged in the holiday spirits, releasing a haunting new cut "T17 Phase Out" he may have uploaded while drunk

      - Rolling Stone, December 28, 2015
835. It's a testament to the enduring visual design of the original Star Wars trilogy that in order to make "modern trailers" for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, all YouTuber Tom F had to do was employ some clever cuts and overlay the haunting music used in The Force Awakens' trailers. The results are slick two-minute teasers that look like they could genuinely be used as the opening salvo in one of Hollywood's modern hype campaigns — but there's one key difference.

      - The Verge, December 28, 2015
836. The Dutch festival isn’t big on mainstream buzz, which is why you won’t see the usual suspects crowding the autumnal event’s line-up. But they do have a thing for star power, and showcasing artists in their best light, a taste that leads to the likes of Julia Holter performing in a 975 year-old church, avant icon Annette Peacock playing the kind of haunting solo show that would give David Lynch goosebumps, and Bradford Cox performing back-to-back sets as both Atlas Sound and Deerhunter.

      - Paste Magazine, December 29, 2015
837. Its score is haunting and lovely, even as its an indulgent homage to horror of yesteryear. Its psychological thrills are abstract, like all the best scary movies — the real object of fear here is not any one monster or enemy, but an idea, a concept.

      - Polygon, December 29, 2015
838. On the downside, it does convey haunting images of what it must be like when Hutts get together for a playful fumble…*Shudder* Moving on!

      - PopOptiq, December 29, 2015
839. Julieta Venegas is a down-to-earth pop royal with grandiloquent songwriting skills. Blessed with a honeyed-yet-haunting voice and a sound that combines Latin folk, indie rock and serene pop, Venegas croons, questions and reflects in the piano-laced "Porvenir."

      - Rolling Stone, December 29, 2015
840. In 1958, singer Jody Reynolds had his one and only Top 40 pop hit with a haunting tune called "Endless Sleep." Written by Reynolds while he was living and working in Yuma, Arizona, the song came into being after Reynolds played Elvis Presley's ""Heartbreak Hotel"" on a jukebox five times in a row.

      - Rolling Stone, December 29, 2015
841. A beautiful and revolutionary dark folk record that embodies the first major display of the more contemplative and haunting side of Ulver.

      - Sputnik Music, December 29, 2015
842. On paper, these lines are all off-kilter, sex-obsessed zingers, but coming out of Busey's mouth they become haunting tough-guy poetry.

      - Thrillist, December 29, 2015
843. The modeling industry was obsessed with twins in 2015, and Cecilie and Amalie Moosgaard are something special. Hauntingly pretty with faces that are similar but not identical, the sisters made a splash at Prada and Miu Miu this year.

      - Vogue, December 29, 2015
844. They’re full of layers of biblical allusions, memories of childhood places, and haunting images of birds.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, December 30, 2015
845. Cate Marvin’s Oracle is a collection of poems both haunting and haunted — the voices of ghosts move through Staten Island and from page to page.

      - Buzzfeed, December 30, 2015
846. This haunting story, told through the eyes of a rebellious young girl, vividly captures the struggles of families caught between two cultures in the 1980s.

      - CBC, December 30, 2015
847. Alex Garland’s beautifully haunting film seems to want to bridge that gap. Taking cues from obvious predecessors like 2001: A Space Odyssey and AI—some will even compare it to Her—Ex Machina stands solidly on its own as a highly stylized and mesmerizing film, never overly dependent on CGI, and instead built upon the ample talents of a small cast.

      - Paste Magazine, December 30, 2015
848. Padme Amidala was gifted a black cat with haunting yellow eyes. Rey got a chic spotted Bengal. Even the Star Wars droids were given their own cats.

      - Refinery29, December 30, 2015
849. A depressed self-help guru meets a sales rep in a Cincinnati hotel; what follows is the best puppet-on-puppet sex scene since Team America, the saddest rendition of ""Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"" ever, and a haunting meditation on middle-age malaise.

      - Rolling Stone, December 30, 2015
850. At times funny, gripping and nightmarishly haunting, Trainspotting is not an easy movie to forget.

      - Paste Magazine, December 31, 2015
851. She recorded a hauntingly brilliant new album, Natalie Cole En Espanol, that received three Latin Grammy nominations.

      - Billboard, January 1, 2016
852. Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Diaz turns his pen to the haunting, impossible power of love and the story of the irrepressible, irresistible Yunior, a young hardhead whose longing for love is equaled only by his recklessness.

      - The Huffington Post, January 1, 2016
853. If their past work together – the devastating Wendy and Lucy (2008) and haunting Meek’s Cutoff (2011) – are any indication, the latest collaboration between Michelle Williams and writer/director Kelly Reichardt should be one of the year’s best domestic dramas.

      - Consequence Of Sound, January 2, 2016
854. Blame the “wrenchenspiel,” the glassy apparatus the Wild Club band leader jimmied up for his haunting turn here.

      - PopOptiq, January 2, 2016
855. As the final cut-scene fades, and the admittedly somewhat bittersweet conclusion segues into the credits, O’s haunting track “I Will Rise” begins. A sparse guitar melody echoes quietly (performed by David Pajo of Slint, Tortoise, Zwan, and many other excellent groups) and sets the tone. Unlike the pounding score that accompanies most of the game’s adrenaline-fueled high points, “I Will Rise” is more elegiac than pulse-pounding, a languid track that slowly smuggles in its bombast, so gradually that it almost takes you unawares.

      - A.V. Club, January 3, 2016
856. But it’s still haunting, beautiful, and likely possesses one of the most important lyric in rock history, “everybody hurts… sometimes.”

      - Billboard, January 3, 2016
857. In Michael Punke's hauntingly spare and gripping prose, The Revenant is a remarkable tale of obsession, the human will stretched to its limits, and the lengths that one man will go to for retribution.

      - CBC, January 3, 2016
858. Altogether, it’s a haunting collection of tearful strings, glazed synths, and engulfing bass that mirrors the scenery and action at hand with compelling results.

      - Consequence Of Sound, January 3, 2016
859. Instead of reinforcing the belief that good will triumph over evil, Empire dares to suggest otherwise, and in doing so, it strikes a haunting emotional chord with audiences.

      - The Huffington Post, January 3, 2016
860. The combination of extravagant Maueline Renaissance and Baroque styles is haunting.

      - The Huffington Post, January 3, 2016
861. Ernst was a pioneer of surreal art, helping to formulate the obscure Dada avant-garde movement in Berlin and Cologne. Among his notable works are his forest paintings, redundant in texture and haunting in their complexities, the very same paintings that inspired Kozhemyako’s digital project.

      - Kill Screen, January 3, 2016
862. Writer David Hornsby returns to scripts from a decade ago (“Charlie Got Crippled” and “Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare”) to amplify the comic effect of Frank's amnesia with a haunting déjà vu.

      - Slant Magazine, January 3, 2016
863. The bleakly beautiful, haunting film may slice cold like a blade of white light, but when it hits you, you can pick out the myriad and diverse themes and motifs.

      - Consequence Of Sound, January 4, 2016
864. Her musical idols include Leyland Kirby, whose work as The Caretaker has a noticeable influence on Gumption, with its haunting use of loops and field recordings that recall distorted memories. Miller also owns almost every William Basinski record, the ambient musician to whom she reached out for advice before embarking on the LP.

      - Consequence Of Sound, January 4, 2016
865. The latest cut from new album ‘Wabi-Sabi’ is a haunting shapeshifter.

      - DIY Magazine, January 4, 2016
866. Fast forward to 27 years later and that haunting banner ad. People still use travel agents? “Ok,” I thought. “I’m game.”

      - The Huffington Post, January 4, 2016
867. The resultant music is an ambitious blending of tunefully trippy melodies delivered via guitars, synthesizers, and vocals, with impertinent samples and haunting, atmospheric ambient electronics.

      - Paste Magazine, January 4, 2016
868. Sure, some memories turn out to be more haunting and fill us with more regret than we’d like, but when all’s said and done, one does hope to have the good with the bad to look back on, rather than nothing at all.

      - PopOptiq, January 4, 2016
869. Morrison's way of flawlessly entwining her haunting with her history left me dazzled, sobbing, and bewildered.

      - Vulture, January 4, 2016
870. Additionally, Bonnie is now streaming a stripped-down solo version of “Rich Wife Full of Happiness” from 2001’s Ease Down the Road, which does not appear on Pond Scum but is “similar in tone.” It’s a somber, haunting version, noticeably different from the original and very worth hearing.

      - Brooklyn Vegan, January 5, 2016
871. League of Legends Unveils Haunting Teaser for Its Newest Champion

      - Gamespot, January 5, 2016
872. The chorus of this song is haunting, all the more so given that so much content was taken out “God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in his shoes, then you really might know what it’s like to sing the blues.” How can the listener know what it’s like to live these people’s lives, when we are only given half the story?

      - The Huffington Post, January 5, 2016
873. First, the PC game’s art style cleverly allows for tricks to be played on your own eyes; the teenage heroine Cassie uses a white cane to tap the floor and “see” via echolocation, hauntingly rendered in a black-and-blue outline style that’s often renders objects there one second and gone the next.

      - IGN, January 5, 2016
874. Grouper’s Liz Harris contributes a vocal to the song—a haunting, wordless wail—but even that ultimately gets swallowed up by a cloud of echo as well.

      - Pitchfork, January 5, 2016
875. Try Anomalisa, as haunting and hypnotic an R-rated love story for grownups as you’ll see anywhere. Leave it to Charlie Kaufman, the virtuoso screenwriter of Being John Malkovich, Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, to follow up his intellectually audacious 2008 directorial debut with Synecdoche, New York with another groundbreaker.

      - Rolling Stone, January 5, 2016
876. Stevens plays the piano and provides faint backing vocals, while Gallant’s serene voice more full than Stevens’ originals; yet somehow, he makes the song even more haunting, emphasizing the swirling emptiness around his words.

      - Spin Magazine, January 5, 2016
877. “What country, friends, is this?” are the haunting first words of the young woman Viola, soon to be the young man Cesario, as she drags herself ashore on a Mediterranean coastline after the capsizing of her vessel, and as she stoically determines on her new life as a refugee in Eastern Europe (“This is Illyria, lady”).

      - The Huffington Post, January 6, 2016
878. These are just some of the images that have made people fall in love with the stunning, hauntingly complex of roughly 220 islands that make up the Cyclades in the Aegean archipelago.

      - The Huffington Post, January 6, 2016
879. What the hell happened this Christmas? Peruse the list below and marvel at its peculiar, haunting wrongness.

      - NME, January 6, 2016
880. Now comes "Hallucinations", a sparse, spacious ode to lost love. It packs a ghostly whisper into a box in a way that's familiar but hauntingly evocative. This isn't revivalism; there are no '90s shadow puppets on blank canvases. Instead, "Hallucinations" is impressionism.

      - Pitchfork, January 6, 2016
881. The lyrics are haunting as well, and the final moments are a hellish slice of heaven. I’ve never heard of this group before, but I want to check them out now.

      - Pop Matters, January 6, 2016
882. Lynch’s “straight” lines are similarly haunting. When Allison asks Amy why she’s so deserving of a guardian angel, Amy replies, “Do you believe there’s a force in this world that wants nothing more than for you to be happy?

      - Uproxx, January 6, 2016
883. But what remains to me is just this hauntingly charming, beautiful film that’s really revolutionary, especially when you consider that it’s technically made for kids! I mean, it’s one of my father’s favorite films, and it reminds me so dearly of him. I think it’s one of my three favorite films of all time. I’m obsessed with it.

      - A.V. Club, January 7, 2016
884. He also jumps between genres with glee, flipping between the haunting electronica of James Blake and the soulful guitar-based balladry of Ed Sheeran. His voice, meanwhile, can go from a Tom Waits growl up to a Sam Smith soar.

      - BBC, January 7, 2016
885. This is Jennings' baby, a long-gestating salute to Moroder, full of synthesizers, haunting vocals and guests stars like Brandi Carlile and Jennings pal Marilyn Manson.

      - Rolling Stone, January 7, 2016
886. The 42-minute clip is haunting, with dark, somber religious images of figures stalking desecrated church grounds. It’s reminiscent of Pusha T’s “M.F.T.R.” video, which also features The-Dream.

      - Stereogum, January 7, 2016
887. It was the original name of a certain morose Mancunian post-punk band before they got all inside-baseball with their World War II references, and it was the inspiration for "Warszawa," the haunting ambient symphony that heralds the foreboding second act of David Bowie's Low.

      - Pitchfork, January 9, 2016
888. Describing the moment would make it sound comic, juvenile, or stupid, when in context it is haunting and heartbreaking, an incredibly risky moment even by Almodóvar’s standards, but one that attains a kind of grace.

      - A.V. Club, January 10, 2016
889. From the eerily beautiful, unforgiving and haunting Silent Hill series, the frantic, weirdly addictive Dance, Dance Revolution that caused many a night of drunken madness, all the way to the incredibly outlandish, LSD-fueled Metal Gear Solid series - they've been kind to me over the years.

      - IGN, January 10, 2016
890. But Auerbach’s love of American roots music, stringed virtuosity, and often dark storytelling merged seamlessly on this haunting track off Letters in the Deep.

      - Paste Magazine, January 10, 2016
891. “Talisman” develops these hypnotizing guitars and adds poetic vocals to craft a haunting, layered song that incorporates shades of everything from grunge to blooze.

      - Pop Matters, January 10, 2016
892. At the same time, “One Eyed Crier” and “Baby on Trial” convey the sort of dreamy repose Old Ceremony has staked its claim to over the course of its albums, a sound that’s seemingly unobtrusive but haunting nevertheless.

      - Pop Matters, January 10, 2016
893. I could keep listing reference points, but EERA strikes me as the kind of artist who has already carved out a sound of her own. Listen to her tender, haunting new single right away.

      - Stereogum, January 10, 2016
894. Fleeing across a field after Colonel Landa (Christoph Waltz) murders her family, his haunting "goodbye Shosannaaaaa" echoing in her wake, the stoic beauty moves to Paris and transforms herself into a chic Parisian cinema owner.

      - Thrillist, January 10, 2016
895. But unlike the original productions, this version of The King and I is not about spectacle, it is about the hauntingly universal and dark themes of the musicals: forbidden love, independence, identity, and the conquering of prejudices, be they racism or sexism.

      - The Huffington Post, January 11, 2016
896. She's still there. And while she's traded in the nightclub for a church choir, she's still singing and likely still haunting people with that voice.

      - NPR, January 11, 2016
897. In the film, an English farmer, William (Ralph Ineson), is forced to move his family from a colonial plantation to a plot of land on the edge of a forest after being threatened with banishment by the church. Amidst the backdrop of their haunting new home, the family's crops fail, animals turn evil and a child disappears.

      - Rolling Stone, January 11, 2016
898. The bass and drum groove is natural and unobtrusive, leaving enough room for reverb-laden (á la Real Estate) guitars and at times haunting baritone vocals.

      - Spin Magazine, January 11, 2016
899. I was inspired by the haunting landscapes of the Pacific Northwest; it is a perfect backdrop for Damien’s music, which clearly originates from the towering pine trees, dense fog, and winding hills of the region.

      - Spin Magazine, January 11, 2016
900. I was inspired by the haunting landscapes of the Pacific Northwest; it is a perfect backdrop for Damien’s music, which clearly originates from the towering pine trees, dense fog, and winding hills of the region.

      - Stereogum, January 11, 2016
901. But mostly, it’s all very haunting and cool and an excellent way to stoke anticipation for the new season, which arrives Sunday, May 1.

      - A.V. Club, January 12, 2016
902. As part of our ongoing q playlist series, dance icon Peggy Baker joins guest host Gill Deacon to share the songs that mean the most to her — from the haunting to the uplifting, and throughout the milestones in her life and career.

      - CBC, January 12, 2016
903. The resulting images, often haunting and dreamlike, present reality like an apparition, obscured by the all-encompassing blanket of night.

      - The Huffington Post, January 12, 2016
904. In her gorgeous and haunting prose, Munaweera delves into the deceptive power of memory, and the lengths that a mind will go to protect itself from horrors experienced.

      - The Huffington Post, January 12, 2016
905. The album features two pieces of original music: the first-ever studio recording of 'Grace' and 'Dream of You and I', a song described as "mysterious and haunting" in a press release.

      - NME, January 12, 2016
906. At the end of the haunting closer "Obsidian Eyes," which finds the protagnist "suffer[ing] through the void/ On the perilous bridge/ Between body and spirit," the band pushes forward with all their force into a gentle cymbal wash that closes the record.

      - Pitchfork, January 12, 2016
907. The haunting slide leads and deep bass lines create an uncomfortable vibe that culminates with the sound of church bells, bleak synths and the voice of Molok.

      - Sputnik Music, January 12, 2016
908. But the haunting melody that seems to flow from his fingertips is masterful. It fills the high-ceilinged living room of the Los Angeles beachfront condo he shares with his mother, Cathleen Lewis.

      - The Atlantic, January 12, 2016
909. The engineered nature of KFC's meat isn't much different from any other chain, but all those bones serve as a haunting reminder of the supply chain. Dodge the fowl facade and order boneless popcorn nuggets.

      - Thrillist, January 12, 2016
910. The ending is nothing like anything you normally find in a big budget drama: ambiguous, haunting, it makes you revise your entire opinion of the film the moment the credits start to roll. It haunts you for days.

      - BBC, January 13, 2016
911. Of course, Faith has the final laugh, completing her three minutes of screen time by haunting characters in a nightmare dressed up as a trashy music video, because arthouse cinema can do whatever it wants.

      - Dazed Digital, January 13, 2016
912. The atmosphere was dark, haunting yet captivating, in a way that echoed the strength of the tenor’s voice.

      - The Huffington Post, January 13, 2016
913. The setting, the old Dogana building, with a haunting soundtrack played by a long-haired DJ from a darkened corner, eerily bright lights shining on the young, fresh-faced, still as dead male models and special effects smoke pumped into the air. Orchids trapped in glass containers, barrels of dried oil spilling onto the ground, gas masks laying casually around the sets, this seemed like what the end of the world would look like. If fashion wasn’t here to save the day.

      - The Huffington Post, January 13, 2016
914. He seems to be in control of his body, but she’s still haunting his mind and influencing his actions. The other Rangers notice his stiff behavior but think nothing of it. That is, until one of Rita’s monsters attacks the city and the Rangers summon their Zords to battle it. During a key point in the fight, Rita appears to cause Tommy to choke up, making his Dragonzord lose control and damage a bridge with cars on it -- a new disaster that Kimberly’s quick actions are able to avert.

      - IGN, January 13, 2016
915. Much like the haunting Fruitvale Station a few years ago, Dark Night immediately squashes all hope for a happy ending.

      - PopOptiq, January 13, 2016
916. Hear Phil Collins' Haunting Live 'In the Air Tonight' From New Reissue

      - Rolling Stone, January 13, 2016
917. The upbeat and haunting lyrics are some of Stevie's best. It was the last single released from "Tusk" in 1980 for a Dutch release, but it did not chart.

      - Sputnik Music, January 13, 2016
918. It starts with an old school drum break and morphs into controlled chaos with crunchy guitars, pulsing synths, haunting atmospheric sweeps, and echoed bleeps. It has been said that competition ups performance, and the competing sounds in this track elevate it to the freaking stratosphere.

      - Stereogum, January 13, 2016
919. Carried on the smooth timbre of lead singer Dylan Sharp’s weary ponderings, the song is as gentle as it is haunting. Listen below.

      - Stereogum, January 13, 2016
920. A reprinted version of the books, released in 2011, replaces Gammell's original art with less haunting alternatives, but for many the damage was already done.

      - The Verge, January 13, 2016
921. Haunting, broken keys dot the melody as The Weeknd’s voice bounces around the stereo, often dancing with the plucky strings. Drake’s verse is just the proverbial icing on the ecstasy-laden cake.

      - Uproxx, January 13, 2016
922. Namely, with ‘Not to Disappear’, their sophomore album released today, which is set to continue exploring a particularly fascinating (and hauntingly romantic) sound.

      - DIY Magazine, January 14, 2016
923. Ephemeral though the record's inspiration may be, the haunting beauty, fragile melancholy and instrumentation that speaks volumes all makes for an album that reaches far beyond its three quarters of an hour run-time. One of the most hauntingly beautiful records you'll ever hear.

      - Drowned In Sound, January 14, 2016
924. In a third, I stumbled upon additional collectibles that painted a haunting picture of what the entities were, spurring me to double back on my trek across the island and dig for more intel.

      - Gamespot, January 14, 2016
925. "And you know you're not the only one who must be fed," White sings over a spare, haunting piano. "The ever-spinning knot of need / We who cry and infinitely bleed / One and one and one / To take our place when done." So basically, humans are expendable and infinitely replaceable.

      - NPR, January 14, 2016
926. The song "Dear Wormwood" has a simple yet haunting chorus — "I know who you are now" — that marks an eerie turning of the tables and transforms it into an epic composition about defiance. "Dear Wormwood" translates superbly to a live environment, with the entire nine-person ensemble expressing its restrained energy.

      - NPR, January 14, 2016
927. Oxenfree’s beautiful, haunting story begs to be replayed, but pacing issues limit its appeal.

      - IGN, January 15, 2016
928. For all the confessionals that Daughter have penned over the years, few are as touching as this one and “Doing The Right Thing,” largely other point of views given haunting life by Tonra.

      - Sputnik Music, January 15, 2016
929. You can’t tell if she’s miming the guitar. You don’t know where the subtle swell of haunting strings come from. It’s a hypnotic and enchanting piece – the perfect introduction to one of France’s most beguiling singer-songwriters of the second half of the twentieth century.

      - Drowned In Sound, January 17, 2016
930. The Michael Bay-directed 13 Hours opened this weekend, and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell has just released the song that’s featured on the movie’s soundtrack. “‘Til the Sun Comes Back Around” is a haunting, mostly acoustic number that puts the Higher Truth singer’s masterful, wind-weathered voice front-and-center. “Maybe I’m walking on a wire / That can never lead me out,” he howls passionately before the song’s bursting chorus comes through. Hear it below.

      - Spin Magazine, January 17, 2016
931. Frontman Geoff Rickly’s vocals are simply haunting, and tracks like “Sugar In The Sacrament” have a classic yet refreshing feel, cementing Thursday as a band that kids of all scene generations can easily latch onto in 2006 and 2016 alike.

      - Alternative Press, January 18, 2016
932. Lyrical and haunting, What Belongs to You is a rumination on lust, shame, violence, and the ways in which sexual and emotional pain stays with and shapes us... A dark and utterly engrossing coming-of-age novel, Girl Through Glass is a haunting portrait of obsession, ambition, sacrifice, and the secrets one woman thought she left in the past.

      - Buzzfeed, January 18, 2016
933. If their past work together – the devastating Wendy and Lucy (2008) and haunting Meek’s Cutoff (2011) – are any indication, the latest collaboration between Michelle Williams and writer/director Kelly Reichardt should be one of the year’s best domestic dramas.

      - Consequence Of Sound, January 18, 2016
934. There’s a haunting quality behind the upbeat pace of Treetop Flyers’ new single ‘31 Years’. Intertwining melancholy with melody in the vein of Future Islands and Alabama Shakes’ most poignant moments, it’s a beautiful, sky-scraping ode to a dearly departed.

      - DIY Magazine, January 18, 2016
935. Parton has also successfully crossed over into pop, but at her heart, she always remains country. Here she is in 2008, singing “Little Sparrow,” a haunting song off of her excellent 2001 album of the same name:

      - Jezebel, January 18, 2016
936. Williams slots his own versions of several traditional tunes alongside those original compositions. He fully inhabits those covers: the heartfelt “Silent Passage” (Bob Carpenter), the aching ballad “I’m Lost Without You” (Teddy Randazzo and Billy Barberis), and in one of the album’s strongest performances, sings the traditional “When I Was A Young Girl” in a haunting, androgynous falsetto.

      - Paste Magazine, January 18, 2016
937. It’s a sad song, yes, but the acoustic version, with Yorke’s howling vocals is hauntingly gorgeous.

      - Paste Magazine, January 18, 2016
938. Taken from upcoming album Pool, due out next month on Domino, "Be Apart" features hauntingly sweet vocals from Maine's frequent collaborator and girlfriend, Greta Kline, who records her own music as Frankie Cosmos.

      - Pitchfork, January 18, 2016
939. The album is at once a blithe daydream and a haunting nightmare. Lyrically, it’s almost as if Smiths-era Morrissey traded places with Meiburg sometime after 2013’s Fellow Travelers.

      - Consequence Of Sound, January 19, 2016
940. With simple but powerful melodic lines, saxophonist Jason Rigby also turned out to be a crowd-pleaser. Overall, the quartet alternated wild swing-style beats with slower, more haunting tunes.

      - NPR, January 19, 2016
941. Instead, he warps his voice not unlike fellow Atlantan Young Thug to haunting effect. As with What a Time to Be Alive, Metro Boomin proves himself an indispensable star, delivering what could be his greatest beat ever on the hypnotizing, melancholy “Purple Reign”.

      - Pop Matters, January 19, 2016
942. While the island territory of Macau is most famous as a gambling destination (if that’s your style, hit the gaudy-glamorous Hotel Lisboa), a deeper dive reveals Buddhist temples (the hilltop A-Ma), sandy beaches, and tropical architecture left behind by Portuguese colonists (the Baroque structures around Senado Square; Saint Paul’s haunting facade, all that remains of the church after an 1835 fire).

      - Vogue, January 19, 2016
943. Of course, what makes “Napoleon Solo” so powerful is the interplay between the singer’s cries and screams, his intensity growing and matching the song’s upward trajectory. Add to the formula Rodriguez-Lopez and Ward’s ominous one-two guitar punch and the repeating sentiment that “this is forever,” and you have the most overtly emotional song in the ATDI canon, and the most haunting.

      - Consequence Of Sound, January 20, 2016
944. Photographer’s Haunting NSFW Photos Mix Pleasure And Pain Warning: This article contains nudity and may not be suitable for work.

      - The Huffington Post, January 20, 2016
945. Ghosts haunt all high school kids. Whether its that publicly humiliating story you can’t shake from your preteen years, or the apparition of “what might’ve been” if you’d asked your crush out; adolescence is a haunting experience.

      - Kill Screen, January 20, 2016
946. The Norwegian singer headed into the Paste Studio this week for an acoustic performance of a couple of haunting tracks from her upcoming release.

      - Paste Magazine, January 20, 2016
947. Your voice is often ethereal and haunting (i.e., “Just Before Our Love Got Lost”). Do you label yourself a “melancholy” kind of artist, or do you think you are more of a chameleon than sometimes portrayed?

      - Paste Magazine, January 20, 2016
948. The first truly perfect mythology episode, notable for the haunting shades added to Hardin's character and the introduction of that beloved trio of conspiracy theorists, The Lone Gunmen.

      - Thrillist, January 20, 2016
949. Manson previously collaborated with Tyler Bates on the show’s opening title sequence, a “hauntingly dark track” called “Cupid Carries A Gun.”

      - Uproxx, January 20, 2016
950. An iconic actress, Rampling is receiving the first Oscar nod of her 50-year career, for her role as one half of a married couple on the verge of falling apart in director Andrew Haigh’s haunting 45 Years.

      - A.V. Club, January 21, 2016
951. Now, EODM has unveiled the second round of covers, which includes a particularly beautiful, haunting take from gothic rocker/singer-songwriter Cheslea Wolfe. There are also submissions from Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Nada Surf, and The Whigs.

      - Consequence Of Sound, January 21, 2016
952. Republique boasts striking visuals, a haunting, atmospheric score, veteran game design talent, and an all-star cast.

      - IGN, January 21, 2016
953. Haunting, thought-provoking, and everything in between, here are some of last year's books that would make great additions to your winter reading list.

      - Pop Matters, January 21, 2016
954. Thumping riffs and mid paced rhythms are the vessels that carry these haunting melodies to the fruition required to achieve this effect. Strange, distant chants often give the impression of a track being more a hymn than an actual song.

      - Sputnik Music, January 21, 2016
955. Ciccia will no doubt draw comparisons to fellow prog royalty like Mike Patton and Claudio Sanchez, but he still owns the mic in ways all his own on tracks like the haunting epic, “Paladin.”

      - Alternative Press, January 22, 2016
956. But the haunting acoustic and (less prominently) electric guitars are able to fit in just as well, adding an incredible balance. The dirty blues riff that gives way to "Borracho", which sees Lanegan chronicling his alcohol abuse and emotional struggle, wouldn't sound out of place at all in Screaming Trees' excellent Buzz Factory, the mournful acoustic soloing on "House A Home" adds to his tales of the misfortunes of love incredibly, as does the gentle fingerpicking on "Shooting Gallery", the tender strumming on the slightly more playful "El Sol", or the sinister riffs of "Dead On You" and "Pendulum".

      - Sputnik Music, January 22, 2016
957. This Is What A Blizzard Did To The World’s Largest Train Station... This is hauntingly beautiful.

      - Buzzfeed, January 23, 2016
958. When she adds emphasis, it carries real weight, like the way she draws out the phrase "It’s painful" before following up with "But I don’t feel pain at all" on the haunting "A Hospital + Crucifix Made of Plastic."

      - Pitchfork, January 23, 2016
959. Poor Clive met Death before he met Nine, but his quote continues to live on as a haunting reminder of what happens when The Doctor makes a house call.

      - Paste Magazine, January 24, 2016
960. Minnesota rapper Allan Kingdom provided the haunting hook to Kanye West's "All Day" in 2015. Now the young rapper has a new mixtape, Northern Lights, that showcases his ability to shapeshift and use his voice as an instrument of force.

      - Pitchfork, January 24, 2016
961. Placing cinematic swells and retreats in a mélange of delicate arpeggios, thrashing metal, and haunting vocality, Dust and Disquiet reimagines what post-rock music can do.

      - Pop Matters, January 24, 2016
962. The video and song are both haunting and enigmatic and proof that some of the best music does indeed elude easy classification.

      - Pop Matters, January 24, 2016
963. It opens with an excerpt from Silvia Plath, then moves to a haunting image of a glowing substance injected intravenously into an alien-like figure’s arm, lingering shots of naked bodies kissing while floating in the air (hence the NSFW), and a horrific, gory image of a tree sprouting its roots through the alien-like life form while laying on the ground.

      - Stereogum, January 24, 2016
964. Like, when Manny gets his boner, the music there is a little mystical and haunting.

      - Uproxx, January 24, 2016
965. Tindersticks Reinvents the Duet With a Haunting New Track, “Hey Lucinda"

      - Vogue, January 24, 2016
966. There’s a stripped-back, tangible feel to Dios Mio’s haunting pop melodies - one that’s echoed in their new video for ‘In Circles’, premiering below as today’s Neu Pick.

      - DIY Magazine, January 25, 2016
967. Upon later readings, once it becomes clear that Cable is Nathan Summers, “Endgame” becomes all the more haunting as its Apocalypse who’s responsible for turning this sweet and innocent child into the grizzled and cynical eternal soldier known as Cable.

      - PopOptiq, January 25, 2016
968. ‘Here For Good’ possesses one of the album’s more stunning bridges, while ‘Carousel’ features beautiful female vocal contributions that results in a downright haunting duet.

      - Sputnik Music, January 25, 2016
969. "Let it go!" is victoriously chanted towards the end of "Iridescent" and it becomes a depressingly haunting lyric when "The Catalyst" ends with the "Lift me up/Let me go" chant.

      - Sputnik Music, January 25, 2016
970. Mellotrons and keys swirl into the mix frequently, culminating the album’s first half into a warmly engaging experience wholly worthwhile to those who connected to the haunting and tragic themes of H.C.E..

      - Sputnik Music, January 25, 2016
971. Like Ronald Reagan, the Republican president who mistook Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A” for a cheerful patriotic anthem when it was really an indictment of the Vietnam War [illustrated by the haunting mashup seen above, juxtaposing Springsteen’s song with scenes from Full Metal Jacket], the ambience of this spot doesn’t match the meaning of the lyrics in full.

      - The Atlantic, January 25, 2016
972. Monument Valley, the gorgeous M.C. Escher-inspired mobile puzzle game, has a haunting and ethereal soundtrack, and now the game's music is getting a physical release as a double LP.

      - The Verge, January 25, 2016
973. After the haunting folk of Kveldssanger and the viciousness of the ultra lo-fi Nattens Madrigal, Ulver gradually slid away from their original sound altogether, via a (to this day) impossible to categorise concept album based on the works of William Blake.

      - Drowned In Sound, January 26, 2016
974. RadioLulu also features music from five of Brooks’ films — including the haunting themes from Beggars of Life (1928) and Prix de Beauté (1930), as well as fan favorites like Maurice Chevalier’s “Louise.”

      - The Huffington Post, January 26, 2016
975. “Pale Snow” begins with icy strings and a haunting piano straight from a horror film score, before an echoey guitar pattern emerges and Anderson follows with his feverishly intense vocals. A massive layer of synthesizers merges with the strings as the song approaches its climactic ending, and Anderson once again proves he has the gravitas and emotional depth to pull off a vocal strong enough to stand up to the majestic sonic universe his bandmates assemble around him.

      - Pop Matters, January 26, 2016
976. “The track was very haunting, piano driven with elements of the film in it. So it seems to conjure up this kind of lost world, this other world,” Coates continues. “It’s not depressing or sad but it’s got a certain poignancy. There’s something quite magical about that. Also, I was sitting in Russia with snow falling outside so you can’t discount that.”

      - Pop Matters, January 26, 2016
977. Shawn Colvin’s take on the Rolling Stones classic “Wild Horses” is especially moving and revelatory as she sweetens Jagger’s melancholy lines and makes the sweeter ones more melancholy. It is both haunting and uplifting in ways that the original is not.

      - Pop Matters, January 26, 2016
978. Resisting the urge to reunite the entire Canadian music industry (plus Beck) to play me every track from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, I’ll keep my answer in the realm of the plausible: I’d love to see Aimee Mann perform the Magnolia soundtrack. Mann’s music—including and especially the heartbreaking “Wise Up,” which serves as the centerpiece of one of the film’s most haunting sequences—was as much an inspiration for Paul Thomas Anderson’s rambling, beautiful mess of a film as it was inspired by it, and hearing Mann play through the whole thing, from the clanking funk of “Momentum” to the wry self-loathing of “Deathly,” would be a sad, beautiful treat.

      - A.V. Club, January 27, 2016
979. Leslie Lanxinger, a guest on “Modern Art Blitz,” the weekly online art talk show program hosted by Mat Gleason (full disclosure, I am the co-host), works in charcoal to create haunting monochromatic portraits.

      - Buzzfeed, January 27, 2016
980. Accompanied by nothing more than a haunting piano melody, Lee's voice is tinged with reflection and regret as he bellows "I was happy as a child." Cathartic yet captivating.

      - Drowned In Sound, January 27, 2016
981. The panels featuring a planet-sized graveyard are especially haunting and evocative. The best that can be said for Omega Men is that it makes you feel things in a way few mainstream superhero comics can manage.

      - IGN, January 27, 2016
982. Hastings called Song of the Deep a "journey of courage and discovery in a haunting and lonely environment." Like other Metroidvania games, Song of the Deep involves a combination of puzzle-solving, world exploration and combat, but Insomniac decided early on to have the focus be more of an even split between puzzle and exploration and less of a focus on combat.

      - IGN, January 27, 2016
983. His impressive bass register and haunting tone work well within the band’s grim palette—and yet, he’s got but two opportunities to show off his pipes on ATGCKVLSSCAP, just as the album nears its conclusion.

      - Pitchfork, January 27, 2016
984. The Coens’ lament on the state of life-long dreams is a haunting one. Not everyone in Greenwich Village with a guitar can be Bob Dylan. Llewyn lacks the marketable name, the shadow of mystery, and the air of cool those other counter-culture artists have. The only distinctive thing about him is the black cloud that trails him everywhere he goes.

      - PopOptiq, January 27, 2016
985. Led by light piano chords and a barely audible sigh, the track features some of Sia’s most haunting vocals, as she begs for someone to “be my friend” despite the fact that she’s “lost herself and is nowhere to be found.”

      - Spin Magazine, January 27, 2016
986. Some of his images appeared in the opening credits of True Detective, and his photo book Black Maps offers a haunting compilation of aerial photos of everything from pit mines to sprawling suburbs. “There’s something both terrifying and beautiful” about such places he says.

      - Wired, January 27, 2016
987. There's a haunting aura to the effort as a whole, both in Miller's genuinely organic delivery and the eerie, nuanced sounds she's created to back it all. Gumption is lulling and full of life in equal measure.

      - Alternative Press, January 28, 2016
988. Prior to performing "She Moves Through the Fair" with Rice, she said, "I knew that if anyone could drag an Irish ballad out of me, it would be this man" -- their rendition, with him on harmonium, was haunting.

      - Billboard, January 28, 2016
989. ‘The Love Within’ is still a gratingly unnecessary delve into entry-level synth-worship, but when its successor is the haunting ‘Only He Can Heal Me’, it’s almost forgivable.

      - DIY Magazine, January 28, 2016
990. Let the Right One In. [The Swedish version, not the American version.] A horror movie might seem like a weird choice for this list, but love — and the crazy things people both young and old will do for it — is a major theme here that’s hauntingly realized.

      - The Huffington Post, January 28, 2016
991. In our latest Songs Illustrated, writer and illustrator Becky Cloonan channels eight-and-a-half-minute album closer, “Gifts for the Earth,” into a visual elegy of haunting beauty with an insidious core—which couldn’t be more appropriate.

      - Paste Magazine, January 28, 2016
992. Fresh off an avalanche of best-of-the-year acclaim, Detroit post-punk ambassadors Protomartyr recently embarked on a nationwide tour to hammer out their Android-tight rhythms, menacing chord play and haunting, domesticity-skewering lyrics.

      - Paste Magazine, January 28, 2016
993. Ray’s face sags but his eyes remain almost unbearably bright. It’s not long before you realize that Ray’s eyes tell their own story, more hauntingly and more urgently, than any of the plot’s clunky machinations.

      - Pop Matters, January 28, 2016
994. Nicolas Pesce's haunting debut unfolds like the nightmare someone might have after falling asleep during the last scene of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the demure Francisca — a lonely farm girl who makes lifelong friends by shackling them to the floor of her barn and gouging out their eyes — is nothing less than a beautiful Leatherface for the hipster generation.

      - Rolling Stone, January 28, 2016
995. The record hits its retro-chic peek with "Higher," a haunting, anti-poetic drunk text of a ballad. "This whiskey got me feelin' pretty," she sings over producer No I.D.'s mournful string loop. "So pardon if I'm impolite/I just really need your ass with me."

      - Thrillist, January 28, 2016
996. The Most Haunting Version of Adele’s ‘Hello’ So Far

      - The Huffington Post, January 29, 2016
997. Parachute yourself into the Spanish surrealist’s haunting dreamscapes with this new “Dreams of Dali” VR video posted to YouTube:

      - The Huffington Post, January 29, 2016
998. Rough times lie ahead and I have no real idea how anyone's getting back to Nassau. Or what Flint's haunting dreams mean. The ones of Miranda, the abandoned cabin, the mystery hatch, and the dark figure. I think I could make out her lips saying "Help us" and "Come with me," but I'm just guessing.

      - IGN, January 29, 2016
999. After setting the venue alight with a segue from ‘Song For Clay (Disappear Here)’ – introduced with a stripped back segment of ‘Big Time Sensuality’ - into ‘Banquet’ and a rattle through 2009’s stand-alone single ‘One More Chance’, they then turned over the rest of the main set to their last two albums, slotting the kranky rock of ‘So He Begins To Lie’ between haunting new album tunes ‘Different Drugs’ and ‘Only He Can Heal Me’.

      - NME, January 29, 2016
1000. That’s to say nothing of the haunting shot in which Visser, with his hand impaled on a windowsill, starts shooting through the wall to reach Abby. Only the disco ball-like strands of light illuminate Abby’s terror at what’s happening. It’s an utterly perfect moment of unraveling.

      - Consequence Of Sound, January 30, 2016

“I got a bone to pick”
- Kendrick Lamar

I set up a bunch of scripts to do this, but the websites had to be formatted in a way where I could scrape them easily — which eliminated quite a few. I collected these from early- to mid-2016, and queued them to auto-post to twitter (like 3-5 per day). I decided to stop when I hit 1,000... but really you could do this forever.

I had two main rules:

1. No legitimately haunting stuff (war, ghosts, etc)

2. No recently deceased artists (this eliminated thousands of quotes about David Bowie)

My favorites are #378 and #736.

I’m on the internet here.