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Stop The Haunting
Online /stopthehaunting,
Cat, DateNo. 00005, 2018-06-23
FormatLoosie, Quote Collection
DetailsA nicely-formatted collection of 1,000 quotes from online art writing which use the word haunting. Originally collected & posted mid-2016.
Dogme 95,000
Cat, DateNo. 00004, 2018-04-11
FormatLoosie, Manifesto
DetailsThe beloved Dogme 95 Manifesto and Vow Of Chastity updated for 2018.
New Archives
DownloadPDF, HTML (zip)
Cat, DateNo. 00003, Summer 2016 - Summer 2017
DetailsA large zine concerned with pop culture, conceptual art, and bodies of work. Includes: The Fast & The Furious Rememberances, The Soundlot, Fact Checking PBS' Soundbreaking, Requiem for a Quirk, Stop The Haunting: 1,000, Corpus Companion, Side Quest: Nevermind 1991 vs 2001, Hard Boiled Babies, and Ten Million Words* About Pop Vocal Delivery (And nick Jonas' Jealous)
Online/same [TBD]
Cat, DateNo. 00002, [TBD check date]
DetailsA series of six articles which compare two pop songs from disparate styles and/or decades with the same title.
The Sweetwater Catalog Bathroom Companion
Download2-Up PDF Color, 4-Up PDF Color & Black &White
Physical coppies at Dog Eared Books & Folio Books in SF
Cat, DateNo. 00001, 2017-08-17
DetailsA zine designed to accompany the Sweetwater Catalog in your bathroom.
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