THE FOUNTAIN OF WORDS (V.2) is a project by Devin Smith, which uses Rednoise's generative writing library RiTa as its backbone. This version was completed in early 2022. Richard Haig and Bob Woods-Ladue (co-members of FYI BIRDS) provided GUI feedback and help compiling the text sources.


The min/max number of stanzas in the output.


The min/max number of lines (ie: sentences) per stanza.

Range: 1 - 100000000. The higher the temperature, the rarer the word selection will be (ie: words which appear less-frequently in the text will be favored for selection).

Range: 0-100. The likelihood that a space will be replaced by a line break.

Range: 0-100. The likelihood that a word will be replaced by a different word of the same part-of-speech.

Provide comma-separated list of Penn POS tags to be replaced (see above). If empty, all tags will be used.

Title poems

IMPORTANT! No changes in this pannel will take effect until you use the "Reload Sources" button (below), or the "Add Custom Text" button if you've added custom input.

Text Source Select

Custom Input

Type or paste text below. Any text in this box will be included when you hit the "Reload Sources" button. To add text from this box manually (without reloading the rest of the sources), click the "Add Custom Text" button.