Devin Smith: Web Projects


The Prelinger Library Stacks Explorer

The Prelinger Library Stacks Explorer is a photo-based Discovery Service for SF's inimitable Prelinger Library. The Stacks Explorer is designed to facilitate off-site research requests, support the library's idiosyncratic taxonomy, and encourage "accidental research." The interface was specifically designed to be future proof: It's built only using HTML+CSS, JS, JQuery, with only one external JS library. This is version 1 -- we plan on making a couple of large-ish updates over the next year or so.

Paper Tape Maker

The Paper Tape Maker is a small tool which emulates 7-bit ASCII output on paper tape, with a eye toward its use in graphic design. It's built with JS, and the dots which it produces are text, so they can be copied and pasted into graphic design programs if desired.

Stop The Haunting

Stop The Haunting was a project that collected clips of art writing (primarily criticism and reviews) which use the word "haunting." The collection was done in Processing, and the quotes were then auto-posted to tumblr and twitter accounts. I stopped and formatted the collection in this website when I hit 1,000.

1920s Adventure Bot

1920s Adventure Bot generated book titles in the style of early 20th c. adventure novels, using Processing with RiTa.

Tarot Draw

A small utility for drawing random tarot cards from the Waite-Smith / Golden Dawn deck (which is in the public domain). You can select the arcana and number of cards drawn.

Devin's 100% Internet Portal

I built and occasionally update this oldschool links page. The fact that this practice is now seen as outré is a warning sign that the web has become too centralized.

Dogme 95,000

Dogme 95,000 is a rescue action!