Devin Smith: Musical Theater

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The Game Is Over (2013)

A too-big-to-fail bank begs America for a bailout after the 2008 financial collapse.

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Air Balloon (2012)

A love song.

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You Fell Right Out Of The Sky (2018)

Based on the (hoax) book “D.B. Cooper: What Really Happened.” Period-appropriate mid-70s writing and production. I'm considering expanding this into a full show. Ft. Amy.

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The Mendoza Line (2017)

A baseball player on his way to the bottom dreams of becoming a poet.

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The Perfect Selfie (2016)

Love at first sight. One of four songs about dumb internet stuff.

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Dreamland (2012)

A bad trip version of a Johnny Mercer tune.

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Hollywood! (2007)

“Put your X on the line and we'll make you a star of stage and screen...”

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