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Devin Smith: Music & Audio

Contact: devin.smith.work@gmail.com

Arrangement & Production: "Smule Presents" videos

This program spotlighted notable Smule users. They selected a song to cover, and I arranged & produced it to their requested musical style.

Soundtrack Work

Patrick Hart, Michael McGinnis and I scored ESPN's 30 For 30: "The U" for Honor Roll. The director, Billy Corbin, requested a mixture of a traditional orchestral "sports film" soundtrack and 1980s Miami Bass. This Spotify playlist highlights some of my cues.

Corbin wrote the lyrics and melody for the "Hurricanes Hymn," which I set, arranged, and did the first-round production before passing it to Read Fasse.

Commercial Work

Here’s a small collection of the dozens of tracks I made while at Honor Roll (demos for :30 and :15 TV spots and library tracks), and two interstials I made while at Smule.

Note: Some of the pop styles here aged a little poorly. Dubstep and Mass Indie were in high demand in the 2000s!

Original Music

I've been writing and recording albums since I was in high school (the first dozen were very bad).

Here's a collection of various tracks from the last 10 or so years, covering some of the different styles I work in. The full albums & EPs are up on the Miracle Cat Bandcamp page.

TV & Movie Placements

Jersey Shore S1E2: "The Tanned Triangle" - The Airship Rocketship song "This Time" is featured around 28:00 and into the credits (during a particularly emotional moment for The Situation). Click Here for the full episode streaming via MTV.

CSI:NY S4E17: "Like Water For Murder" - My song "Fashion" was included around 16:00 as the soundtrack to a choclate-themed fashion show. I couldn't find a stream of this offhand, but it's probably on Netflix (etc).

Bario Tales - Several Honor Roll artists have songs placed in this movie, including two of mine: a remix of Nicky Blitz's "Hawk" and "Fingernails" from Cassette.

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