Devin Smith: Music & Audio


Arrangement & Production: "Smule Presents" videos

This program spotlighted notable Smule users. They selected a song to cover, and I arranged & produced it to their requested musical style.

Radio / Podcast Demo

Need vocal editing, SFX, or music for your podcast? I can do it!

Soundtrack Work

Patrick Hart, Michael McGinnis and I scored ESPN's 30 For 30: "The U" for Honor Roll. The director, Billy Corbin, requested a mixture of a traditional orchestral "sports film" soundtrack and 1980s Miami Bass. This Spotify playlist highlights some of my cues.

Corbin wrote the lyrics and melody for the "Hurricanes Hymn," which I set, arranged, and did the first-round production before passing it to Read Fasse.

Commercial Work

Here’s a small collection of the dozens (hundreds?) of tracks I made with Honor Roll from 2005-2011. These are mostly demos for TV spots, which now exist as library tracks.

Note: Some of the pop styles here aged a little poorly. Dubstep and Mass Indie were in high demand in the 2000s!

Misc. Smule Cues

I occasionally made cues at Smule for promo videos, interface music, beats for AutoRap, etc etc. Here's a couple which were intended to loop under­neath an app's landing screen:

Karaoke Backing Tracks

Smule would sometimes have me produce karaoke tracks in-house, rather than purchase them from vendors. (This was before they opened the platform to user content.)

My background in doing rips for TV ads came in handy here! If you need someone who knows how to replicate the production of your favorite 90s boy bands or modern pop bangers, I'm your guy.

Original Music

I've been writing and recording albums since I was in high school (the first dozen were very bad).

Here's a collection of various tracks from the last 10 or so years, covering some of the different styles I work in. The full albums & EPs are up on the Miracle Cat Bandcamp page.

TV & Movie Placements

Jersey Shore S1E2: "The Tanned Triangle" - The Airship Rocketship song "This Time" is featured around 28:00 and into the credits (during a particularly emotional moment for The Situation). Click Here for the full episode streaming via MTV.

CSI:NY S4E17: "Like Water For Murder" - My song "Fashion" was included around 16:00 as the soundtrack to a choclate-themed fashion show. I couldn't find a stream of this offhand, but it's probably on Netflix (etc).

Bario Tales - Several Honor Roll artists have songs placed in this movie, including two of mine: a remix of Nicky Blitz's "Hawk" and "Fingernails" from Cassette.

That's it!
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