Devin Smith: Visual Art / Video


VAYD Losing My Mind Remix Album Cover

Album Cover: VAYD — Mad Reflection (Losing My Mind) Remixes

Album cover for a remix EP. Ink on paper, digital editing.

Video still from Cherry Jungle - Losing my Tongue Video still from Cherry Jungle - Losing my Tongue

Video Stills: Cherry Jungle - "Hold Your Tongue"

From a music video for the pop duo Cherry Jungle. Animations in Processing with live MIDI control, additional work in Premiere.

Video Stills: "And I Know..."

From a music video. Animations made in Processing. Lyrics with MIDI converted to LRC. Re-shot from a TV for bloom and scan lines.

Twin Peaks Map
Lim Bo Seng: Singapore To Calcutta Lim Bo Seng: British Malaya circa 1937

Custom Maps

I occasionally make custom maps for the articles I write. My spouse Amy (a geospatial data analyst) helps me with the technical aspects. I use QGIS with map layers from OSM and other opensource providers, and follow with further editing in GIMP and/or printing, rephotographing (etc.) if aesthetically appropriate.

Chasing the Sunset Movie Poster Prime Time Movie Poster

Throwback Movie Songs & Posters

One of my favorite now-defunct genres is the quick-and-dirty 1980s Mid-Budget Movie Song. Enabled by decreasing music production costs in the digital era (synths, drum samplers, etc), the best Mid-Budget Movie Songs sound as if they were written on a same-day deadline while a coked-up Hollywood exec was yelling terrible ideas at the musicians over the phone. Haphazard, first-draft lyrics with the movie's title awkwardly shoehorned in complete the look.

Braids 02 Cover
Braids 01 Cover Braids 03 Cover

Braids Album Covers

Album covers for a set of three horror film EPs. Digital photography.

My New Metal Band: Tamagotchi
My New Metal Band: Ogg Vorbis My New Metal Band: Pina Colada

Metal Logos

I love metal logos and decided to start a project to practice making them. "My New Metal Band" pairs metal logos of odd words (above: Tamagotchi, Ogg Vorbis, Piña Colada) with tongue-in-cheek descriptions of each hypothetical band's music. Ink, watercolor, and digital editing.