Devin Smith: 80s Music

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THIS 👏 IS 👏 MY 👏 JAM 👏

Chasing The Sunset (2015)

Theme to a fictional movie about a street racer who risks it all for the thrill of the chase.

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Never give up! Never Say Die! [Inst.] (2019)

Late-80s/Early-90s workout banger. Maximum slap bass!

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Oh Tiiki (2013)

Romantic pop song with live drums and huge chorus vocals.

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Lowercase V (2016)

Drum-free synthpop song with a dramatic delivery.

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Favored (2013)

Socially-conscious 80s pop with requisite fade-out guitar solo.

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Prime Time (2017)

Theme song to a fictional movie about a scrappy female reporter racing against the clock to break a corruption scandal that goes straight to the top!

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Pearls [Inst.] (2016)

Lofi synthpop track with watery Jupiter-8s and buzzy analog bass.

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