Devin Smith: Visual Portfolio


VAYD Losing My Mind Remix Album Cover

Album Cover: VAYD — Mad Reflection (Losing My Mind) Remixes

Album cover for a remix EP. Ink on paper, digital editing.

Video still from Cherry Jungle - Losing my Tongue Video still from Cherry Jungle - Losing my Tongue Video still from Cherry Jungle - Losing my Tongue

Video Stills: Cherry Jungle - "Hold Your Tongue"

From a music video for the pop duo Cherry Jungle. Animations in Processing with live MIDI control, additional work in Premiere.

Devin as Shakespear in the San Francisco Opera production of Roberto Devereux

Live Performance: Photo by Cory Weaver / SF Opera

That's me in the spotlight losing my religion donkey mask with world-class soprano Sondra Radvanovsky. My first Supernumerary role, in the 2018 SFO production of Roberto Devereux.

Chasing the Sunset Movie Poster Prime Time Movie Poster

Throwback Movie Songs & Posters

One of my favorite now-defunct genres is the quick-and-dirty 1980s Mid-Budget Movie Song. Enabled by decreasing music production costs in the digital era (synths, drum samplers, etc), the best Mid-Budget Movie Songs sound as if they were written on a same-day deadline while a coked-up Hollywood exec was yelling terrible ideas at the musicians over the phone. Haphazard, first-draft lyrics with the movie's title awkwardly shoehorned in complete the look.

Adele's 25 by gender Selena Gomez's Revival by gender


From a project examining the gender disparity in the technical fields of #1 albums. Data from, made in Processing.

Twin Peaks Map
Lim Bo Seng: Singapore To Calcutta Lim Bo Seng: British Malaya circa 1937

Custom Maps

I occasionally make custom maps for the articles I write. My spouse Amy (a geospatial data analyst) helps me with the technical aspects. I use QGIS with map layers from OSM and other opensource providers, and follow with further editing in GIMP and/or printing, rephotographing (etc.) if aesthetically appropriate.

Braids 02 Cover
Braids 01 Cover Braids 03 Cover

Braids Album Covers

Album covers for a set of three horror film EPs. Digital photography.

My New Metal Band: Tamagotchi
My New Metal Band: Ogg Vorbis My New Metal Band: Pina Colada

Metal Logos

I love metal logos and decided to start a project to practice making them. "My New Metal Band" pairs metal logos of odd words (above: Tamagotchi, Ogg Vorbis, Piña Colada) with tongue-in-cheek descriptions of each hypothetical band's music. Ink, watercolor, and digital editing.

Sludgepop Mix: Sheryl Crow - No One Said It Would Be Easy

Directly inspired by Alvin And The Chipumks on 16 Speed. Set to footage from the Prelinger Archives.