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Web Apps

Minimal Discogs

A minimal search interface using the API. Originally designed for graphic design references (ie: covers from 80s New Age, 60s space jazz, etc). After adding search links, it became an interesting way to discovery music from unfamiliar genres.

The Prelinger Library Stacks Explorer

A visually-oriented, deprecation-resistant discovery service for SF's Prelinger Library. This project involved taking over 300 photos, entering thousands of tags, and building the interface from scratch using Processing Java to create HTML and JSON files. This standalone site was designed to be archivally stable, it involves no links to external code and can run offline.


A small ticketing system designed for a book store. It uses SQL/PHP and the OpenLibrary API to auto-fill titles and authors from user-provided ISBNS. In the "pulls" screen, custom CSS is provided for printing the pull list.

The Fountain of Words (Poetry Generator)

A configurable poetry generator, made in JS using the RiTa library. Uses a combination of Markov, pure randomization, and grammar-based substitution. Source material from public domain adventure novels.

MIDI Paradise

Need a vacation from reality? Welcome to MIDI Paraidse. Features 60 of the choicest MIDI files on The Internet, recorded on my period-appropriate Roland SC-155. See the "About" page for more info on provenance & curation.

Responsive Article Layouts

"All Heart" by Amy Smith

Volunteering with the Heart of the City Farmers' Market, Amy Smith (my spouse) photographed and interviewed the vendors about the effects of the 2020 wildfires and COVID-19 on their operations. I built this dynamic layout for pitching, the final article was eventually run on The Bold Italic.

"Hard Lads as an Important Failure" by Robert Yang (Full Stop)

A 4,000-word article somewhere between queer theory and a design doc. Robert Yang details the creation of his latest video game, "Hard Lads," based on the 2015 viral video "British Lads Hit Each Other With Chair."

Data Analytics

What Can We Learn From 128 Million Checkouts At The Seattle Public Library?

An article drawn from a 30-minute presentation, using the SPL's "Monthly Checkouts by Title" dataset. Includes work in SQL and Socrata.

Visual Work

[Dataviz] Hello From The Other Side: Credits from Adele's "25" by Gender

Part of an article about the stark gender discrepancies in the music industry's writing and production fields. Data from, made with Processing.

[Cartography] Lim Bo Seng: Singapore to Calcutta

HQ image | article.

Made for a longform article about the Singaporean S.O.E. operative Lim Bo Seng, this map charts his escape route after the country's fall. Made in QGIS and GIMP.

[Album Cover] "Mad Reflection (Losing My Mind)" Remixes by Vayd

HQ Image | Spotify Link

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