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BYU 2022 Public Domain Film Festival: Music Judge
2022-02-16. Adjudicating
Each year, BYU's Copyright Licensing Office teams up with the film department to run a student film contest where the films draw their literary and musical elements from the public domain. Through my work with the Prelinger Library, I applied to judge the film scores.
[SFAA Magazine] "Island of Dreams"
2022-02-01. Article
3000-word feature article for SFAA's February issue about the upcoming developments on Yerba Beuna and Treasure Islands, with a focus on climate change adaptations.
[FT4HB Podcast] "Ep. 18: Best of 2021"
2021-01-26. Podcast interview
Amy, Richard, and I chat with Bob & Mark about our favorite music of the past year (or so).


(Editor) "Squid Game: All You Need Is Death" by Guy Walker
2021-12-15. Article
Guy Walker unfurls the Lacanian take on Squid Game.
"Ten Million Words About Pop Vocal Delivery (And Nick Jonas' 'Jealous')"
2021-11-06. Longform Article
A thorough re-edit for an article I wrote a few years ago. The Riff is one of Medium's largest music publications (by audience).
Interview with Fantastic Tones for Human Bones Podcast
2021-08-22. Podcast Interview
This is Bob & Mark's interview podcast. They had me on to chat about my musical trajectory.
(Editor, Contributor) "Summer Camp Island" by Rhienna Renée Guedry
2021-06-27. Zine
A zine about tarot and identity.
(Editor) "The Curse of the Zombie Book" by Tom LeClair
2021-04-07. Article
An essay about your body of work coming back to haunt you.


(Editor) "Girl, Woman, Odor" by Kendra Stanton Lee
2020-10-30. Article
An essay about smell, Love's Baby Soft, scent-shaming, and the ABCC-11 gene.
(Editor) "An Adultery" by Greg Gerke
2020-10-06. Article
A piece about Alexander Theroux's 1987 novel "An Adultery."
(Editor) "Hard Lads as an Important Failure" by Robert Yang
2020-08-21. Article
A specially-formatted reprint of a gonzo 4,000-word blog post about the development of the video game "Hard Lads," which lies somewhere between a design doc and queer theory.
(Editor) "Unrequited" by Anthony Russel
2020-07-27. Article
A short lyric essay about reconciling Chopin's antisemitism as a Jewish musician.
(Editor) "Downstream" by Abbey Cahill
2020-07-13. Article
A meditation on ephemera, masculinity, and the items we leave behind.
(Editor) "Descenders to the Merkavah" by David J. Halperin
2020-06-25. Article
An excerpt from Halperin's excellent book "Intimate Alien," concerning a group of Jewish Mystics who, through shamanistic trances, "descended" to Ezekiel's Chariot.
Minimal Discogs
2020-05-15. Website
A visually-oriented minimal search interface using the API.
FYI Birds: Lourenço
2020-05-04. Album
FYI Birds is my experimental live trio with Richard Haig (Modular) and Bob Woods-LaDue (Percussion). This is our debut album, released on Elexve, a New Mexico-based “discarnate, label-esque, music-supporting entity.” We recorded this remotely during the shelter-in-place order.
(Editor) "Prophetic Dreams of Chaos: Expected Acts of Mourning in Love and Death" by Nia Tucker
2019-04-17. Article
An article which explores the 2017 horror film Hereditary as a metaphor for an intense romantic breakup.
MIDI Paradise
2020-04-13. Website
Need a vacation from reality? Welcome to MIDI Paradise. Featuring 60 of the choicest MIDI files on The Internet, recorded on my Roland SC-155 (1992). See the "About" page for more info.
(Web, Contributor) Quaranzine, ongoing
2020-03-25. Webzine
A weekly-ish webzine instigated/edited by Molly Bolten.
Miracle Cat: No Surrender!
2019-03-20. Single
Another SC-155 slap bass banger for Bandcamp Friday.
(Editor) “Sharks; Circling” by Melissa McCarthy
2020-03-13. Article for Full Stop
An article by Melissa McCarthy, expanding on ideas from her 2019 book “Sharks, Death, Surfers.” More of her work can be found here:
Code4Lib 2020: No Catalog? No Queries? No Problem!
2020-03-10. Presentation
I gave a 10-minute talk about the Prelinger Library Stacks Explorer at the 2020 Code4Lib conference in Pittsburgh.


“Touch Me Not” Book Review
2019-10-31. Article for Full-Stop
A zine review of a luxury grimoire from 1795.
Walk On The Frame
2019-09-20. Ensemble performance for RAWdance concept series
I was one of the vocalists in this performance of the music/dance piece "Walk on the Frame" by Sarah and Bob Woods-Ladue for the RAWdance Concept series.
Grace Perego in Six Scenes
2019-06-01. Article for SFAA magazine/
A profile of San Francisco's little-known first-wave feminist housing mogul, Grace Perego. Comissioned by SFAA magazine, and reprinted by with additional archival material.
Onkos Logo
2019-05-24. Metal band logo
Bob Woods-LaDue asked my to design the logo for his experimental metal project Onkos, released on the notable record label I, Voidhanger. I also play keyboards in the live band (video to come).
The Fountain of Words (v1)
2019-05-01. Online poetry generator
A JS web app which uses RiTa to make poems. Uses a combination of public domain sources and articles from various publications for Markov source material.
Never give up! Never say die!
2019-02-26. Single
A SC-155 slap bass banger to help you start your day.


The Prelinger Library Stacks Explorer
2018-12-29. Web Interface, 300+ photos, documentation
The Stacks Explorer is a web interface for the Prelinger Library. It's built around photographs of each of the Library's shelves, and includes rough descriptors (tags and titles) for each shelf. This project involved a lot of different working procedures (including writing several custom programs in Processing) and took over a year to complete. I also took the request for "documentation" somewhat liberally, and produced a zine (of sorts), which covers the creation of this project in a much broader way.
Paper Tape Maker
2018-12-18. Web tool
A small web tool which emulates ASCII output on paper tape, designed primarily with artists in mind.
VAYD - "Mad Reflection (Losing My Mind)" Remix
2018-11-16. Remix
A remix for Oakland-based duo VAYD (Vernell Anthony Davis & David Young). Drum-free post-trance à la Lorenzo Senni.
Live Visualizer for Beyond the Black Hole
2018-10-31. Live Visualizer
A live visualizer for the SF band Beyond the Black Hole (Richard Haig & Renzo Gorio). Built in Processing with the MIDIBus and Syphon libraries, and rear projected with MadMapper (Renzo and Richard handled building the screen and mapping). Made in about two weeks, with a modified version of the Bad Wave visualizer engine.
SF Opera: Roberto Devereux (Supernumerary)
2018-09-27. Six Performances
I was selected to be a Super (the Opera equivalent of a movie extra) in the SF Opera's production of Roberto Devereux, which ran for six dates in September. Quite by chance — being the correct size to fit into a particular costume — I was given the brief, but front-and-center role as Shakespear in the overture. This was a very new and exciting experience.
Death: Book Review
2018-09-20. Book Review for Full Stop
Rixdorf Editions is a small Berlin press which presents new English translations of the undersung avant-garde writers of Imperial Germany (1871-1918), “advocates for female emancipation, sexual minorities, lifestyle reform and utopian visions.” This is the first English translation of Croissant-Rust’s “Death” (1914) and “Prose Poems” (1893). Croissant-Rust was a founding member — and the sole female member — of the Gesellschaft für modernes Leben (Society for Modern Living), a Munich-based group spearheaded by Michael Georg Conrad, which worked primarily in the style of “Naturalism.”
Hijacking and Escape
2018-07-20. Article for Full Stop
This article concerns the 1985 book "D.B. Cooper: What Really Happened" by Max Gunther (co-author of the seminal midcentury suburbia panic tome "The Split Level Trap," and rakish magazine journeyman). Though this book is now generally viewed as a hoax by Cooper enuthsiasts, it's none-the-less a dynamic and unique read, and connects to our present moment in unexpected ways.
My New Metal Band
2018-06-15, Ongoing. Weekly-ish Internet Goof
Hey check out my new metal band...
Getting Lost: Notes on Twin Peaks
2018-04-19. Article for The Bold Italic
A companion to last week's history article about Vista Francisco; but instead "turning the camera around" for a meandering take on what the neighborhood is like presently, the process of history-writing, and the times in life when you end up somewhere unexpected.
"Twin Peaks Falls..." The Battle of Vista Francisco
2018-04-09. Article for, Reprinted:, SF Apartment Magazine
These days, the neighborhood where I live (over on the East side of Twin Peaks), is a sleepy collection of somewhat nondescript apartment buildings. But the story of how Vista Francisco came to be includes shady campaign contributions and backroom deals at the Board of Supervisors; the election of Jack Morrison, a key political firebrand from the environmentalist camp; and the eventual involvement of the NAACP and the Catholic Interracial Council, speaking out against the exclusionary racial policies of the developer — all with nearly half a million 1960s-era dollars of annual tax revenue on the line.

This piece has since been re-hosted/printed with (with additional photos from the site's editor), and in the November 2018 issue of SFAA Magazine (with some cuts for length).
Dogme 95,000
2018-04-01. An Updated Manifesto
Dogme 95,000 is a rescue action! A 2018 update to the beloved Dogme 95 Manifesto and Vow of Chastity.
Typescript of the Second Origin: Book Review
2018-03-18. Book Review for Full Stop
Manuel de Pedrolo's Typescript of the Second Origin (1974) remains the best-selling work of fiction in Catalan. The first English translation of this work — an allegorical tale of two teenagers surviving the apocalypse, heavily influenced by the author's resistance to the Franco regime — arrives at an interesting time in America, where women are daily rising to navigate and conquer the apocalypses all around them.


Fire From Heaven: Book Review
2017-12-22. Book Review for Full Stop
Michael Harrison's Fire From Heaven is sometimes shorthanded to the most thorough book about Spontaneous Human Combustion available. Originally written in 1976 (and expanded with two subsequent editions), it is a truly unique exploration of the subject: Harrison freely transitions between hard science, the paranormal, religion, philosophy, occult, myth; ideas separated by millennia and spanning the globe, frequently mid-paragraph, sometimes mid-sentence. But what does this approach say in the context of our harrowing "post-truth" moment?
Miracle Cat: Slow Year
2017-11-21. 5-Track EP
Written and Recorded March – November 2017, in Singapore and San Francisco. "The Mendoza Line" was written for the zine of the same name, and appears in its first issue.
Setsuko Hara: Into Silence
2017-11-08. Longform article
This article tells the story of Japanese golden-age film star Setsuko Hara. Her body of work spans the chaos of the Fifteen Years' War, and is shaped by the shifting restrictions placed on the film industry, first by Japan's Imperial government, then by the Allies during the postwar occupation.
The Mission, 2014
2017-11-01. Article for Mendozaline Zine
A short article for issue #1 of the Mendozaline zine. Mendozaline is "The anything and everything of baseball art... the island of misfit baseball writing." They welcome submissions, and you should send them something.
New Archives
Summer 2016 – Summer 2017. Zine
A large zine concerned with pop culture, conceptual art, and bodies of work. Includes: The Fast & The Furious Rememberances, The Soundlot: A Bizarre Hypothetical, Fact Checking PBS' Soundbreaking, Requiem for a Quirk, Stop The Haunting: 1,000, Corpus Companion, Side Quest: Nevermind 1991 vs 2001, Hard Boiled Babies, and Ten Million Words* About Pop Vocal Delivery (And Nick Jonas' Jealous).
Prime Time
2017-09-25. Single & B-Side
From the studio that brought you CHASING THE SUNSET comes a very different kind of race... A race against the clock in the cut-throat world of network news. Bandcamp download includes a movie poster.
The Bells At Lau Pa Sat
2017-09-13. Longform article
This article is about the planning and policy changes which powered Singapore's post-Independence development boom, alongside the history of an ornate Victorian market which happened to be located in the city's pilot redevelopment area (...among other things).
2017-07-28. Ongoing, 3 EPs
Braids is a post-industrial ambient / horror film project.
The Sweetwater Catalog Bathroom Companion
2017-08-18. Zine
A small zine designed to accompany the Sweetwater ProGear catalog often found in the bathroom of working musicians, engineers, and producers.
On Interative Artists: Lana Del Rey and Yasujirō Ozu, "Lust For Life" Album Review
2017-07-24. Article
Album review of Lana Del Rey's "Lust For Life", using the work of Japanese film director Yasujirō Ozu as a context for iterative artists.
An American in Singapore: Devin Smith on the story of Lim Bo Seng
2017-06-21. Personal essay for Perspectives On The Past in Southeast Asia
An essay about moving to Singapore and finding unexpected personal connections with its wartime history. Covers the process of researching and writing "Lim Bo Seng" and filming "I'm A Witness".
Cherry Jungle: Hold Your Tongue
2017-04-14. Music Video
Cherry Jungle is Curtis Nystrom and Sam Friend. I made this video for their new song, "Hold Your Tongue", using Processing, the MIDIBus, and a lot of weird math on pixels[].
1920s Adventure Bot
2017-03-13. Twitter Bot
Breathless tales of soaring romance and daring intrigue. Questionable geography. Made with RiTa and Processing. Tweets every other hour.
Astronaut Blood (Live EPs)
2017-03-10. 3 EPs
Excerpts from live recordings, 2015 - 2017. Made using the MiniBrute, guitar pedals, and a looper. These EPs are from different recording sessions, but are identical in terms of process and character.
Stop The Haunting
2017-03-03. Large-scale work for HTML
Stop The Haunting focuses on the convergence of writing tone across disparate online media publications. I designed semi-automated workflows to locate instances of the word haunting in articles about music, movies, art, video games, fashion, literature, etc. After some formatting cleanup, I queued these to auto-post to a twitter account (about 3-5 per day). I decided to stop when I hit 1,000 — but really, you could do this forever.
Miracle Cat: Toa Payoh
2017-02-24. Song + Music Video
Testing out some new workflows. Made using Forge and Anvil, the mapmaking utilities which shipped with Bungie's Marathon Infinity in 1996. Classic emulation via COI (Chubby Bunny / SheepShaver), editing and color in Premiere.
Bad Wave: Time To Get Lost (Miracle Cat Remix)
2017-02-24. Remix
Lowkey synth remix for Bad Wave's"Time To Get Lost". Includes an extended version with loop points for DJ sets.
Lim Bo Seng: Millionare. Activist. Romantic. SOE Operative.
2017-02-10. Longform Article, Custom Maps
This article tells the story of Major General Lim Bo Seng, a key figure in Singapore's WWII occupation resistance. It is written with an American audience in mind, and includes a fair amount of background and context on the surrounding events, which are not widely discussed in America.
Miracle Cat: I'm A Witness
2017-02-10. Song & Music Video
See article for Perspectives on the Past blog above for more details.
2017-02-02. Webzine with 6 articles
Each article examines two songs with the same title, usually from disparate styles but within the pop sphere.


Corpus Companion
2016-12-22. An unrealized work for bodies of work, essays, and a personal letter
Corpus Companion is a system for creating Companion bodies for work, based on the parameters of an Original body of work. Nirvana's corpus is used as the example, with Nevermind being the example for the parameterization of a single work. This work also includes two short essays titled "The Golden Age Of The Archive" and "On Replication," as well as a Side Quest, which is comprised of detailed comparison notes on the 1991 and 2011 versions of Nevermind, and a personal letter from a friend-of-a-friend.
Inside Out: Sludgepop Visual Mixtape
2016-11-15. 3 Mixes + Videos
Another set of Sludgepop mixes, this time focused on recent pop songs involving the ambiguity of desire. Video source material comes from the noir films Too Late For Tears, Club Paradise, and The Red House (which features a particularly entrancing score by Miklós Rózsa).
Hello From The Other Side: Gender Disparity At The Top Of The Charts
2016-10-08. Data visualization
I started this project after a series of conversations with a coworker in her 20s, who (as a musician and producer) was looking ahead to a future of navigating this profession as one of the very few women working here. It's a set of data visualizations of the complete credits from albums by female solo artists which reached #1 on the Billboard 200 or Top Album Sales charts, using the community-sourced website The visualization of Adele's 25 is particularly notable.

This project was originally featured in the Medium publication Cuepoint, and included an open letter — which, at the time, were very much en vogue on the platform. But over the ensuing years, I found this letter to have aged poorly, and have since taken it offline. (Briefly: It was addressed to these chart-topping female solo artists, and advocated the realization of the lyrical content of their music by demanding the inclusion of women across all facets of their art production pipelines. It concluded with a photoshopped version of the seal of the National Women's Trade Union League, with the text now reading, "I Hire Badass Studio Women 2017")
And I Know...
2016-09-01. Song + Music Video
This song and video were made to try out some new tools– primarily Plogue's "Alter Ego" vocal synthesizer, and several Processing video libraries (primarily Abe Pazos' quick-and-dirty "VideoExport"). Source materials for texture mapping and pixel operations were taken from the fantastic twitter bot "youtube artifact" by dontsave.
Endless Spinach 3: Kalepocalypse Now
2016-07-07. 3-Track EP
A few quick SNES-ish tracks to acclimate to my mobile setup.
Miracle Cat: Kay Francis
2016-06-11. 5-Track EP
Synthpop EP made over the course of about a month. Songs are written for a static ensemble of drums (through a Fender Harvard Reverb amp), monophonic bass and lead (Minibrute), and Jupiter 8v. The songs are thematically focused around Pre-Code Hollywood and moments of transition. Theo Mathien contributed lyrics. Instrumentals are also available.
I Will Remember You: Sludgepop Visual Mixtape
2016-06-04. 3 Mixes + Videos
Directly inspired by the fantastic Alvin And The Chipumks on 16 Speed; I slowed down some pop tunes and set them to footage from the Prelinger Archives. The resulting videos are a dreamy immersion into some of my favorite 90s soft pop songs.
Bells Atlas: Future Bones Remix (Ft. Molly Bolten)
2016-05-16. Remix
Remix of the Bells Atlas song Future Bones. Production and writing contributions from Molly Bolten.

2010 - 2015

Atomisk Records Presents: Escape From Brokebeat Mountain
2015-12-02. 6-Track collaborative album
A collaborative album between myself, Patrick Hart, Richard Haig, Matt Hetich, Bob Ladue, and Eliot Briton. After a series of unserious discussions, we decided to make a breakbeat album. Each person started a song, then passed it along to the next person, etc. etc. until an album was done. Masterful dog artwork by Molly Bolten.
Chasing The Sunset
2015-02-01. Single & B-Side
Two songs in the style of the classic "Motivational 80s movie song". I also produced an exclusive extended mix for the New Zealand-based bimonthly mixtape series "Synthetix.FM" hosed by Rick Shithouse (41:00 min in the soundcloud link above). The Bandcamp download also includes a movie poster.
Cave Lions / No Philosophy
2013-09-13. 10-Track album
This album was written and recorded slowly over the course of several months when we were living in rented house in Roseville with ample room for an acoustic piano, drum kit, amps, and all kinds of exploratory gear setups (And also a backyard full of productive fruit trees).

This album includes a lot of input from Amy, particularly the songs "Venison" and "I Am A Horse", as well as providing the impetus for the song "Oh Tiiki" (One of her co-workers commented that there were several "Amy" songs, but none with her name). My dad played the french horn on "Bugout Bag". As with "Miracle Science", Leo assisted with recording setups and provided a sounding board for any odd ideas, and Mr. Birdfellow left chirps all over the audio tracks.
Miracle Science
2012-04-13. 5-Track EP
Written over a couple months, this EP features almost all live instrumentation (excepting the final track), including a lot of live piano. The song "We've Run Out Of Luck" features vocals from my sister Wendy. Leo helped me work out the kinks with the drum setups and ran the board on a couple of these tunes, and Mr. Birdfellow's distinctive chirps can be heard on a bunch of these audio tracks.
Battle Master Infinity
2011-09-25. 10-Track Album
Keeping the Battle Master spirit alive, this album is a work in the style of classic NES soundtracks. YMCK's wonderful "Magical 8-Bit Plug" was used to general nearly all of the sounds (excepting the bass and kick/snare samples). Notably, no external effects were used on the synthesizers here: all of the delays, arpegiations, and noise sweeps were executed manually via (painstaking) MIDI editing.
Richard Hargett & Miracle Cat: Dispersion
2011-06-21. 10-Track Album
This EP is the first half of a 2-part project by Richard Hargett. After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Richard's life changed inexorably. "Dispersion" focuses on the experience of sickness, and the painful experience of radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The 2nd EP, "Panoramic Time", focuses on the process of recovery and healing. Over the course of the next few years, Richard was able to return to the drums, and began working his way back into his instrumental voice.
Panic Bomber & Miracle Cat: Themes from "The Snakes Of Hawaii"
2011-08-29. 4-Track EP
This EP started as a remix of the Panic Bomber song "Snakes of Hawaii", however it eventually evolved into something quite different. These songs are written in the style of classic sleazy Noir soundtracks, particularly Henry Mancini's Peter Gunn soundtrack.
Miracle Cat
2010-11-07. 9-Track Album
The first Miracle Cat album contains material spanning almost a years' worth of time. A sort of return-to-center after leaving Miami for California, this first set of songs is a bit more adventurous than later Miracle Cat outings. Songs like "Brick Moon", "I Wanna Smoke Your Hair" (a reworking of a TFPP song), and "James Cameron" veer off in unusual directions.